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Jaspers here, emergency c-section and in the NICU :( - Page 9

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We are doing better for the most part, still not feeling optimistic about breastfeeding and little man has decided that during the day, no matter what I do, he is going to be pissed everytime I set him down so I can pump.


It doesnt matter if I just fed him,changed him, if he is sleeping at the time...whatever...if I go to pump he is whining within 5 minutes and because I cant stand to hear him scream I end up stopping pumping early.


Im worried my supply is going to dwindle.


Im still pumping around 45-48 ounces a day but it seems like its in smaller increments now...


I also forgot to mention, Jasper had his first check up last Wednesday, he is up to 7pds 9 oz and looking good.


I was originally wary of the pediatrician because...and this will sound bad...it was a man, but he had seen Jasper at the NICU so my insurance picked him (I could change if I wanted to) but I was pleasantly surprised.


I went in all prepared to defend my choice not to circ but when he pulled down his diaper and I opened my mouth to tell him I would prefer it if he did not mess with it he looked at it and went "Not circumsized, thats wonderful!" and did not even touch it.


So I think we will stick with him after all, he was a really nice dude.



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Some pictures :D



Finally big enough for the "going home" hat I made him!!


He is not exactly what I would call "thrilled" about it...



Left Jasper with dad so I could shower (for the first time in 3 days) and came back to this :)


snuggle sling.jpg


Getting the hang of the sling....people STILL try to grab him...I HATE baby grabbers!


He is doing good, he is up to 9 pounds and is apparently VERY sensitive to caffiene..I absentmindedly had some tea the other day and Jasper was awake for a solid 32 hours....and unfortunatly so was I.


But last night he slept from 10pm to 6 am, I managed to catch him for feedings before he woke up every time and he just stayed asleep, woke up smiling at 6 am, ate and then napped with me until 8am.


We are still pumping...I just cannot figure out breastfeeding.


My nipples are blistered from round the clock pumping too :(

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So Jasper is sick with RSV :(


His blood oxygen levels are not low enough right now to warrant a hospital stay (they are trying to avoid that because they know we cant afford to drive) but he is so miserable.


We have had a shitty month, our car got messed up by another car exploding a few spaced down from it and that ate what little savings we had recouped from the NICU stay, now Jasper is sick and so is my husband.


A friend of our went and bought us a vaporizer and I am so thankful, it has helped a lot with his breathing and he can now drink his bottles without pulling off every few seconds to breath.


But his cough is getting worse :(


Also, I had a plugged duct last week and now my supply has dropped by quite a bit...



In other, more humorous news, we are using cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night....for some reason I started putting the disposables in the laundry hamper too and managed to wash an entire load of them.


The husband was extremely confused lol.

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Sorry to hear this. Hope little Jasper gets better soon! And that you guys have some better luck with things. I know how much it sucks to keep having issues come up.
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oh good lord - I hop your washer is okay!  Ah, the things sleep deprivation will do to your brain!


and an exploding car???  yikes!


I hope he recovers soon, poor little guy - stay strong, mama!!  hug2.gif

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Im trying to stay strong, it just feels like we can never make it up the hill before another landslide starts :(


And yup, our washer is fine...but the husband was like "Whhhhhhhyyyyyy is the washer full of fluffy stuff??" when he went to change over the loads..lol, whooopsieeee

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I'm sorry you are having more difficulties! Hang in there, and I hope Jasper is better soon. LOL about the laundry.

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