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Hi Everyone,


Not much new here, just on 7DPO.  I have been pretty good about ignoring my cycle and trying not to pay attention to "symptoms".  I will not test unless AF has not arrived in another week.


Good luck everyone!

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Hi moonstones! Welcome to our TTC While Nursing thread! I'll add you to the front page! orngbiggrin.gif


We've been so quiet lately! Is anyone getting ready to test? CD 4 here for me...bleh...the looooong wait to O begins!


offtopic.gif What is everyone planning for Halloween? What are your kiddos and you going as? I've been making a clown costume for my DD. I think it is going to be super cute if I can get the sizing right! That has been keeping my mind off TTC somewhat. DH and I are not dressing up. I hope no one minds us going off topic for a little bit. I just wanted to get to chatting it up again! blahblah.gif

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Thanks for the welcome! And thanks for adding me to the list, Texasfarmom!


I've been testing using OPK's with no sign of O.  But, it's no surprise.  Since I've gotten my PPAF, I haven't been O'ing until well after CD 20, I'm on CD16 now.  But I am using Vitex and B-6 this cycle, so hoping O moves up a little bit.  


We've never celebrated Halloween too much, though as DD gets older, I'm sure we'll celebrate it more.  My mom bought DD a ladybug costume, so we'll probably find a neighborhood gathering of some sort to take her to so she can wear her little costume and have a look at all the other kids.  

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It has been quiet around here! I think there are a lot of us in the first week of the 2ww, with nothing exciting going on just yet.


We went to a Halloween party last weekend and dressed all of us as bugs. DH was a fly, I was a butterfly and DD was a ladybug. I think we might take her out trick-or-treating to a couple houses just for kicks, although I'd love to find a kids Halloween party around somewhere as I think she'd like that better. There were 4 toddler and a pre-schooler at the party this weekend and DD had a blast. She was more into the train table than the Halloween stuff!


Welcome Moonstone! I hope your stay here is short!

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I am here and have just been reading the last couple days. I am on cycle day 31; all pg tests are negative. If I ovulated on day 19 like I have the last few months I would be 12dpo. I think my cycle is just late for one the reasons I mentioned in my last post. I don't think I am pg as I think it would show a positive by now. 

So I am just waiting for my cycle to start which I hope is soon. Never thought I would want my cycle to start! LOL! 

I am doing opk's too just incase I didn't ovulate yet..no positives though. Negative...


We don't celebrate Halloween. But I love fall and this time of year! I love the cooler temps and pumpkins!! I bought a pumpkin and set it out on the front stoop. :)

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Batia -- sorry to hear about those negative tests.  I know exactly how you feel -- ready for AF to come so that you can just start afresh.  I too love this time of year, and am so nostalgic for the midwest/northeast fall weather.  We've been in southern California for the past 7 or so years, and the fall weather doesn't really reach us until December when I'm just about ready for a little snow.  But, we are having some cooler weather here -- 70's today -- so a nice day to go out for a walk with DD!  



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We don't celebrate Halloween either, but I, too, love this time of year. The colors have changed, what little there are. Autumn is a shot time up here, so we are just glad not to have snow yet!


How long did you ladies cycle up and down before you finally Oed and had your first PPAF? I thought I finally Oed last week, but the farther and farther away I get, the more I doubt I Oed at all. I have never ever wanted my AF, but I've been hoping for it for months now!! Strange how the tables are turned. Do you ladies mind looking at my chart and telling me what you think? It's a frustrating chart, because I hadn't been temping until fertility signs started showing up. Makes it hard to determine anything. Thanks for checking it out.


My Fertility Friend Chart



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Hey mamas - I'm in the same boat as almost everyone else in the 2ww list. I'm 8DPO and feeling nausea at night, waking up thirsty, having very vivid dreams and super sensitive nipples when DS nurses. However, I feel like all of the "symptoms" happen in the LP and nursing mamas - or at least it's me not trying to get my hopes up too much! My temps are all over the place this time though. They're all above my coverline, but bouncing up and down - which of course makes me think that my progesterone levels aren't staying level or increasing. Last month before AF came, my chart was beautifully triphasic. Ah well - the craziness of cycling while BFing!


What's everyone else's opinion on Vitex? I know I don't want to take any man-made progesterone supplements and I definitely don't want to take anything that will make DS wean early. This is only month #2 actively TTC as it's my 3rd PPAF. I'm still shocked as my cycle returned while nursing full-time and all of the women I know still nursing either don't have their cycles or had to wean before they got them back. I keep hearing family and friends tell me to wean so we can get pregnant again - then they don't know what to say when I tell them I want to tandem nurse and BF until DS is at least 2... :)


Halloween. We don't celebrate it much over here, more just a reason to get together with friends. My Mom bought DS a chicken outfit and he looks hilariously cute. We free-range pasture almost 100 egg chickens here, so I'm thinking that I'll take some really cute pictures of him in it and add him to the label that we put on the cartons (kill two birds with one really handsome stone - make Grammy happy and advertise happy eggs with a really cute baby)! winky.gif


Yet another question to all you co-sleeping mamas. What do you put your kids in at night? I currently keep DS in wool long nappy pants and a long sleeve wool shirt. When I change his diaper around 2-3a, I typically put just an AIO diaper on and then some recycled wool pants. His feet are always cold because he kicks off every blanket. I don't like the idea of putting socks on him because he has some chubby legs and either they cut off circulation or fall off. I've tried wool sleepsacks, but they're either too long and get him all flustered because he can't roll around or get too tight on his arms when they get twisted. HELP! Do I just really need to up the heat in the house that much?! (as a reminder, DS is almost 10 months) TIA

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Wendy my son was born in December 2009 so we were at the same stage last year. I think he was in a sleep sack until a bit before Christmas. It's hard to remember when he stopped using them. He was in a cot next to us like a big cosleeper so he was just in there with a cot duvet and normal pj's. It's only now he's an active sleeper. I think that's because he's now in a single bed next to us so rolls till he finds something like a pillow or blanket and snuggles up to it. He's a heat seeking missile! Since he started to need clothes at night this year he's ina  fleece all in one footed outfit. It's adorable, so cute as he's been in normal pjs since 9 months because I EC so I got very bored of poppers and couldn't be bothered with babygrows any more. I think the fleece all in ones are the best of both worlds. Warm feet, warm body, but can still move if he's inclined to kick off covers and get annoyed witha  sleep sack.

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starrlight - I've O'd every cycle since my first PPAF came back. Have you read the book "Garden of Fertility" by Katie Singer? She has a lot of really useful information on BFing mothers and how to naturally bring back ovulation. That's where I started getting the information about sleeping in complete darkness and then sleeping with a light on during the days when you're supposed to O. It can only help. Good luck!

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Wendy I hear you on the vivid dreams! I've been having the craziest dreams for the last couple of days, and lots of nightmares last night. I am so tired but I don't know if that is a symptom or just because of the broken sleep. It is very sore when my dd is nursing too, I cringe whenever she latches on and a few times I've had to break her off early because it's been so uncomfortable. I am so gassy at the moment too (sorry if tmi!) it is so embarrassing though my toddlers think it's hilarious blush.gif I've been quiet warm too and my BBT has shot up way higher than I have ever seen it. Even when i got my BFP last month my temp never got higher than about 98.4, the last few days it's been above 99. 10 DPO today and trying very hard to hold out until the weekend to test. I don't think I can bear to spend time squinting. I have a really good feeling about this cycle though, but I don't want to jinx it!

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OMG! I logged in through facebook and when I went to post that last message it almost posted it to my facebook wall! No one knows we're ttc. I would have died of embarrassment if it had appeared on my wall along with a description of being gassy and having sore nips!


just found the little box to untick so it doesn't post to facebook *phew*!

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Wendy, I've heard of that kind of light therapy before. I'll see if I can find that book at the library. I haven't had my first PPAF, yet, so hopefully it'll have info on that, too. I wouldn't know when to turn on a light, since there's no reference point for an O. Thanks for sharing!


Niniel, OH.MY.GOODNESS. LOL I am so glad you didn't accidentally post that! Now I'm all paranoid about something showing up on FB. Good catch!

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Well, this morning I had a very little bit of spotting. I thought, Wahoo!!! My PPAF is finally here! But...nope. That was it. *sigh* Back to the drawing boards...

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Niniel: That is hilarious that it posted to facebook! I can imagine how hilarious it would have been! That is definitely annoying about the signing into facebook thing. I think my wall is being taken over by Pinterest! :)


WendyJ410: I have only been on VITEX for 2 months but it seems fine. My milk is great. My son is fine. And i can feel my hormones regulating some, and my normal "desire" coming back. DH can't complain, and i know it means i am more fertile. There isn't a lot you can do, and i figure it seems safe, and i prefer something natural over something not... 


AFM: I OVULATED! Looks like i am back to a 42 day cycle (at least hoping it's something normal) :) So can you move me to the 2WW? I am trying not to get my hopes up at all. But i kinda am... especially because my Poppa {granpa} passed late last night and i guess part of me really hopes to get pregnant just in a "the circle of life/everything comes around" kinda way. I think it would be beautiful. I would have conceived Tuesday-ish so his passing could always be associated with the conception of a child... AND if it's a boy he will carry my poppa's name as his middle name. Yeah... that is way too fairy tale.. but I guess i prefer to hope than not.


We had a huge Halloween party yesterday on the military base my husband works. We were Charlie Brown (DH), Lucy (Me), Snoopy (DS1), and Woodstock (DS2). I actually made the costumes by hand and everyone really loved them! We actually one first place in the costume contest. We did have a lot planned, but instead now we are heading up to my Poppa's memorial. (My costumes are here: wavesandwinks.blogspot.com if anyone wants to see them}


GOOD LUCK TO ALL! And well... my 2WW won't end til Novemeber... bummer. Oh i am so hoping.... dust.gif

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Hi all! 


Niniel -- Yikes! I'm paranoid now too -- no signing in via facebook for me! No one knows that we're TTC right now either and I'd rather keep it that way! 


Wendy -- yep, I agree with Kelantan -- I haven't noticed any negative side effects with the Vitex. I've been taking it since CD1 and I'm noticing more EWCM, and more desire (woah, that's what this is from, huh Kelantan!?) I'm also doing 100mg of B-6 and haven't noticed any negative side effects with that either.  


Starlight -- sorry no AF yet, but it sounds like your body is starting to gear up from AF though?  Do you usually get some spotting before AF?  I typically have a day or two of minor spotting before AF arrives, so that would be a promising sign for me.  


Kelantan -- you guys are too cute!  And look how talented you are -- it makes me want to pull together a last-minute family costume theme for Halloween.  Hmmmm.....


AFM -- I think I'm getting ready to O too!  OPK's are still negative, but EWCM is here, and I got a high reading on my CBFM after about 10 days of low, so something different is going on!  


Is anyone testing soon? 

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Niniel - I'm cracking up over here! FB can be a scary thing when we're all so open and honest over here (and don't know each other in person either)! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - your signs sound great!


Starrlight - sorry if I didn't see this before, but are you temping? The two books I've learned a lot from are Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF) and Garden of Fertility. Plus, it's nice to know about what's happening with your body once you do start O'ing!


fazer - thanks for the advice. I'll look for a good one (do you have any suggestions)?


AFM - I woke up this morning with a brownish tinged wipe after I peed (sorry if TMI) and thought - OK, bummer, AF is coming only 8 days into my LP. So, I put one of my cloth pantyliners on and started our day expecting everything to get heavy as the day progressed (I even through 3 more pads into my diaper bag because my flow is so heavy at the beginning). Next trip to the bathroom hours later - nothing. I've had a little bit more brown stringy CF an hour ago (12 hours later). So, either AF is taking her dear sweet time or is this implantation bleeding? Has anyone else ever had any? Thanks also for the info on Vitex. I'll be ordering some for sure if AF does come this cycle!

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Niniel! That's just about my worst nightmare! ROTFLMAO.gifI'm so glad you caught it in time!


Starrlight, that probably means you are getting close. Any chance it's ovulation spotting?


Kelantan and Moonstone, yay for Oing! Fingers crossed for both of you!


Wendy, that could definitely be implantation spotting. The timing is pretty right. I didn't see your chart, are your temps still up?


AFM, 8 dpo too. Nothing exciting happening except for a very pretty chart if I do say so myself. Not that it means anything. I almost always have pretty charts, so it really won't tell me anything until about 14 dpo.



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Carlin - Thanks for the response! So - my temp timing was off today. I woke up at 5 to nurse (DS nursed every 2 hours all night) and just took my temp in the dark and it was 96.8 - WAAAAY below my coverline of 97.4. But then when I finally woke up at 7:30 (I usually temp at 6) my temp was 97.7. Therefore - either I had a huge temp dip or I'm somewhere near my coverline. I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see if AF really comes or if my temp goes back up. I'll definitely temp at my correct time.


What's everyone's opinion on trying to temp after at least 3 hours of sleep (I rarely get that)!?

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Wendy -- with all of my pregnancies (two were miscarriages, and one full-term) I had spotting.  The earliest I had the spotting was 10dpo, but I've heard anecdotally that many women get implantation spotting starting at 7-8dpo.  That said, the past few cycles, because I've had such a short luteal phase, the pre-AF spotting has been starting for me at 7-8dpo, and I've mistakingly attributed it to implantation bleeding.  I hope it's good news for you though! Hoping to see a pretty BFP in a few days :) 


Carlin -- that is a dang pretty chart!  It looks triphasic to me.  Fingers crossed!!! 

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