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Chicken Pox and confused

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So not to be the millionth person to start a chicken pox thread or anything but I need opinions. I have 3 boys age 14 years (vax'd ), 4 years (non vax'd) and 19 months (non vax'd). The 14 year old had the chicken pox at 7 or 8 months but I heard at that age you can get them again. The other two have not had the pox. I had the pox at 18 years when my oldest got them and we do not know if my hubby has had them or not. My girlfriends daughter has the chicken pox and another non vaxing mom is bringing her kids over to catch the pox. I don't know if I should do the same or not?? There is a slight chance that my kids have already been exposed since we see them almost everyday. But we think that they were not together since she has been contagious. I am partially leaning towards exposing them but my 4 year old is turning 5 this week and his bday party is next Sunday and he is really excited. If I expose him and he doesn't show signs do I cancel his party? I heard it takes 10-21 days for spots to appear. Des that mean they can't get them before 10 days? Or is that not right? If I postpone his party for almost a month he will be devastated!!! And what about if my husband hasn't had them? Then what?? Someone please help me!!!



Also don't know if it is important but myself and the 2 younger kids have been trying to fight off a pretty bad cold for the past few weeks so we are not at our healthiest at the moment.

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personally for me, I'd expose them. If you are a non vaxing mom I'd jump on the chance.  Unfortunately they don't come along THAT often. 

The 4 year old may be devastaed 'in the moment' of a potentially delayed or cancelled party, but he'll get over it & in a few years will most likely not remember it at all unless constantly reminded of the situation.

But the realilty is, he probably wouldnt show signs until after he party anyway, if he gets them.



So what did you end up doing??

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I didn't expose him before the party out of paranoia. I have really bad luck lol. I did try to expose them after as my girlfriends daughter had new pox. I thought my little guy was going to get them as he was sleeping much longer and really clingy and had 2 spots in his diaper area but they just disappeared with no blistering at all. SO I'm guessing that was not them after all. But my 5 year old is home sick with the flu today, I am wondering if this might be the start of the pox......I guess only time will tell.

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Yes, time will tell. When my kids had the pox, I don't recall noticing any flu-like symptoms before I saw the spots. With my younger one, she did get feverish and sickly about 5 days in.


Like the pp said, as a non vaxing mom, you've got to jump on those chances when they come, so I hope they get them and get it over with. Could be that they have been exposed in the past like you said, and maybe they won't even get them. KUP!

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