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I need help!! Which job would you choose??

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So I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. A couple of months ago, I decided to go back to work full time. I am a single mom. I applied at several places for management positions in retail and cafes. I have not been working for the past couple of years, so most of the places that offered me positions wanted me to start at the bottom and work my way up the ladder to management. I decided on a job at a cafe/bakery that offers an amazing schedule. This cafe is only open M-F during regular business hours. So that means no nights, no weekends, no holidays, which is really rare in this industry. I currently work from 5:30am until 2:30pm. I'm home for my girls after they get out of school and I wont ever have to work weekends or holidays which is amazing. The company is growing at an incredible speed and upper management promised that I would move up quickly as long as I worked hard and prove myself. They offer benefits, too. Here is the catch...a lot of the employees hate working here. They seem to hire really young managers who don't really know what they are doing and there is just a lot of unhappiness going around. They are short staffed and people complain about not getting paid enough for the amount of work that they put in. The management seems super stressed out and there seems to be poor communication throughout the company. So I'm not sure I would be entirely happy with a longterm management position at this company. BUT could I leave a job that would offer me such a great schedule?? I mean, I'd be able to spend every night, weekend and holiday with my girls??!!


So, the other day I was called by the manager at Trader Joe's. I applied there at the same time, but it was the beginning of the summer and they didn't have any jobs open. Well, now they do. But only for the position of part time crew memeber, which could be up to 37.5 hours. And they are well aware of my management history and my desire to move up to management asap. But there is so much competition for each management position, it could take me a looooooong time to get there. BUT when I do get there, I will get paid a lot more money working at TJ's than I would at my current company. The other con is that at TJ's they said they mostly need help covering the nights and weekend shifts! And they are open holidays. And from what I've read, management works 60 plus hours a week, which is a lot for a single mom. But it seems like everyone loves working there. They take great care of their employees, have amazing benefits, and create an atmosphere of positive energy. They want me to start next week, I am so confused!!!!


So on one hand I have a job that has a schedule that is perfect for my family, I will always be there for my kids when they are home. But the money might not be as good and I might not be as happy working there. but I will move into a management position rather quickly.

On the other hand there is a company with a great reputation of taking good care of their employees. People are genuinely happy to work there, great benefits, great company...but crappy hours. I wouldn't be there for my kids as much, but I'll be making much better money in the long run, and I'll be happier at work.


Can someone give me an opinion? I'm just looking to hear what other moms think.I'm really confused as to which route I want to take!

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Tough call! How difficult would it be to secure child care arrangements for evenings, weekends, and holidays if you took the Trader Joes job? And if you had to pay for that, would it reduce your wages too much to make it not worth the higher salary? Your current hours sound ideal, but I can definitely understand your dilemma.
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I forgot to mention that I live with my parents and they are able to help me with childcare pretty much whenever I need it, so that is not really a factor.

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I forgot to mention that I live with my parents and they are able to help me with childcare pretty much whenever I need it, so that is not really a factor.

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I think with decisions like this, you ultimately just have to go with your gut. I'm the kind of person that makes elaborate pro and con charts and spends days (or weeks!) agonizing over the decision, but in the end, only your heart really knows what's best. And it looks like either way you'll be making a reasonably good salary. Personally I would lean towards TJs because I think that the work atmosphere is really important. If you feel unhappy and drained at your job, it's likely you'll carry some of that energy home with you. Since you said your parents can watch your girls, I wouldn't be too concerned about missing some weekends, evenings, and holidays. But the 60 hour a week manager schedule sounds killer! Is there anyway you could work fewer hours as a manager? 

Best of luck in your decision--I hope you're happy and fulfilled at the job you decide to take. 

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The job you were offered looks like it's a lot of promises but nothing concrete. The job is part-time, you might get to management but there's a lot of competition...


I would keep my current job.

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I would stay at my current job. I have the bigger/better problem so I know how hard it might be. But the reality is you have it made. You're basically a SAHM because once your kids get out of school the rest of the day is y'alls! Just because things aren't perfect now doesn't mean they won't get fixed in the future. Plus, the grass always looks greener. You could work up to 37 hours, but what if you're only working 20 or less? Or, what if you spend years working part-time there to not get promoted? I would keep my current job and wait for something that I was entering as a manager. It takes a while to work up the latter in the corporate world.

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Stick it out at your current job, and keep applying elsewhere.  Tell TJ's that while you would LOVE to work for them, a part time position just isn't going to work for you right now.  Tell them to definitely give you a call back if they have a full time position open up.  Just keep applying - something else may come up that pays better, and has great hours.

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I think you should try to stick it out at your current job and not get involved with the drama about hours and bad management (as much as that is possible).  A weekend and evening job may seem nice when your kids are young, but once they are in school you won't see them on weekends or in the evenings and that will take a big toll on all of you.  I also don't think it is wise to jump from a job with benefits to one without benefits, especially if there is not an incredibly good chance that you will move up to supervisor quickly. 


I work in childcare and it is very tense, there are a lot of very petty people working in this profession, we are often short staffed when illness is going around, there is a lot of gossiping, and the environment can get very catty at times.  Working in a negative environment is difficult but I have found that I can keep myself from getting sucked into the negativity by focusing my thoughts and energy on my job.  I listen to what my co-workers say but I don't get involved and I force my thoughts onto my job and away from their complaints.  I am also careful to never bring work home and I work only the time I am paid to work, not any extra.  When things get hard I remind myself of the benefits my work gives me, the good parts about work (and there are many), and the things my dd gets to do because I am at the job I have now.

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