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My baby girl is here :)

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Hiya ladies! Just got home from the hossie, baby nursed and is nappping so I have a few minutes :).


Didn't start labor on own for the vbac so wound up doing the CS on DDs EDD last Thursday. Dropped DS off at DC at 9:30 went to hossie and in room by 10am. Did all pw, then CS got a little delayed due to OB having another delivery - went in around 12:20pm and baby girl born at 12:40pm, 6lbs 10.8oz, 18.25" and 13.25" head - teeny tiny (to me anyway!). She got 8 and 9 on her apgars and was alert and screaming that newborn cry :hooray::wub:. She was lodged in my pelvis and so took a bit of finnagling for the Docs to get her out. They called for a vacuum but were able to do it on their own after a bit of work. The OB commented on my small pelvis as DD was stuck in there pretty good. I now believe the MW and OB at my sons birth that said the same thing and is why I had the CS after 31hrs of labor and 2.5hrs of pushing - just isn't going to happen with my body I guess.


So in sum, I hate CSs and would not do one again....I want one of those quiet, peaceful, lovely dim roomed births I read about but they are not in the cards for me with my body. I now know that I am one of those few women unlucky enough to have a pelvis that is too narrow/developed weird/whatever you want to call it and was noted by my DSs OB and MW then again at this CS. This OB did tell me that her assessment was from looking down and that it's better to gauge from below (looking up the hoo haa) but from DD being so stuck and the way it felt it while trying to dislodge her it is quite small. So her birth story was a medically called for scenario: bright lights, lots of people, DH in scrubs and me high as a kite. Anywho, she is here and I am soooooo in :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:.


We are home, doing great and she is a super nurser! She had curly vernixed hair when born and is now bone straight - maybe the vernix was like some kinda hair gel eh? She did lose 7% of her weight while in the hossie but my milk came in today so fx that goes up. She was 6lbs 3ish oz this a.m.


Here are a few pics from the last few days


40wks pic on CS day



DS and DD a few hours after her delivery




My pixie (using my hand for sizing (average), I forget how tiny NBs are)



At home....



And her outfits were too big, but the gray pants and cardi fit ok so they were worn home ;). I am going to get my sleepywrap out to use but am still very sore - so I'll play that by ear for the first day or so. Thanks for letting me share and sorry if tmi.

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No tmi at all! She's gorgeous and I'm glad the surgery went well. CONGRATS! I hope you'll share action shots of all your beautiful woolies as she grows. :D

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Oh. My. Goodness!  She is just lovely!


The shot with your hand for size reference - you do forget how tiny they are!!  And her big brother is DARLING!


Good job, Mama!!!  joy.gif

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She's just beautiful...and looks very peaceful, too.  Congrats!

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Congratulations! Oh my - she has so much hair! Dd's hair did the same thing - looked curly with the vernix & stuff on it but once washed out it's all straight. Strange.

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Congratulations!  She is absolutely precious love.gif

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Congratulations! Enjoy her, and I hope you get settled into a nice routine at home!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful!! 

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Congratulations, she is just beautiful!! joy.gif I hope you are healing well.

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She is too cute!  Congratulations and I hope you are healing well!

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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!

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Oh Mythik, she is a gem- look at all that dark hair!!! And her big brother looks so adorable with her.. enjoy watching their relationship grow; siblings are soo fun.

take it easy with your healing mama, I am right there with you. ;) Congatulations and enjoy your babymoon!

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What a sweet sweet baby, and her brother is adorable too.   Congrats mama!  She must be so cozy in all the cute things you knitted for her.  

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Precious babe. Love all the pics!
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Aww, what  a gorgeous baby! That hair is amazing. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Glad the birth was smooth, even if is was another c/s. They are wonderful when you really need them. Beautiful babe, glad you are all home relaxing together! 

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what a gorgeous little girl! glad to hear you are home and she's nursing and all is well. congratulations!


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