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Wendy that's fantastic news. I had a look at your chart and yes those temps are all over thep lace! The dip and spotting could be implantation though so hopefully that explains it. Have a boring 9 months. How many more pee sticks do you reckon you'll use before you finally put them away?


My temp dipped this morning and I'm sort of spotting. Not major spotting, just a wee bit in my white knickers (possibly TMI). I also feel, sort of something. So hard to explain, you know that uterus related feeling, the something's happening. Not pain, but it's the before something happens type feeling. I am keeping all my hopes up that this is implantation, although it would be significantly later than my last pregnancy. I keep looking at both charts and obsessing about implantation. I know I'm going to be getting my hopes up far too much even if I try to remain calm and zen. CD 59 and 10dpo, wow this is going to drag if I'm not pregnant. Hopefull the next cycle would be shorter though and it's just the pill that stopped me ovulating sooner. If I stare at my chart long enough will it magically turn green?


Ears yeah cp and cf along can give you an indication, it can't definatly pinpoint ovulation as accuratly, but it can give you an overview. I temp during Leo's first wakeup after 3am. So it's between 3 and 6. I temp while feeding so it's quite easy.


Great I just woke him up knocking a car off the chair. Best get him on the potty before the sofa is peed on

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starrlight - Vitex. I must preface this post by saying that I did not take it myself, BUT I did order some a week ago when I thought I would see AF this month! What I researched/read about taking it was: Take it everyday, even if you think you may be pregnant. I guess it exemplifies pregnancy symptoms when/if you are pregnant - severe nausea, cramping, etc - and then you take a test and stop taking it! Amazon.com - tons of reviews of prego mamas that took it. :)


ears - I temp because I like it - I was an engineer in a former life, and it's like seeing mathematical equations showing that your (my) body is working! Especially after so many years on the pill and using tampons and having no idea what was really going on down there, I love seeing that everything works as it should. On that note, I also check CF and my cervix daily and I've found (post baby) that my cervical position gives me a better idea of when ovulation is going to happen over temping... as with temping, you don't know if you've O'd until it's already over! Therefore, if you're really serious about checking your CM and cervix at the same time (not right after waking up or a BM) then I think it's just as good if not better to know. But then again, I temp to know that yes, my cervix was ridiculously soft and high yesterday and then today my temp spiked - i.e. most fertile. Good luck! HTH


fazer - I'm going to wait to pee on another stick until I'm 18 DPO. I'm definitely pregnant as the spotting has definitely cleared up - I only spotted for maybe an hour yesterday and it was just a small dot. Hopefully my temps stay above my coverline! I lay in bed at night thinking - I need to sleep better so I can know if my temps are accurate! :) DS nursed 7x in the night last night. Nipples HURT. However, I know how lucky I am to have my little man nursing and a positive pregnancy test. I'll take all the good with the not-so-bad! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully that feeling is "that feeling" of knowing! Oh - I looked on FF I don't know how many times over charts that spotted that ended in pregnancy - hoping that I would be one of those charts!


Avasmama - thinking about you and your test taking today! Hoping for a  pos.gif


AFM - I started progesterone cream today and no spotting thus far. The spotting has basically diminished to nothing, which makes me feel better. I talked to my midwife yesterday and she was so excited for us! Just hoping that this little egg hangs on.

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Popping back in to ask about what WendyJo410 said above about vitex.  Can you tell me where you read that?  I took vitex for a few weeks before I got pregnant and then after doing some reading thought the best course of action was to continue with it through the first trimester.  I didn't read anything about it making the pregnancy symptoms worse but I am dealing with some horrible nausea.  Like almost debilitating, some days I can't eat ANYTHING.  Could it be the vitex?  I actually didn't take my does yesterday, or today yet.  And I'm not feeling 100% today, but a lot better than I did over the weekend.  I had just minor morning sickness with my son, nothing like this.


Thanks and congrats to all the new BFPs!!

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I hope it's okay to post in here. I guess i am a ttc nursing october mama. I posted my own thread which shares my cycle. I have a question for Wendy if that is okay. Congrats on your bfp!


I was wondering if you might be able to elaborate on your midwife having said that you may have been having spotting because of nursing. I am trying to figure out if that is what is currently happening with me. I don't know if i am pregnant yet, read that i should test 4-5 days after possible implantation bleeding ends, so i am waiting until Thursday to test, even though i got a bfn on 13 dpo (my dates could be slightly off because i didn't chart but do generally have a regular 28 day cycle. my very light bleeding started before my af was due and stopped swiftly. i have other signs of pregnancy, like the bright blue veins i got with DD. I am worried, if i am pregnant that is, am i at risk for a miscarriage because of nursing DD, if i don't get on progesterone?


I hope this all makes sense.


Big congrats to all with the bfps this month!!!

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Fazer, fingers crossed that your temp rebounds!


Ears, I find that CP and CF are the most useful thing to chart anyways. Temps are great for confirming O, but by then it's too late anyways, so it's really CP and CF that you need!


Ava'smama, sending BFP vibes your way!


Mittens, welcome! I hope your stay here is very, very short!


AFM, My temps dropped at cd 14 last cycle, and that's tomorrow, so I'm already getting nervous about my temp! I don't have any major symptoms, but nothing that points to not being pregnant either. I'm trying not to obsess, but these last few days are hard!

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zoe77 - I just read reviews on Amazon.com - here is the link to the reviews I read (although there are MANY) and here's the one specifically that talks about what I said (this was one of a couple that I read)"


This didn't work for me either. I only started taking it April 12th, but the first period I had right when I started it was extremely heavy, crampy and miserable. Not anything like my "normal" ones. I say "normal" because I have PCOS and can have long intervals between periods and have sometimes had to have medication to stop the bleeding, but it has never felt this way (not since I was a teenager, anyway). And now, I'm approximately 45 days into my cycle and still haven't had another period while taking Vitex. This isn't a huge concern for me as I realize it can take some time to build up in the system and work properly, but my problem is this: starting at around Mother's Day, I started getting so bloated and crampy that I thought AF was coming, except she didn't. The bloating and cramping only continued to get worse (the cramping is on and off, but enough to make me curl up in bed and not wanna move much(, with the bloating being the worst! It's been so bad that my clothes don't fit, nothing helps ease it, I look pregnant and feel absolutely miserable. I've found other women who say this has happened to them as well, while others haven't experienced it at all. I'm not going to keep taking it to find out if it'll eventually balance out or not. The miserable bloating and cramping I'm going through are no where worth it. I'm bummed. I had high hopes as this PCOS has taken a real toll on my fertility :( Best of luck to others out there and just know that these are potential side effects, but you simply won't know until you try it.

Soooo, I just got the shock of my life today and found out that I'm pregnant with #2!!! Because of my PCOS and two negative pregnancy tests, I assumed my symptoms were caused by the Vitex. I was obviously wrong!! I know that you're not supposed to take Vitex while pregnant, but since I had no idea, I'm very thankful that it intensified my symptoms and got me to quit taking it. So, it does work and I only took it from April 12 - May 26-ish. There is hope! Hang in there!!


Mittens - One of the other mamas wrote a great post earlier this month - maybe scroll back and see if you can find it. Basically, what she said is that every mama is different. Some mamas don't get their cycles back until completely weaning their baby, some mamas get their cycle back, but then can't get pregnant until after weaning or many cycles, some mamas need herbal and chemical help to get pregnant and stay pregnant, and other mamas have their fertility return quickly! What I've read about nursing (from a variety of sources - and mamas, please correct me if I'm wrong!) - chemically your body produces prolactin (pro-lactation) to produce milk for your LO. Prolactin naturally inhibits progesterone - which is needed by the developing fetus to sustain a pregnancy. Therefore, nursing typically inhibits another pregnancy! This is natures way of telling us to space out our children and making sure we sustain the nutritional needs of our growing LO. However, that being said, if you're not spotting, then there's a good chance that your progesterone levels are normal. IMO, the reason my midwife suggested progesterone is because with DS (pregnancy #1) I didn't spot at all AND (from what I've read) progesterone supplements in general (not just nursing mamas) can decrease the chance of miscarriage by up to 50%


**OK - I have to come clean on that last part - Mariah Carey said her doctors told her this when she was pregnant with her twins on the Barbara Walters special the other day (re: progesterone and miscarriage rates) - it was on The View ** Sheepish.gif


So - do I think  you need to get on progesterone to help your chances of a successful pregnancy... I don't know - sorry! I think you should call your care provider and get their opinion. Also, do your research! I personally felt comfortable with what I read (and heard) about progesterone creams and after my midwife suggested it sounded like something that was positive to use to help this pregnancy! Good luck - HTH!


Carlin - keeping my fingers crossed for you too! pos.gif

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Hi Everyone, thanks for all the positive vibes.  I did POAS this morning and while I thought that I saw a light positive line, DH seems to think it is negative.  I bought a 3 pack of digital tests today.  Should I wait a couple more days before I try again?  My cycles post-DD have been between 26-28 days.  Today I am on CD 30, about 14 DPO, but I did not temp etc this month so I am not 100% certain.  I am doing surprisingly well with this feeling of the unknown!

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13 dpo here. Temp was hovering around 98.5 then went to 98.0 this morning. Didn't test this morning. No cramping (which means nothing since I never had cramps with my last AF) but I do have a nice case of acne and blotchy skin around my mouth which makes me feel 15 years old and gross. Also, my nipples are burning, like horribly. This was the first thing I noticed when pregnant with DS (It was never a pms symptom before), but I got this last cycle and wasn't pregnant. I've kinda given up on this cycle honestly. Hopefully I can have a better (sooner) O date next cycle.

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Texasfarmom - do you use that Progestelle like a regular progesterone cream?


AFM - What I'm thinking I want to do is take Vitex until I O, or possible until I get a BFP, then stop and switch directly to a progesterone cream. Do any of you have recommendations for cream?

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Ava'sMama if you think you saw a faint positive, I bet it was there! Men can't be trusted to properly read pea sticks! lol.gif My guess would be if it was that faint, that you may have O'd a day or two later than you thought so maybe skip tomorrow and test Wednesday and I bet you'll get a much more solid line. Good for you for staying sane despite the uncertainty!


Ibreed, FX that your temp jumps back up tomorrow!


Starrlight, sorry, no advice on when to stop vitex, but my bet would be if you are going to use progesterone cream it will do the most good if you start using it right after O.


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Avas mama Men can't find something in the cupboard in front of them so seeing a faint line is going to be a struggle. If you saw a faint line, and it was a faint line not the indentation from the pee stick colour area underneath, then yes I'd say it was a line. Give it 2 days if you can. Or if you have a bunch of internet cheapies calling your name in the cupboard pee every day.


There's a post in the main ttc forum about ttc while breastfeeding and someone put a very informative post up on prog cream, tablets and vit B6.


AFM well temp down again. Similar to my last implatnation dip,but could also be similar to AF coming. Naturally I can only see this as an implantation dip. On my first pp af after Isabel I did not use anything but pantyliners. I was in denial. Like if I had to use tampax or a proper pad it was AF not implantation bleeding, so if I use tampax that makes it not pregnancy, IYKWIM. That's why Leo's bfp cycle as a bfn at the beginning. Right now there's more blood, it's red. It's still enough for panty liners, and not sticking head in the sand this time. Every time I got to the loo it's pink. Isabel's implantation bleeding was enough that I thought it was AF coming and so I got drunk with a friend beca\use I was annoyed I was getting my period. So a significant amount of blood is normal for me. Sorry I'm rambling, if I ramble long enough it'll be tomorrow morning and time to temp again.


Wendy looking forward to your next pee stick. Keeping everything crossed for you. The spotting is so normal for me that I'd be suprised if a cycle with spotting didn't result in pregnancy! Implantation bleeding is just what I do. Your temps are looking good now they're up again. That dip and the spotting just look like implantation. HAve a search on ff for implantation bleeding. Plus the really low temp on your chart that you discarded is when you have W CM. Now that could be because the corpus whatsit is regenerating itself. FF talks about fertile cm after o in the guide.


Ibreed your temps are still up so thats a good sign. This waiting game is no fun is it. Time goes so slowly when you're counting 1 day at a time.

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Hi Everyone - Well, I couldn't wait!  I POAS this morning, I bought a three pack of digital tests yesterday and it said "Pregnant"!  I am cautiously excited!!  Thanks for all your support!!

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Congrats Ava'smama! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I knew it! Let that be a lesson to all husbands who doubt their wives ability to see nearly invisible lines! ROTFLMAO.gif Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!

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ears I know what you mean about everyone being pregnant! Ugh! Most of my friends IRL are preggo and there are a ton of friends on fb as well! And, people keep asking us if we are trying for another and that will only get worse as we make our rounds this holiday season. greensad.gif I have been charting using only cm. I also use OPKs, but don't write the results of that on my chart. (I have a paper chart.)


Mittens Welcome.gif


Wendy and Mittens re: progesterone- I was told by my OB that progesterone can only help; there are no reasons NOT to use it.


starrlight I'm asuming that I am using it like a NPC from what I've read, but it's the only one I've ever used.


Ava's GREAT NEWS! I'm very excited for you!


Wow ladies! Lots of success stories this month! joy.gif I'm hoping the next few days show some more BFPs for those who are in the TWW!! I'm handing the thread over to moonstones. Thanks you for taking over in November! "See" you all in the next thread!

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Ava's Mommy:  Wahhhoooo!!  joy.gif Congratulations -- KUP on the progress!!  


Mittens: A big welcome to you!  Hopefully your time here is short, but looking forward to getting to know you in the meantime.  


Like Texasfarmom said, it's NOVEMBER, so we're moving on over to a new thread.  I've got it posted already, so join us over there and let me know if you see anythings that needs updated!



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Ava's Mom - YAY!! blowkiss.gifWhat's your new EDD? There definitely isn't a July thread started yet...


Carlin - Any news?


starrlight - I ordered Progestelle (but haven't gotten it yet). I have started Emerita Pro-Gest Natural cream. I'm happy with it so far. I feel like my body heats up in the middle of the night wherever I apply it. My temps were the highest yet after 1 day of using it - coincidence? IDK. I have a very similar opinion to what Texas said - it can only help to maintain a pregnancy, and the negative/side effects are minimal if any... which is why I'm on it. I'm typically the type to not take any form of any medication besides supplements/vitamins.


Texas - I'm sorry. It does seem like when we really are focused on working toward something and wanting it, everyone else typically seems to get it first. Your baby will come! Is there are reason you don't chart cervical position?


fazer - I enjoy your rambling... it made me laugh! :) I'll POAS Saturday morning again - but I'm definitely feeling prego - nap time anyone? check. Nausea at making dinner? double check. Every morning I cross my fingers that my temps are still up. I definitely bled - there was red/dark red blood for a few days - just not very much of it. Keeping my fingers crossed for your temp tomorrow - Rise, Rise!! bouncy.gif


AFM - The spotting has stopped - which is awesome. Every time I use the ladies room I just keep hoping... I wasn't like this with my first pregnancy for some reason! Maybe it's because I love being a mama and being pregnant that this pregnancy is even more special? I just saw a post on one of my natural mothering groups about being pregnant while still nursing a LO and how to eat the best way possible. Basically all Weston Price and Sally Fallon have to say is that you should never do it - it's detrimental to the baby, pregnancy and mother. irked.gif Wasn't too much of a fan of reading that, but I just realize I'm going to have to hunker down even more nutritionally and try to only put things in my body that will do good for all of the above.

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Carlin, Texasfarmom, Moonstones and Wendy, thanks for all the welcomes! I will be joining the November TTC thread as i am not pregnant.  Looking forward to sharing in the ttw journey with everyone! Wendy, thanks so much for sharing your insight. I used progesterone in my first and only pregnancy simply because my progesterone was on the low side of normal, so i was thinking i will probably want to do the same if i am lucky enough to become pregnant again. Congrats on your bfp and great that your spotting has completely stopped!! I didn't spot with DD but i do remember always looking for it every time i visited the lady's room!


Congrats to all who got bfps in October!!

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Wendy - My EDD is July 8.  Just set up my first midwife appointment for December 20....that seems sooooo far away...

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Avasmama - Mine is July 10. I see my midwife in a mother's group about once a month, but we've already talked about seeing each other in December! So happy for you!

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Congratulations, Ava's Mama!!
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