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Yay to Niniel!


I'm a sugary person myself. I'm really trying to cut back and eat positive carbs and protein which totally helps - AND just not buy anything for the house so I don't fall into cravings! Otherwise, I even put it on my chart so I can see what days I cheat!

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I finally started today!! Day 36! So I believe I was right and I didn't ovulate. My sweet man reminded me I was nursing more this past month during the night when usually I get 5-7 hrs in between nursing at night. Nursing at night keep ovulation away for me. My fertility returns as soon as I am not nursing at night. I usually don't now but this past month for some reason my two nurslings were nursing more. 

And I think the Vitex caused issues too so I am not taking it anymore. Just going to let Father give me a baby and regulate things.


Also my grandpa is in Hospice so my children and I are leaving for WY tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning.  

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Batia -- Yay for AF, arriving -- a fresh start!!!  I often wonder too if extra nursing at night contributes to longer cycles for me too, though I still think I O, the nursing pushes it back.  My DD sometimes still nurses 5,6,7 times at night depending upon if she's going through a challenging developmental stage.  Sorry to hear about your grandfather.  Hopefully his transition is peaceful.  My thoughts are with your family, and safe travels to you.  

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Niniel - Congrats!!


Texas and Carlin - thanks for the kind words of support!


Carlin - about weaning...don't put too much pressure on yourself.  I was feeling the same way with my DD.  She was literally nursing once a day at night for 1 minute and then would gulp down water afterwards.  I felt bad because I was starting to resent it too.  Anyways, I totally thought that trying to eliminate that one feeding would be awful.  But I was able to simple say "instead of nursing why don't you have some water".  She still asked for about a week and I used the same line and she has not mentioned nursing since.  I was truly amazed how easy it was, although I was mentally prepared to nurse through a pregnancy and tandem nurse, I think we were both ready for it.  Good luck to you!


AFM- I am on CD27, about 11 DPO.  Still feeling the same, no major symtoms either way.  Just trying to keep positive.  I have a busy weekend, so hopefully it will fly by and I suddenly realize it is Monday and I can test!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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moonstones Thanks for volunteering to take over! I will tell you everything I know about it in a PM. I actually don't know much, but managed this month. HA! I'll PM you on Tues, Nov. 1st!


Niniel Congratulations to you! I hope more of us are soon to follow. I hope that egg is super sticky! The dark lines sound wonderful!


Batia I'm glad to hear a new cycle started for you! That takes the stress of wondering away at least, especially since you have a big trip planned. Safe travels!


Carlin I just keep gaining more and more. I've noticed I have been eating a lot, but if I don't I don't feel full! I'm hoping I get pregnant soon so I then have a better excuse to blame the weight on! Good for you losing 9 lbs!! Keep up the hard work!


Ava's I'm looking forward to Monday with/for you!

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For your mamas taking Vitex, when do you stop taking it?

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Niniel - YAY!!!! joy.gif I'm hoping for a sticky for you!

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Oh, an I have a bad issue with sweets.....I crave desserts every night and I love sweet tea. It was totally not like this before DS. I used to eat very healthy and small with rare desserts. I think that the "excitement" of the food is what I like, since like can be stressful with a 1 year old and all the other things I have going on. I find myself eating them even when I don't really enjoy them, which is insane. I think thats why I have that tricky 10-15 pounds that won't leave to get back to pre baby weight. I suggested to DH that we try going off these things and if we can do it for a set amount of time have some kind of "reward". IDK what that would be. I don't want it to be food, haha. yikes2.gif

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Texasfarmmom, I was doing exactly the same. I've been taking a Fitmom class all summer and despite the exercise I gained about 8 lbs since July. I realized I was eating out of boredom and just making ridiculous choices (like butter and cheese on everything, way to much bread, pasta and other carbs, constant snacking, taking seconds even when I was already full etc etc) so I've been using Spark People and tracking what I eat, not going crazy dieting but keeping between 1200 and 1550 cal most days (I've definitely slipped a few times) and making sure I'm at least doing a short exercise video or some sort of work out every day. I'm actually surprised how easy it's been so far, but I think I just had to hit a point where I was ready to make the changes. At the very least, it won't hurt my fertility and if I do get pregnant being fitter should make it easier to handle. I still have about 30 lbs to lose so there's a long way to go, but I feel way better about myself already. It's not about how I look either. I feel better because I'm actually demonstrating some self control and I don't have that embarrassment about how badly I'm overindulging.


Ibreed, my problem is carbs and fat, not sweets but otherwise I know exactly what you mean! From what I understand eating food you love releases endorphins and makes you feel good, which is so hard to resist when you are stressed, and raising a toddler is definitely stressful! I've set myself rewards too. My first one which I've just reached is that I'm going to buy myself a hula hoop! We've done a tiny bit of hooping as part of my fitmom class and I love it, even though I have never been able to figure it out before! My next award is probably going to be new boots or to sign up for a hooping class. I figure once I'm closer to my goal, I'll get myself new workout clothes or something that motivates me to keep going. (Although to be honest, I really hope I get pregnant before I can earn most of those rewards!)

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Congratulations, Niniel!!!!!!!!! I hope this one is nice and sticky!

Sorry I've not been active, though reading the thread daily. Have the blues this month & feeling like it's not going to happen for us. I'm 2 DPO, so in the 2 WW now. O'd on CD 24. Sigh.

Welcome to the new ladies! May your time here be enjoyable but short! smile.gif
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Niniel wishing you a boring and uneventful 9 months.


Geigerin, aye the TTC blues can set in after a while. No helpful advice on how to combat it, but I hope you get an up period following this down period. ISn't it amazing how during ttc we count off the days, then when pregnant in the 2nd and 3rd tri weeks go by. Then suddenly out of nowhere we're looking for a newborn and are confronted with a 6 month old. Time can be quite cruel like that.


I've been on the sweet stuff recently too. I found a super pumpkin cupcake recipe and am on my 4th batch. They're so good, but wit the frosting I doubt they're doing that well for our figures. Although I did find it a bit handier to be carrying about 4lb extra into a pregnancy to cope with the first tri nausea. I asked Leo if he'd like a baby around. He seems convinced by that, would even share his bed and offer cuddles. However apparantly mummy milk is only his. If my OH asks which one's his he pushes him away and shouts no! Oh dear I wonder how tandem nursing would work with a possesive boy, or do they learn to share.

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Good morning mamas. So, yesterday, I stopped spotting and just felt tired and nauseous all day. Thirsty too. Took my temp this morning, decided that because I'm 12DPO and temps have been getting higher, we may just get a BFP if I tested, and if it's BFN, that's ok too because it's still early!


DH and I woke up early, peed on a stick and.... pos.gif Faint, but positive! I'm still a little anxious because of the spotting/light flow I had, but it's a positive test. We're pretty happy over here this early Sunday morning!


Thinking of all you mamas and wishing for a sticky egg for everyone!

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Wow Wendy, congratulations!!!!  joy.gifjoy.gifI hope this little one is sticky and that the spotting stops! But, I had spotting quite often in my first trimester with DD, too, so it isn't always a cause for alarm.  

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Congrats Niniel and Wendy!


AFM I am on CD 29, about 13 DPO.  AF has stayed away so far...when should I test, I was going to do it on Monday, but I am worried that will be too soon!  I only have one test in the house right now!

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Ava'smama:  I just replied to you on the TTC#2 board :) Since you only have one test, and just to be safe, I think you should test tomorrow with FMU, I don't think it's too early at all.  That's good news that AF has not come yet!!!  

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Geigerin, ttc blues suck! It's really hard sometimes. I find my best defense is to have something else to focus on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. hug2.gif

Wendy, yayyayaya! Congratulations! joy.gifSending sticky bean vibes your way! I hope your spotting clears up and you have a worry free pregnancy!


Ava'sMama, If you are pretty much 100% sure of your O date, I think FMU tomorrow would give you a good chance of a BFP. If there's a possibility you might have Od a day or two later, I'd wait a couple more days and test maybe Wednesday when you are for sure at 14 dpo. Either way, fingers crossed for a BFP for you!


AFM, DD woke up at about 1 last night and spent the next 3 or 4 hours throwing up. As a result I finally got to sleep around 5:30 this morning. I took my temperature at about 8 so it's probably a bit disturbed, but nonetheless it's still high, and usually when I'm short of sleep it's lower. I have some mild cramps and pinchiness, but I really don't know if that just means AF is on her way or if it's a good sign!



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Thanks! I talked to my midwife today and she suggested progesterone cream for the spotting - thinking it's because of the nursing. Has anyone else ever used this? Brands?


Ava;s Mama - Good luck with the test tomorrow. I'd wait until tomorrow too if I only had one test!



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Yay, Wendy! Congrats!


Me - Can someone help me figure out when I should stop taking the Vitex? I started it to get my period to come back, which it did. Should I keep taking it to make sure my luteal phase is long enough or just stop now? Also, does a short, light period mean I'm not going to have a good strong O? Just curious. Thanks.

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starrlight I'm sorry I don't have any information on vitex for you! I hope somone chimes in to help!


Wendy I don't know a lot about progesterone cream, but I started using Progestelle this past cycle. I was really impressed that it doesn't have a long list of ingredients: only progesterone and coconut oil. AND I personally got to talk to Dr. Peter Eckhart who is the dr behind Progestelle and has done a lot of research on progesterone and xenoestrogens. I just called their number and he called back!! :)


Geigerin I'm sorry you have the TTC blues. I know how that feels. I was REALLY depressed after AF came recently. I hope you quickly bounce back!


Carlin Oh, how I wish you and other mamas here on MDC lived closer IRL! I would love to do some of the things you are doing and wish I had a walking buddy, and more like-minded mamas to talk to!



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oh, mamas... I scoot in here lots to read the posts but don't know how well I fit in because I am not charting.  I don't have time to take temps in the am and, truthfully, my sleeping schedule is all over the place so I don't know how accurate it would be anyhow.  I am wondering if I can chart wth just cm & cervix info successfully?


also, Starlight, I did want to chime in about the menstrual cups!  I have the Keeper and have used it for over 10 years.  I picked up the Mooncup a few years ago and tried that one too and also got the Diva cup last year.  All are about the same for me and on the first two days of my cycle feel pinchy to me and uncomfortable no matter how short the stem is...  A friend in an AP mamas group mentioned that she turned hers inside out and used it perfectly with no shifting, etc and holy cow - it worked!  So now I turn them inside out with perfect non-pinchy results any day of my cycle.  Just wanted to pass this along...


TFM - thanks for covering October...  I am waiting to O and ttc in earnest now... seems like everyone and their mother is pregnant and, even though it is crazy, the thought of one more precious babe for us makes me smile.  My deadline of getting a bfp by January may sure be extended.  I tried to night wean for two days last week with horrible results and just can't take that comfort away from ds at this time.  So, if #4 is meant to be, it will happen. 


Congrats to the bfp's in this last week!  Let's hope Nov is the month for the rest of us!  :)

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