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Help! What CD am I???

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I posted about this on the nursing mamas ttc thread but I thought I'd start a new thread too. This might be a long one so please bear with me. 


Got a BFP on the 15th of September, had some spotting so went for beta hcg test on 22nd (level was 40) repeated it on 24th (79) and 26th (132). Had some more spotting, it was fairly heavy on the 28th with some small clots but still not period like heavy, that lasted about 2 days. Had another beta hcg on the 28th (level was 97) so I knew I was having an mc. Bleeding stopped altogether on the 30th. Starting spotting again on Friday the 7th and had final hcg test (level was 2). I've continued to have a tiny bit of spotting since then but no period like bleed. 


I asked the doctor if I should expect heavier bleeding, as I was thinking that would signify cd1, but he said it might not happen and I could just continue to have some spotting for the next few weeks, or a period like bleed, or nothing at all. At the minute I'm counting Friday when I got my first negative test as CD1. 


So... any ideas on where I am in my cycle? Here's a link to my charts but they prob don't reveal much




I would be very grateful for anyone's thoughts on this. 

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I should add I marked light bleeding on my chart just to get it to start a new cycle, it really hasn't been heavier than spotting. 

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I'm so sorry for your loss!  hug2.gif


You can split charts without having to mark Light flow.  The option is under the Data pull down menu at the bottom under "Chart/Cycle Management" and I think it's called "Start new cycle" or something like that.  If you do it that way you can accurately mark your bleeding as spotting instead.


I would venture a guess that you're still in that post miscarriage hormonal state, hence the lingering higher temps.  You may experience more bleeding or passing of clots, but it's hard to predict and since your hCG levels are below 5, that strongly suggests that you have passed most if not all of the products of conception.   I think that once your temps dip below last cycles coverline you can be on the lookout for fertile CF and an O spike again.   O is often delayed after a m/c, but fortunately early m/c's don't usually delay O by much- maybe a week or two. 


At any rate, from what I've read most charters that m/c simply start when the bleeding ends.  So, I think you're fine to start your new chart here- it's as good a place as any.  It doesn't really matter since you're charting and you'd be able to date a pregnancy this cycle based on your O day or if it's a subsequent cycle you'd have an LMP as well as an O day.  Good luck!

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thanks Jaimee. I started temping again this morning and my temperature is back to pre-ov temps so I think I'll go with Friday or Saturday as CD1. 

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just looking at my chart and thinking back over the last couple of weeks. I had heavy-ish spotting with some very small clots on the 28th (that prompted me to go back to the doctor and that was when I discovered that the hormone levels were dropping)... should I maybe count that as CD1? that would make me on CD13 rather than cd4.

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You can, but it really doesn't make a difference for charting purposes.  As long as you have enough pre-O temps on your next chart to see your biphasic pattern, then the starting day is not important as you would not be using any of your bleeding as an LMP.  Now that your temps may be back into your "normal" pre-O range, just be sure that you have those on the next chart.  If it were me, though, I would start with the last patch of spotting (CD 47).  That way the spotting is only at the beginning of you chart like menstrual bleeding would be and you don't have additional spotting farther into your cycle before O, which wouldn't make sense in a typical cycle.  The idea being that your chart starts when you body is truly done with the m/c and ready to gear up to O again.  So if you get another patch of spotting, I might keep moving CD 1.  But I would just advise doing what makes the most sense to you and feels right to do.

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that makes a lot of sense, thanks!

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