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Congrats, Yellowdart!!

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Yay, yellowdart!  Julia is a beautiful name!!!


All these babies arriving - wasn't it just yesterday we were all posting about 1st trimester worries?!



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Congrats Yellowdart!!!

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Had an appointment today (due date is tomorrow). Doctor offered me an induction on Thursday, I declined (though I would lie if I said I wasn't tempted!). BP still good, urine still good. Baby sounds good. 2 cm dilated and "looking really good for labor". Friday the nurse practitioner said that I would have 2 appointments this week with NST's. But the dr today said no nst today and I wouldn't have another appointment until next week on Tuesday, and I would have an NST then. I don't know why, but I'm not comfortable with this. So I talked to my mom (who was an OB nurse for many, many years) and she is pushing for an induction, saying that baby is safer on the outside than on the inside at this point. She understands that I don't want to be induced, but she's not comfortable waiting until I'm 40w6d to do an NST either.


So now I have a lot of thinking to do. I don't know what I want at this point. If my BP shot up and I was spilling protein the decision would be easy- induction would be the way to go. But since those are still looking pretty good (bp is up a little but not too much) I'm not sure.

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Steph, my first NST was today at 41 +3, and she's doing just fine.  But if you're worried then I would push for it.


Yellowdart, congratulations on such a smooth successful birth!  That's so wonderful.


Thanks to everyone for their support around my beloved husky, two months away from her 16th birthday.  We put her down this afternoon, and I am praying like mad that she forgives me and is at peace.  No sooner did she go then my contractions started.  Don't know yet if I'm in actual labor, but there was some brown blood down there and I'm hopeful.  Focusing on the notion that Janie and Izzy high-fived on the spiritual plane as they passed each other.  Amazing how hard this all is.  Can't wait for Isabel to arrive.

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Yellowdart, congratulations!! Can't wait for some pictures.


Izzy, so sorry (again) about your dog.  Saying goodbye to my dog as a teenager was one of the most awful things I can remember.  Wishing you peace, and hoping your little girl comes soon.


Steph, I'm not sure I agree that they're safer out than in just because you're at 40 weeks.  There's a lot of reasons the dates could be ever so slightly off, and every baby, IMO, knows their own timetable best.  I'm sure most of us would rather be pregnant for less time than more, but it doesn't automatically become risky at a certain date, and induction isn't without its many risks, as well.  I would personally feel perfectly comfortable waiting that long for a NST, as long as everything seemed otherwise normal to me, but everyone has their own comfort levels.  I would think your doctor would probably be accommodating if you pushed for an earlier NST.


AFM, I'm feeling strangely sleepy today despite having another pretty good night with Malcolm.  Thankfully I'm not flying solo yet, so I was still able to grab a nap.  Otherwise, things are fine around here.  DD's 8th birthday is on Sunday, and I'm not up and out of the house yet, and waited too long for internet shopping, so DH has been running around trying to figure out presents for her.  Is it just me, or are 8yo girls hard to figure out for gifts?  My very-bad hemorrhoids seem to be on their way out, finally.  No more painful sitting, and toilet time isn't so bad anymore, either.  Thank goodness!! 


Also, why does the always-sunny Colorado sky keep getting cloudy during the EXACT hours (which are very short!) we have sunlight shining into our apartment?  It's very hard for me to get Malcolm his sunshine that way!!! 


Any other babies laughing in their sleep?  It's so sweet... I can't wait for the awake kind!!  love.gif

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Izzy - Sorry about your dog, I love your image of your dog and baby giving each other a high five. 


Yellowdart - Congrats!!

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Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know that I'll be updating the birth announcements list soon. I've been a little distracted with the birth of my own baby girl (last night, after 47 hours labor), but will update probably sometime tomorrow when I can find some time to sit in front of the computer and type with both hands. smile.gif
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Yay Capretta!  Congratulations!

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Congrats, Capretta!!!!  Rest while you can, but I'll be eager for more details.  :) :)

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Congrats, Capretta!! Take your time and enjoy that baby of yours. :)

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Congrats Yellowdart & Capretta!!


I'm 10 days away from my EDD and labor so doesn't feel imminent at this point.  We'll be busy this weekend crossing last things off our "to do" list...so I wonder what next week will be like.  At my prenatal today the midwife emphasized that most babies come within a week before of after the EDD....which I know, of course...but since DS came on his due date (the one I calculated, not the one the midwives did), I feel like this one has to come by the end of next weekend.


Down There - After DS was born I absolutely did not look down there.  Things felt soooo weird, I just didn't want to know.  Even after I was checked out at 6 weeks pp, I think I still avoided looking for weeks/months.


Steph - I don't know what to advise...I guess if you're not comfortable waiting until next week for a NST, that's enough of a reason to ask for one at the end of this week. 


AFM - DS's bed is finally put together, and the baby's room just needs two more shades installed.  I put clean sheets on our bed tonight and put a waterproof Naturepedic pad on as much of our bed as I could for those nights when baby is in our bed (which may be every night...but I'm kinda hoping this one takes to the co-sleeper better than DS did).  I think we're gonna set up the co-sleeper this weekend, but not sidecar it yet...so I can actually get in and out of the bed.  I have a stash of witch hazel-soaked gauze pads in the freezer and a shipment of Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray on the way from Amazon.  We are really close to being "all set." 


For those of you who share your bed with baby, what are your thoughts on the use of mattress toppers?  I know you're not supposed to have a baby on a mattress with a pillow top.  I'm not sure how squishy those are.  We have a topper on our bed that has three layers of wool...it definitely adds padding and some "give" to the mattress, but I'm not sure I'd classify it as squishy.  I can't imagine sleeping without it at this point, but if it was truly a suffocation hazard I certainly would forego it.  With DS, he always slept in the crook of my arm (head in my armpit), so suffocation from mattress, pillows, etc. wasn't really a concern. 

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Congratulations Yellowdart and Capretta! Very exciting!

Originally Posted by Amy May View Post

I was on the phone with Comcast, and simultaneously looking at an email from DH.  So, without even thinking, as I hung up the phone, I emphatically told the comcast lady "I love you!"  She was a little surprised.  Oh, and my short-term memory has gone to crap too.  I'll ask DH a question or tell him something about my day, and ask him the exact same thing 4 minutes later.  Please tell me someone else is doing this too. 

Haha, I've had a few near miss "I love yous" with strangers and CVS pharmacy courtesy callers! But to actually say it! You're so funny.

Originally Posted by Izzybelly View Post

Focusing on the notion that Janie and Izzy high-fived on the spiritual plane as they passed each other.  Amazing how hard this all is.  Can't wait for Isabel to arrive.

I love this image--hugs to you dealing with the loss while also anticipating your baby. That must really hurt.


Cosleeping: I'm wondering many things about bedding. We coslept before, and at first I didn't know that you should not use bedding, and I woke up with the "uh-oh feeling" when DS was 3 days old--he was completely under our comforter. Terrifying. From then on I used nothing. But we are also trying to figure out how to "pad" his co-sleeper that DH made; I'm thinking a wool blanket secured to a removable wooden insert or something.


AFM: Strep b positive. I might be the only person here who is not that upset about the diagnosis. It means that I can stay in the hospital, which yes, is obnoxious, but also I just feel I need that time away from home to have no responsibilities household related. DH would really lobby for no stay otherwise. I'm crazy, I know. My only concern is how they wisk the baby away at midnight to weigh them, and I'll likely be alone because DH will be at home with DS. I don't like them taking my baby, but can I realistically follow them? I've requested that they weigh him in the room with me. Oh, and I hate the "Just gonna check your bottom, hun" routine.


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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

AFM: Strep b positive. I might be the only person here who is not that upset about the diagnosis. It means that I can stay in the hospital, which yes, is obnoxious, but also I just feel I need that time away from home to have no responsibilities household related. DH would really lobby for no stay otherwise. I'm crazy, I know. My only concern is how they wisk the baby away at midnight to weigh them, and I'll likely be alone because DH will be at home with DS. I don't like them taking my baby, but can I realistically follow them? I've requested that they weigh him in the room with me. Oh, and I hate the "Just gonna check your bottom, hun" routine.

You're not the only one!  I'm also GBS+ this time around, which means at least overnight for me too....which I honestly don't mind.  I'm kind of excited to "get away from it all" for 24 hours or so (which testifies to just how exhausted I am by my 2 yo lol.gif) .  I had to stay overnight with DD too because they needed to monitor my BP and other than the bed being super uncomfortable, it was fine.   They don't take baby away for anything though at our hospital - they weigh and do all routine checks right in the room.  



Izzybelly:  I'm so sorry about your dog.  I don't think you have to worry about her forgiving you - the very best thing about dogs is how they love and trust us unconditionally.  You sound like the best sort of dog owner and she was lucky to have someone who cared so much about her right to the end.


And yay for contractions!!!!!!!

Capretta:  joy.gif


Pillowtops/Mattress Pads:  Honestly...I'm not very paranoid about the whole co-sleeping thing except for the newborn stage- until she was about 4 months (and outgrew it), DD slept in this




We didn't have room for a sidecar cosleeper and this was perfect.  Kept her safe and high up by our heads so she could have her own light blanket and we could still use our bedding, didn't have to worry about our pillow top, etc.  LOVE THIS THING!  It's my #2 essential piece of baby gear, second only to my slings. Money well spent. 


After she outgrew it, she slept with me, in my arms/on my pillow, with a light blanket over us and our bedding over me from the waist down.  Then as she got older, she slept between us with our bedding.  



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I hope nobody minds me babbling in this thread. Maybe someone has some advice, maybe not. But it might be therapeutic for me to get it all out anyway!


So it looks like my options right now are going to be induce this Thursday (40w1d) or induce next Thursday (41w1d) if baby doesn't come out on his own. There are reasons we won't wait longer than that, but I won't go into all that here. There are pros and cons for both dates so I think I'm just going to start listing them here and see what I can come up with.....


Pros for 40w1d

  • stress/anxiety level for dh is severely decreased (he has anxiety issues and has been taking meds for awhile. It's mostly well controlled, but situations like this leave him on edge)
  • my comfort (who am I kidding.... I would love to have the baby now and get my body back!)
  • I would have an extra week to recover before we need to travel (I have to go 2 states away on November 7th for a court hearing that cannot be rescheduled... I may or may not be going alone with the baby. I really don't want to travel less than 2 1/2 weeks after having a baby. 3 1/2 weeks is a little more do-able). My mom will have to keep the baby during the time I'm in court, which means baby will have to be taking a bottle at that time. Less than 2 1/2 weeks is a little early for me to willingly introduce AND have him taking a bottle and not risk the breastfeeding relationship.
  • DS has this Thursday and Friday off school so he would be able to spend time with us in the hospital and bond with his brother and we wouldn't have to decide whether to pull him out of school or send him.
  • From what I can find, some risks (such as meconium) are slightly lower at 40w vs 41 weeks.
  • My bp has been creeping up so if we deliver now we can avoid an unplanned induction if it were to turn into pre-e again


Cons for 40w1d

  • Sunburst might not be ready to come out (though I'm 99% sure on my dates so I'm not as worried about this)
  • induction might fail, leading to a c-section
  • If I need a c-section then recovery will be harder (see above about travel).
  • DS will have to spend Thursday and Friday with dh's dad (dh will try to come home for at night and we'll try to leave the hospital as soon as possible). This is not so much a negative as a huge change in ds's routine so we're not sure how he'll react. But it is going to have to happen anyway, no matter when I give birth.


Pros for 41w1d

  • Sunburst might be more fully "cooked" and ready to come out.
  • Induction has a higher chance of working, lower chance of c-section
  • ds will be in school this Thursday and Friday so we'll only have to worry about childcare for after school when he's not visiting the hospital.
  • Better chance that Sunburst will come out on his own before this date.


Cons for 41w1d

  • DH's stress/anxiety will go up, which isn't good for him.
  • Potentially traveling 2 states away, alone, less than 2 1/2 weeks after having a c-section
  • Some risks are higher to the baby now than at 40w.
  • My bp has been creeping up (but is being monitored and isn't super high yet) so if we decide to wait until 41w1d there's more of a chance of my bp spiking too high and needing an unplanned induction.
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StephandOwen, Sounds to me like you have your decision... 

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I would make a decision and sleep on it.  If it feels right in the morning, go for it.  If it feels crappy you'll know it wasn't right.

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Originally Posted by puente View Post

StephandOwen, Sounds to me like you have your decision... 


lol.gif I'm glad it sounds like it to someone on the outside, because I still have no clue. LOL! I have been very much opposed to an induction this whole time. I was induced with my ds and really wanted to avoid it this time. But I also never thought I would make it to October, let alone my due date! We all (dh, me and the doctor) really thought I would have had this baby by now. So now that we're getting this far along, I'm lost. There are pros and cons to both situations, but I'm not 100% comfortable with either choice.


DH is on a work call right now but when he's done we're going to sit down and talk about all of this again and see if we can come up with a solution.

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Congrats yellowdart and capretta! exciting!


DH finally asked at work and he will get.... drumroll... 3 paid days off. These are days he's not "supposed" to get until December but they will give them to him early. (and plus they are MAD BUSY in december and I bet they like the idea of him not having extra days to take off then). Its sort of pathetic, but I am just happy that he will have ANY paid days off with me. With my second, he came home early the day she was born and took one day off and then had to go back to work. :( I live downstairs from my parents and sister, so I do have lots of family support. My oldest goes to school, and the 2yo goes to morning playgroup 2 mornings a week. And we have good friends and neighbors and I know people will step up to help with the olders in the first few weeks, so its not that big of a sob story. I just feel like it sucks for my DH, and for the baby, to have so little time.


I am going to a conference all day Wed, Thursday (when I am slated to give a really short talk that I have, of course, not prepared much for, AH!) and part of Friday. Then my folks (who are supposed to be the labor support for the kids) leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday or Monday. SO. I dunno. Baby can stick in there until my conference is over, give me time to clean the bedroom better, and then wait for grandma and grandpa to get back...


Good MW appt today- 38 weeks. Things look fine. They are letting me decide when (if ever) I want to do a biophysical and/or NSTs. They recommend at 42 weeks for most moms though I can decline. But I have suspected (but totally controlled) GD, and I am 37. So, I have a few extra risk factors. MW today was saying, maybe think about what, if any, monitoring I would want to do and when. On the downside, the testing will be in super inconvenient places and I can't have both biophysical and NST in the same place (this b/c my insurance, a medicaid HMO, will only cover a few particular centers for it). I am so darn lazy... that I just keep wanting to wait and see if baby comes... I guess at my 40-week appt we'll talk about setting up something. Ah. The downside of this empowered model of care. I have to actually decide!



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sorry about the GBS ladies, and you are so funny seeing the bright side of that! It was nothing but hassle for me b/c my labors were too short to follow protocols. I recommend just checking on the policies if you don't get the IV abx in time... so you are prepared for what they do next. at the birth center where DS was born, they just kept him for monitoring (I assume that is why you get 24 hours in the hospital?) and that was basically fine except for a bunch of other hassles it lead to. I am SO GLAD that I am negative this time and don't have to deal with it.

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