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G diapers- what do you think?

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I have never clothed diapered my kids, but I really want to try it for number four.  Do you like Gdiapers?

thanks so muchsmile.gif

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We tried a bunch in the beginning, G-diapers was one.  We didn't prefer them much.  The flushable liner plugged our toilet... on a septic.  Plus my LO is very narrow and they seemed way too big.  We ended up going with Fuzzi Bunz with a cloth pre-fold in them rather than the liners they come with... found it was more absorbant.  


This company has a great thing going on.  They send you like 1 of each cloth diapers to try... can see for yourself.  Pretty cool program.



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That's a really good program, just wish I would've found it when I was preggo! We've been using cloth diapers for the past 20 months or so and have actually really liked it up to this point. Recently my daughter has been peeing soo much (and not wanting to get changed) that it actually has leaked out of the waterproof barrier. I know this because we had 1 cover do that before about a year ago ( a swaddlebees). I don't know why but it just would wick water right through it. Now it seems like it is doing the same thing with these chinese brand pocket diapers we were given by a friend who gave up on cloth diapering. I have tried stuffing them with 3 terry cloth, bamboo, or hemp inserts and I am running out of room! So if anyone has some advice there I would appreciate it!

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I really liked thirsties until these last duo wraps I got - their elastic around the legs is totally shot after only 8mos or so of use and the adjustable height snaps never stay snapped! I don't know what happened, I think we might have had the original sized cover when we were trying out different brands but we like it so much we bought like 10 of the duo wraps in the size 2 and they leak all the time now! Very dissapointing.

The swaddlebees I always liked the look of, those and blueberry, (same co) but after having 4 swaddlebees covers, of which only 1 worked without leaking right through the waterproof layer. So I don't think I will buy any of those brands again.

BumGenius was another I think we tried and it was ok. Not the best at keeping newborn poop but if I had to do it all over again then I would go with fitted diapers underneath the covers anyway.

We have two fuzzibunz pocket diapers and I think they just leak out of the legs and it spreads across the outside of the diaper. I had bought these to try as night time diapers after my attempts at wool soakers failed but I honestly don't think any pocket diaper could function as my LO's nighttime diaper. There just isn't enough room and she requires a lot of bulk!

Impse Vimpse. No I really liked these covers, they were soft on the outside, waterproof on the inside, had the extra leg gussets  but they were made for a chubby baby and my LO has never been that!

That is all I can remember right now. I suggest you keep reading reviews and get a few that you think might work and maybe wait until after they are born to get a better idea of the size of the baby because it does make a difference. There is no instant answer for any diapers, especially not cloth! That being said I feel totally blessed that I have been able to CD my LO for as long as I have and hope I can continue with any more children I might have!


I almost forgot! While pregnant I purchased some AIO diapers Bumkins or Bummis, I think, -The only brand of CD that Walmart carries, except that I got them used. Anyway, I tried using them a couple of times and what a dissaster! These are the worst things that I have ever seen and if I could burn them all I would! The lining actually comes out over the leg elastic pieces! So there is just no way these diapers could ever contain anything. Absolutely shoddy! If you were thinking of buying these, please reconsider!

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I agree with the posters that said - there is no one answer.  It's been a loooong time since I had to deal with cloth diapers and there are quite a few more brands available now.  Get a few different ones and try them out.  What works for one baby may not work for another.  Leg size, waist size and rise can all vary from one brand to another and obviously, it's real hard to predict until you actually try it on.


I found I personally liked pinned pre-folds (which surprised me) and alternated between 3-4 favorite covers.  I did notice that when a cover starts to leak a great deal, then it might be time to go up a size.  It may look and feel like it should fit, but when I went up a size in the same brand/style all leaking stopped.  It also may be time to go up a size/thickness in diapers.  It's a big game of error and trial and the "in-between" times are the most frustrating.

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Yeah, every baby is different.  I inherited a set of gdiapers from a mom friend who never used the ones she was given at her shower.  I tried off and on for a couple of months, but they really seem designed for babies with bigger thieghs.  We got a lot of leaking.  So, I gave them to a friend with a large baby, and she did fine (although she already had a system by that point, so they aren't getting much use except as outing diapers).  My advice is to get a couple of covers you think might work, and about 24 prefolds if you plan on using them (or if you're going with gdiapers, get a couple of covers and some insterts).  Once your baby comes, you'll meet a bunch of mommy friends and you can all swap covers/diapers to try.  Then buy what works for you and your LO.  Have some sposies as back up in case you don't buy enough right away.




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I cloth diaper and I use g diapers disposables a lot for when we go out. I never flush them though because my plumbing is very old but I feel better about throwing it away than a regular disposable. I agree they are better for bigger babies. I started using them a lot more when DS hit 6 months. I really love them and they work great for night time if you use 2 inserts. The key is making sure the white liner is in the creases of the crotch area, like underwear. I rarely have leaks with them. 


I really like Grovias personally. They also have an environmentally friendly disposable option and they are my favorite covers. You can use them with any inserts. 

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I really love the gDiaper *covers,* but I just put prefolds in them instead of messing with the various gDiaper inserts. They're comfy, cozy, and cute.

They have fit both my babies (1 boy, 1 girl, average sized babies, but one with super chunky legs/butt & one with a smaller butt) equally well.
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We were not successful with gdiaps. We never used the disposable inserts, only the.cloth. They worked great for a newborn but beyond that my babe leaked almost every time!
Too bad because they were super cute! We bought 12 bumgenius and loved them!
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gDiapers did not work well for us. We used the cloth inserts which we still use as a second insert with a prefold at night, works great with a Thirsties cover! I liked the concept of the gDiaper but they were poorly executed IMO. I know some families love them to bits n pieces though. 

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The size small gDiapers worked well for the first five weeks on our chubby legged boy, but now I do not bother using them because they leak half of the time (probably needs size medium at 12 pounds).  These were definitely not worth the money we paid to only be used for one month. It is time to sell these and buy more GMD prefolds in the next size.

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