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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

Emmaegbert, he works for Cartonnier or Anthropologie? Dang it!


he works for Anthropologie. I am excited to see they have a couple of very cute looking "lounger" (i/e stretchy) pants that aren't to sweatpanstish... good for those PP weeks perhaps? He only get 3 days off so he can pick some up for me on day 4 and at least I can look forward to some new pants.

Originally Posted by Amy May View Post

I'm still here!  Guess date is tomorrow, but I'm really not quite ready to be done being pregnant... I want maybe 5 more days or so?  I'm having braxton hicks more frequently now, and baby has finally dropped.  This is great because I can finally breathe again and the heartburn has gone away.  Except now, instead of peeing every 40 minutes, it is about every 20 minutes.  


DH is diligently doing his duty to keep having sex though, and I can't believe how much I actually want to DTD right now.  I guess when we think about having a new baby (that is either in the room with us, or could wake up at any time) and milk coming out of me, and um, newly shaped lady parts, a big belly seems like a small thing to maneuver around.


This weekend we did a second belly cast- I didn't really like how the first turned out- because I tried to do it myself, and it is kind of hard to do it evenly when you can't actually see your entire belly.  We also spent the day Saturday sightseeing around Boston... it was so much fun.  All in all, a great weekend.  I still can't believe how many of you ladies are actually in the "weeks postpartum" category... it seems like a few days ago that even Karli had her baby, and now we're halfway through the month!  Who is next?

Amy glad you are enjoying the tail end of pregnancy. I am so irritable right now that last night I didn't even want to sleep in BED with DH let alone let him touch me. AHHH.


Originally Posted by ~pi View Post

emmaegbert, conference is early next week. We have flights & hotel booked, grandparents coming in to care for DS1, and talks prepared. In short, I am going, even if I have to bring a donut pillow.


I've been able to get out in front of the pain again, so I am no longer such a weepy mess, thank goodness. I am hopeful that I'll be fine by the time I have to fly.




grouphug.gif to all. Rough night last night, and I am exhausted. Babe has been napping all day, and I should have gone with him, as I haven't exactly accomplished any of the other things I thought I would do while he slept.

~pi I hope you get some rest and healing in this week and that the conference is fun/rewarding and not a only test of endurance...


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