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Amalgam removal dentists?

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I have two large amalgam fillings in my two back lower left molars.  I'd like to get them removed before my husband and I are ready to have kids (probably within a couple years).  I also have multiple sclerosis, and am having some weird "cold" sensations on the left side of my face/mouth off and on right now...not sure if its related? =(


Does anyone know of any good dentists near the Green Bay area in Wisconsin that do proper amalgam removal?  What exactly should I be looking for to know that the dentist knows what their doing?  Is there some sort of detox I will have to do after they are removed?


Thanks!! =)

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Good for you to get that out! 


My boss prior to LO was a part of the IAOMT association.  These folks believe in mercury free dentistry.  The link will take you to DDS's that are in Wisconsin.  Most will give you charcoal tabs during the removal for detox. 


Hope this helps!



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