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Overdue with 1st, will I be overdue with 2nd as well??

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Hi Ladies!!


So I was two weeks overdue with my first and went through a 26 hour induction labor. Can somebody reassure me that it does in fact exist to have a second at a reasonable date after the first was so overdue? I'll deal with whatever happens, but I just thought it would be nice to hear some stories either "once overdue, always overdue" or maybe "pregnancies aren't related to eachother", etc. 


Also with my first my cervix was like a brick wall. No one was getting in or out! Which made the induction more difficult. Wouldn't my cervix be a bit more, well.. "used" this time around? :)


Any stories or info would be greatly appreciated!!

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I'm going to venture to say yes to both your questions.  In my experience working with moms for the last ten years is that first babies tend to go over due the most and second babies come easier.  Of course, this isn't how it goes every time, but it seems to be the pattern for most moms that I see.  Your body does seem to remember how labor and birth go and the cervix is much easier to soften and open even if inducing becomes necessary.


I hope that helps!

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I really think that you'll have to get your mind ready for any possibility.


My first (boy) was 1 week early, my second (girl) was 16 days late, and my third (boy) was 2 days late.


I wonder if there is some sort of connection with my mom though because she had a girl - 2 weeks late, boy - 1 week early, girl - 2 weeks late, boy, 1 week early, girl - 2 weeks late, girl - on due date.


Who knows!


My labors got faster though!!  To me that's more important.

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pregnancies are so different from each other and don't always follow the general "rules".


My first pregnancy the baby was born 4 days after the EDD, my 2nd was 10 days after the EDD and labor was TWICE as long. My 3rd baby was born the day after my EDD and about the same length as my first birth. I'm not counting on anything this time around.

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I was 2 weeks overdue with my first too, so I'm anxious to see how it goes this time too.  I will say that when anyone asks when i'm due, i add 2 weeks to the actual EDD, just incase i do go over, i wont have all the crazy eyes staring at me.  I have also been sure to tell my midwife that i completely intend to be left alone until i'm past 42 weeks, then we can consider intervention only if the baby is in distress... 

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I was induced by an induction-happy OB at 41 weeks with my first. My cervix was quite unfavorable and we ended up with a c/s for "failure to progress" after for than 20 hours of pit.

My second was born at home 4 days past my EDD. I had an 18 hour labor, total. This time I was willing to do anything to help baby come because I knew 42 weeks=c/s. I drank tons of red raspberry leaf tea. I used evening primrose oil capsules both orally and vaginally at the end of pregnancy. We had way more sex than I actually wanted. I walked and walked pushing a 2 year old in a stroller and did yoga. I was so excited to actually go into labor on my own!

I would be shocked to have a baby before my EDD, honestly, but it could happen. I am preparing myself mentally to go to 42 weeks, though I am expecting it will be closer to 41.

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I've given up on the 'rules' for all this stuff.


1st B:  born ON due date, 13 or so hours of labor

2nd G:  6 wks early - about 18 hrs from PROM to delivery

3rd G:  born w/in a couple of days of due date, 20 hrs labor

4th B:  born w/in a couple of days of due date, 42 hrs labor

5th B:  11 days overdue, 41 hrs of labor.


All I want for the 6th is a not over due and not early, reasonable length of labor!

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Thanks ladies for all your input! I guess there is no real trend here. We'll just have to see what happens and hope my cervix is not quite so stubborn this time around!

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With my first, labor began 10 days after my EDD and I had her 12 days after my EDD.

My second was 1 day before EDD.

My third was 4 days after my EDD. ;)

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With my first, I was induced at exactly 42 weeks -- but by my count I was only 40 weeks that day -- also, pregnancy is not really a textbook situation - the baby is not in there counting weeks and our bellies are really not truly comparable to a piece of bread in the oven.  Your baby may not have been ready to come out yet when you were induced.  


So they induced me (The induction took 2 days to work and that in itself was not pleasant) and once I finally went into labor it was the most horrifying 27 hour personal experience of my life.  When I got pregnant with #2 I had the same worry as you, but low and behold, I convinced the MW to go with MY DATES and not their fictional 28 day cycle dates and I went into labor on my exact due date -- now, my 2nd labor lasted 29 hours (counting from the time my water broke) but I have to say it was not an exhausting or scary experience at all.  It was a lovely, normal, paced, very tolerable 29 hours with 0 recovery time needed.  It was awesome.   I hope this helps you feel better.  Going into labor naturally is NOT even close to the same thing as a forced induction.  Try to stay positive!






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