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Braxton Hicks already... what herbs help?

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Ooooooh boy.  This is going to be interesting!  I have a bit of an irritable uterus... no preterm labor or anything, just very very regular false labor for weeks before real labor starts.  With DD1 it was 4 weeks, DD2 it was 6 weeks of false labor.  Well, today I started getting BHs... not as hard as before, but fairly exhausting, maybe one intense BH every hour.  Do you girls know which herbs to take for an irritable uterus?  I took red raspberry leaf tea last time.  Thanks!

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I am having BH too, and hardly had any with DD1 until around 38 weeks.  Mine are random and just a couple per day.  I'm just trying to stay hydrated.  I have been slacking on my RRL tea, because it seemed like it was causing them. 

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RRL doesn't seem to cause them for me. I have to make sure to stay hydrated and keep my bladder empty. I really only notice them in the morning when my bladder is full, or sometimes when I've been sitting for a long time and then stand. I'm REALLY hoping I don't have weeks of prodromal labor like I did last time, so that's why I'm going with the RRL infusions.
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I didn't think about the full bladder, but I think that might be part of it, lol!

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it helps to drink more water when you're having lots of BH's.


and in regards to the last poster....pee often too!! :)

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In regards to the RRL, it is a bit of an adaptogenic herb. If your uterus needs more toning, it will help it work more efficiently with "practice" contractions. If your uterus needs calming, it will help relax the uterus. Nettle is a good uterine tonic as well. I'm having BH, but so far it is maybe 4-5 times a day and quick. They aren't the long, uncomfortable BH like I had with DD.

My herbal infusion recipe has 2 parts RRL, 2 parts dandelion root, 2 parts nettle, 2 parts oat straw, 1 part ginger, and 1 part rose hips. That mix has a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, A and B vitamins, iron, and minerals.
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I have no advice but wanted to say that I have felt BHs already too.  My belly tightens clear up near the bottom of my rib cage.   Like round ligament pain, I felt these much earlier than I was "supposed" to.   Mine aren't intense or painful though and for me, my BHs never felt anything like contractions during labor.  During labor, all of my pain was low, at my cervix.  I never felt pain in my belly/uterus, back or anywhere else.  Labor pains weren't what I expected at all - I thought they'd be like BHs but stronger but they weren't.

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I haven't had them yet, but with my last one I stayed hydrated and wore a pregnancy girdle to keep my uterus intact.  Both totally helped.

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DDCC... you could ask your caregiver about crampbark... usually comes in a tincture and worked wonders for my regular BH contractions which started around 24 weeks!

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I've had some. Until yesterday they were just completely random. One here or there, especially after being active. Yesterday I walked for a long time, when I sat down I had at least 8 or 10 in a row. I had tons with DS. I timed them but never worried. Always very steady 4 or 5 min apart for weeks but didn't hurt. I guess I'm in for more of teh same.

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I'm having a lot, too. I notice them more when I stand up, just wake up, have to pee, etc. They've gotten more frequent in the past couple of weeks. Lots of fluids help, but then, you do have to pee more. smile.gif
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I am very interested to know if any of you have had a progesterone hormone level checked since early on? I have been doing a lot of reading since I was treating my thyroid when I conceived this baby. Low amounts even after the placenta is grown can cause many problems. Please look onto checking your levels. It even affects our baby's IQ when it is low. Ray Peat is a good start online.
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Hmmm...haven't had it checked. DD doesn't have any issues with IQ - she's actually advanced. It's worth asking about, though. I see my OB on Friday, so that will be something we'll need to talk about anyways.
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I haven't had it checked since being pregnant, but that's interesting.  I have low progesterone and take supplements for it when not pregnant and through the first trimester.  I wonder if that might have been an issue with the last 2 babies since I hadn't yet realized it was a problem.  I haven't had BHs very much since first posting this... maybe that was just a fluke day or dehydration.  I'll bear the progesterone idea in mind if it they come on strong again!

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