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ISO pastured meat/dairy in Lehigh Valley

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My family is relocating to the Lehigh Valley (will likely live in Whitehall or Nazareth) and wondering where the farmers' markets are that sell pastured meat.  I'm also looking for a dairy to deliver milk.  I found a website that lists the PA farmers who pasture-raise meat/dairy but I am not finding the information on which farmers' markets they frequent and all that and they seem far from the Lehigh Valley.



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no dairies deliver milk around here


there are several places that you can get milk- be it raw or non-raw------"some" raw is not organic (many spray their grass) you really need to watch--best place is to ASK at a health food store--very little at the FM and $$$ 


since you don't know where you are moving to it would help to ask once you know- since there is a big difference in driving


we are in Easton and drive close to an hour to get out milk (in Lehigh county) we don't do raw - we get direct at the dairy NOT at the local health food stores (the cost is almost double) - http://www.natural-by-nature.com/milk-organic-myth.htm




most of the markets are ending- some end prior to Thanksgiving but you are much cheaper if you go directly to the farm (hugh difference in price!!) this also goes for meats


we get organic pastured beef and pork in Lehighton (the place does not have a web site-PM if you want the info) and chicken in Northampton (the town, not the county) again - no web site they set up at the Bath FM (very tiny and a BAD web site- lots of info is wrong on the site-you would need to go there to find out) they are closed now for the season


we drive but most people want closer



if you end up with Whitehall - Emmaus FM on a Sunday has some beef/pork/chicken and some lamb and bison, the same person that sells the beef/pork/chicken sells in Easton on Sat- personally I had a bad experience with them and would never buy again and their prices are double what I get the same for in Lehighton--all the Lehigh Valley health food stores carry organic/pasture raised but again depends on what you want to pay--Emmaus is closing in Nov.



Towards Nazareth there is are a few places that sell beef (from a farmer near Bangor-he does not let you go to his farm to buy but you can visit to see the heard once a year)- his meat is good and cheap-no web site

http://kleinfarms.zxq.net/index.htm this is one of the places that sells his meat but a farmer less than a mile from here sells the SAME and cheaper for him and a larger selection too--they have no web site

so you know kleins is NOT organic they also have their own beef

there is Raw milk in Bangor but the cows are not "grass-fed"--again, no web site


you really need to check around the area and ASK--some are non-cert / some spray / some are NOT grass fed


there is also another place near Nazareth but you must by 1/2 or 1/4 cow  http://www.royalgourmetfoods.com  they do have organic but you have to ask for it


so you know 90% of all meats you will find in the area is frozen - fresh is very hard to find


Wegman's has organic meats also- but not "local"...... BUT on Thanksgiving they sell local pastured SOY turkeys (fed on soy) from a local farm- if that is something you are interested in


there are local magazines at all the health food stores in the area and all have info on people that sell-craigs list really does not-- it is rare to see it---most is word of mouth


again, you are talking a vast difference in directions so I don't know how far you are willing to go


being at opposite ends of the LV (Whitehall and Nazareth) but your in different directions for things - there is also Rodale  http://rodaleinstitute.org/contact  you might want to contact them for help in finding certain things- they are in Kutztown (as well as http://www.dietrichsmeats.com/   non-cert.)


there is "some" organic/pasture meats at the Allentown farmer's market (only one place sells it is in the "lower section" - very small and you would have to ask to find the booth -- this is year round for the most part - closed during the fair dates



so you know, this year a lot of farms in the area were hit very bad by weather and had set up at some markets only to stop going - so you really can't go by some web sites - some up dated some did not


frankly CSA's are not worth it (IMO) it is sooooooo much cheaper to find farms and buy direct, only some of the markets are worth it---lots of learning needed - some markets are great and other's are run list prisons and many farmers have pulled out due to "funny" rules--------some look great but allow farmers to sell stuff they don't grow (bought at the truck auctions) and AMISH means nothing!!!! most people will say it's Amish (meaning farmed and bought off of Amish) and MOST is "heavy sprayed" and NON-organic ---you really need to watch and ask


we usually go to 4 different FM each week during the summer and frequent 3 to 5 different farms each week plus every other week go for milk and once a month go for meat and weekly go for eggs (this has been a real issue this past summer!!!!! my first egg lady had a baby and got out of it, the second had a mass killing of chickens and the third I just found has their place for sale and leaving the state) so good luck with eggs

farm market prices are about $4.00 a dozen- I currently pay $1.00 and all the markets are soon closed!!


the area has lots of markets and they are listed in the early summer in the local papers- all on different days and different times - right now the area has Easton-Sat / Nazareth-Sat / Portland-Sun / Stroudsburg-Sat / Lehighton-Sat / Bath-Fri / Bethlehem-Wed / Allentown http://www.fairgroundfarmersmkt.com/ (this is NOT like the other markets) they also have downtown but not sure the date / Macungie-Thurs / Emmaus-Sun


they did a nice buy fresh - buy local book this year if you could find it


also contact - http://extension.psu.edu/northampton or http://extension.psu.edu/lehigh they should both have publication but they are not marked as to organic and non - the put a booklet on all the farms in the LV


most farmers do not go for the certification 


small market in Bangor - Fri???

 Lehigh County also has some others 

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it was in the local paper today that they are going to try and do a market at - http://westgatemall.com/events_calendar.php


they are still looking for vendors 

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This is pretty disappointing.  Although we live in the city of Albany, we are basically in farm country up here and there are at least 3-4 dairies I can think of that deliver.  AND we have several year-round grower-/producer-only farmers markets, and the CSAs here are awesome and I'm sad to be leaving mine. 


Me driving around, pregnant, with 2 young children, to find milk and eggs each week is really not going to happen.  It's just not realistic to think I can do that, esp. during the winter.  I'm going to have to figure something out.  We have a separate stand freezer, so buying meat in bulk is an option, but I'm not going to drive an hour every week to get milk.

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Is there a natural foods store that sells local dairy?  Our natural food store sells local pastured eggs and dairy for the same price as buying directly from the farmer (only slightly less expensive--like pennies--than having it delivered.). Their meat, though, is marked up almost 100%.  Thanks for all the links, btw.

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short answer NO! I know of none


there is a big difference in health food stores as well - close to Nazareth you have Nature's Way http://www.natureswayeaston.com/  in Easton - you could contact them but I do know they sell the milk I get for $5.98 and at the dairy it is $2.59 (1/2 gal) - so that is the difference in prices-not worth it to me, besides I find them SUPER $$$ for most things and not the best selection - there is a local meat that is the SAME price as getting it any other place but the selection is better at another--get it??  - you can contact them and see what they can do for you but IF you end up in Naz and let's say go with Kliens it would be stupid to get their milk (besides you can't) at Easton---there is nothing close to Naz but the grocery stores (they both have BIG farm organics milks- Wegman's has their own too)- the grocers are Giant (this is the Giant grocery chain--- http://www.giantfoodstores.com/ ) and Wegman's in Naz and Weis near by (Weis does care a 1% milk of Natural by Nature--they do not carry their complete line and we don't drink 1% and I get pasteurized non-homogenized and they don't care that) but bottom line if you want RAW- the answer is NO--near Nazareth


now if you end up towards Whitehall you do have a few other health food stores but they are a DRIVE! and I'm not sure how great they are - there is Queen http://www.queensnutrition.net/ (I have been there and NO way would I go with 2 children and a belly---TINY and packed!! hard to move) there is also Bear http://local.yahoo.com/info-12090689-sign-of-the-bear-natural-foods-allentown (I do know someone who goes there-not very large)


another ex - the Easton FM has a person that brings RAW organic, BUT you must pre-pay and order and the market is not year round---so not a help


I get "staples" and bulk items (only place I can get bulk flours) in Stroudsburg - http://earthlightnaturalfoods.com/

they have a sale once a month---but it is a DRIVE even from Naz (with major construction that will be going on for a long time to come- figure about 40 mins drive


soooooooooooo sorry!!  maybe someone else knows something I don't 



while there is "local" it is a drive - it is not like ALbany (I have family in the area so I do know the difference)--again, big difference between Naz and Whitehall


another thing to consider - with "Whitehall" and there is South North, etc - I don't know where your DH is working but it is a good idea to know the area - do not depend on JUST Rt 22 to get where you need to be - 78 can also be a driving nightmare --------you really MUST learn how to get where you need to go via a back road!!


an accident on 22 or 78 (not so much with Rt 33) can cause a major back-up-----knowing "back ways" is a MUST


IF it was me, I would rent first and feel out the area once you are here this might make more sense to you, there are pluses to both areas but a vast difference also----ex. Naz (in the TOWN, not just a Naz address) has a down-town (nothing really but a park and library and walking, sidewalks, etc) where as Whitehall does not----but you are much closer to "more" places by being in Whitehall-----depends on what you are looking at and the schools are different as well

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This seems like it's going to be hard.  I don't want raw.  Just the low-temp pasturized, like we get here.  I found a site called Eat Wild, but they seem to only list raw and I don't want raw milk.


I see your point about renting, but there are just too many incentives given by the company to not buy.  And I don't want to have to move again with 3 kids, etc, etc.  We are going down tomorrow for a couple of days to check out the area and hopefully make an offer on a house.  We are staying at a nice B&B in Naz, so I'm hoping the innkeeper will be helpful. 


What about that Allentown FM?  According to the website, it seemed like one vendor was selling local/pastured meat.  That still leaves the dairy/egg problem.  The milk we get here (delivered) is less than $3/half gallon.  There is a farmer here that I buy meat from who does a mixed meat box (15-20 lbs of meat for $100 or you can just tell her what you want) and she delivers to Albany once or twice a month and you just meet her.  Are there any options like that?

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What about that Allentown FM?


 I only know of ONE place there and the selection is not large at all - the place does have "dog" food if you need that






According to the website, it seemed like one vendor was selling local/pastured meat.  That still leaves the dairy/egg problem.  The milk we get here (delivered) is less than $3/half gallon.


 - that's super cheap and I don't know any place here for that!  





There is a farmer here that I buy meat from who does a mixed meat box (15-20 lbs of meat for $100 or you can just tell her what you want) and she delivers to Albany once or twice a month and you just meet her.  Are there any options like that? - the only place would be the meat market -



Royal (link I posted) but they require 1/2 or 1/4 cow ---- the other place near Bangor might do what you want - call Nature's Way and ask them for his number and see what he can do for you - the last name is Feabo (spelling?) I contacted him a long time ago for bones and he got what I wanted so he will do specials and his stuff is good - otherwise PM for the place in Lehighton (we just use them more because they carry pork and I don't need to buy a ton of meat at one time)

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this is the place in Bangor  -  http://harvesthomemeats.com/


I was close with the last name!


the place I was also thinking of near Bangor for milk is raw (I know they are not all grass fed) and really not want you want anyway--I don't know of any place to find what you want milk wise - 







eggs for now (until the move) otherwise it is hit or miss  - http://allentown.craigslist.org/grd/2597648478.html


I would like to know of a place for eggs once they mover without paying $4.00 a dozen

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Beth,  thanks for all the links and PMs. I will admit to being totally overwhelmed right now but appreciate the help.  I plan to revisit all this when I have more energy/time for it.  Thanks.

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did you find a place??? what areas did you like?


is the move prior to winter??? not like that would be fun

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We really liked the town of Nazareth and are under contract on a house there, set to close 12/8.  So we'll be there mid-Dec most likely.

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Hope you like Nazareth and get her before the SNOW!

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You could also check Keepsake Farms on 248 and Valley View farm as well. I think it's valley view? I got their info from a site called

www.buylocal.org  I beleive it is for PA and you can put in your zip code and it narrows down the search ;) Hope you find something that works for you!!

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a half hour or so south of Allentown is Telford.  It may be a bit far for you, but there is a place there called Hendricks Farm that sells from a store that is on-farm. They sell raw milk, pastured pork, beef, chicken, etc.  It may be far for you but they have a bulletin board up for those interested in forming co-ops and taking turns driving.  I would guess there is already some sort of Lehigh Valley group.  I see license plates from NJ, etc when I shop there.




eta: you can also buy artisanal cheeses, cured meats, eggs, lard, etc.  They discount ground beef purchases of 50 lbs or more (call in advance).  Their bacon is the best I've ever had!

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I realize this is an older thread but I don't get on here much. 


ambrazee I hope your upcoming move goes well and you can find places  to buy products that work for you!


serenbat I'm amazed by your knowledge of all of these places.  If you read this reply could you please PM me the info on the place in Lehighton? 


MadziesMom my family has been to Keepsake Farms and it's a small but very nice place.  They do sell raw milk and cheese's as well as meats but I don't know specifics as to whether the spray their grass or things like that.  My husband is the only one who drinks cow's milk in our family however.


Lilcrunchie, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I intend to go to Hendrick's Farm as soon as possible.  From their website it looks like they sell goat's milk and cheeses.  My goat's cheese source went out of business months ago and I haven't been able to find another one.



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I PMed you


the place in Lehighton doesn't do a web site so that is why I don't post it and frankly the seems to be doing great as it and don't seem to need one

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I am back looking at all your links.  We will be in Nazareth and we are moving next week.  I buy all my flours and spices (among other things) in bulk.  It looks like the midwife I'll be using is in Stroudsburg or nearby, and you mention the health food store that you buy in bulk is there, too.  I am looking on their website and hoping it's incomplete b/c I am not seeing much in the way of spices and same with flour.  Do they stock the full array of spices, flours, beans, grains, etc?




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YES they do.


the spices (most are Frontier)-also Nature's Way in Easton has different Frontier (salts too) but the place in Stroudsburg has a large selection and they also can get things for you.


they are expanding the store right now- if you go try for the third Sat of the month for the sale (sign up for their email)-most of what they carry is not mentioned on the web site


and IF you have time (until Christmas) the Farmer's Market in Easton is inside and they have organic hydroponic lettuce and breads (same seller that sells in Stroudsburg) plus a few other vendors of produce


bulk flours (at least eight types)- take someone with you or you won't be able to reach them depending on how far long you are--they are down LOW! they are good at the store too and sure they will help you- it is tiny in the store in certain sections (around the bulk items!!) - you grab the spices and take them to the front and they weight them out for you- at Nature's Way you weight them out

the bulk is also nuts, rices, grains, bean, lentils, etc- decent supply


when you are at Earthlight you might want to go to the "ribbon outlet" across the parking lot--if you sew (crafts) this area has NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for little things this store is great - we have lost all the REAL fabric stores we once had (this place has some) there is a Joanns in Allentown (AC Moore's and Michael's too around- but no fabric there) but other than that- we have very little! here and there a small fabric store but if you are looking for hard to find fabric forget it!


NOTE: Stroudsburg has a major bridge that is being rebuilt (should be over a year) and all the traffic patterns are changing for this fix and where Earthlight is the one ways have changed- watch out because some people don't read and what way a one way currently is not, I saw two wrong turns when I was there in Nov.

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