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Possibly Waiting out a Miscarriage ;-( (*miscarriage and spotting mentioned)

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So, I have been spotting very lightly (only on visible on toilet paper after I go to the bathroom) brown since Thursday evening. A bit after I first noticed the spotting, I began cramping very badly. Basically this has been going on ever since. 


I've adjusted my Magnesium, worked hard on getting more iron and calcium, extra water, lying down as much as possible, and foregoing lifting anything at all. My only success at lessening the cramping was with a glass of red wine yesterday evening although everything came right back this morning. So it appears to have only been a short-term fix. 


Since I still have all of my symptoms...HORRIBLE nausea, I've been feeling anxious, but ok about all of this until this evening when I had a rush of pink spotting as I was getting out of the tub. My spotting has now picked up to every time that I wipe (it had died down to every other time or sometimes long stretches...like overnight) and is consistently pink instead of brown. Which, I take to be a bad sign. I also have the same intense cramps that I've had since Thursday. 


I'm in a limbo here, but I have a feeling now that a miscarriage is inevitable at this point. 


DP and I still plan on dealing with this at home. There's not anything a doctor or midwife could do if this is meant to be a miscarriage. And, if it's not one, then waiting this out won't do any harm. If it is a miscarriage, then the place I need to be is home with my family. 


I'll update when I know more, but in the meantime, I'll be a bit distant from this board as it's hard to think about this Baby when I'm not sure if we will make it through this trimester. 

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Praying for you. 

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I'll be thinking of you, pregnova and sending good vibes.

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Oh, Pregnova.... ;-(


I don't have any words. I am thinking and praying for you.

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Sending good thoughts stillheart.gif

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Good luck! I don't know if this is the right thing to say or not, but I had a fair amount of pink spotting for several days with dd2, and I always have cramping in the first tri, so maybe it's nothing. Sending peaceful vibes your way!

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We are pulling for you. grouphug.gif

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Sorry to hear this.  I hope everything is ok, pregnova.  (((HUGS)))

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I have been spotting for a couple of weeks too.  Half of pregnancies with spotting do not end in miscarriage, so I will be sending all my sticky baby thoughts your way and hopefully we can both be in the 50% that make it.

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((hugs)) mama, rest and try not to worry. you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

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*hugs* mama...this is so hard.

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I'm praying for you and the baby. I know what a hard place thst is to be in. (((Hugs)))
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hug2.gif  Praying for you and the bean!  Hopefully it will pass and everything will be fine.

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Aw, I'm so sorry you are going through this! You're in my thoughts! hug2.gif

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Thinking of you!


I had several major bleeding episodes during my pregnancy with my son. Every time, it appeared as if I were definitely having a m/c, but I never did and my son is a healthy 15 month old now. When I had a miscarriage before that, I had no signs of miscarriage whatsoever. Because of these experiences, I really think you can't rely too much on supposed signs. Our bodies will find their way.

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That is uplifting to hear and know Charise! 


How are things Pregnova?

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Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. 


The spotting has once again turned into brown only visible when wiping spotting and I have actually not had ANY ever since a tiny gush earlier this afternoon. The cramping is still intense...on again off again and seems to get much worse when I lay down. It's also sort of concentrating in my lower back right now. This afternoon I had to do a bit of breathing to get through it, but getting my mind onto other things seems to lessen it. There still doesn't seem to be much connection between the spotting and the cramping although they must be connected somehow...but no matter how bad the cramping get, there isn't more or less spotting. 


I'm sort of wondering about twins at this point. It's not something in our family, but I popped really early, and was feeling nausea, ect... way more intensely than with ds (which I never thought would be possible!). I'm wondering if I could be losing one ? Possibly absorbing it which maybe would account for this cramping and only the minor amount of spotting? Very speculative I know. 


the other thing going through my head is subchorionic hematoma? I have not had any red bleeding, but it does sound as though that would go along with the brown spotting and cramping? 


We're still waiting things out for some more definite sign as to what's going on. 

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Well, either way things do sound a bit more hopeful that you arent miscarrying...Do you feel more hopeful??

You know, I was going to ask if it was possible if you were preg with twins in my first post, I don't know why that popped in to my head but it did...I didn't think that sounded the most sensitive so I didn't ask. Now that you have mentioned it, I totally think that could be a possibility and would account for the back cramps and bleeding etc.


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As of last night, this has definitely turned into a miscarriage. I lost all of my pregnancy symptoms as of yesterday morning, so I'm assuming things stopped developing at the time I began spotting. 


I hope all of you ladies have wonderful pregnancies! I enjoyed my time on this board. 

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So sorry, Pregnova.
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