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Congratulations!  Happy Thanksgiving, eh?  Having your baby is even better than having pie.

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what a yummy squishy girl!

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Sooo, here's the "story" (finally!!) Little girl is a constant feeder, so I haven't been able to do much typing!


At 1 am on monday morning I had dh do accupressure on my foot to induce labour. We had no idea if it was really going to work or not, but he has some training in accupuncture because he's a physio, so maybe he knew how to find the right spots...who knows. It brought on some contractions, but then they sort of died down when I laid down for bed.

At 3 am, my water broke. I've never had that happen, so this was something completely new! It was honestly nice to have something as a warning though, so that i KNEW  to call the midwife, and knew to fill the birth pool that was sitting in our living room.

I sort of freaked out DH because I jumped out of bed when I felt the "pop", because I knew what it was and didn't want to get it all over our bed.haha.
I told him "my water just broke" and he really freaked, because in the past, that meant that the baby's head was on it's way out!
Not this time though:)

I wasn't having any contractions yet (although I had been having them off and on for several weeks, had gone to fully dilated, and then back down again. sheesh.)

I called and told the midwife that I was just giving her a heads up, but that i'd call her again when the contractions picked up again.

at 4:45 they started to come back to hard contractions (a lot like what i had been having earlier that week.) I called her and she decided to come. also decided to call my mom, who only lives a few blocks away, but really wanted to be here.


Mom showed up, and i told her to go lay down until the real deal was on. I told her i'd send someone to wake her.

Dh finished filling the pool (it took a couple of tanks of hot water, so again, i'm really glad we had a bit of time.) My contractions were getting pretty hard, and the pool looked SO nice, so i got in.

At around 5:10 am, the Midwife arrived, got her stuff set up and then decided to check me. My contractions were really close together at this point, so there wasn't a lot of time to check me between them, or find the heartbeat with the doppler etc.
I got out and laid on the couch (which I had already dressed with plastic sheets and towels) for her to check, and she said I was about 6-7 cm.

I asked her if she thought that getting back in the pool would slow contractions-and she said it could, but it was up to me where I wanted to labour for the final stretch.

i was all wet, but because the water was really warm in the pool, getting out kind of cooled me down, and I didn't realize until then how hot I actually was, and that some cool air kind of felt nice.

so i decided to sit on the toilet for a little while. She suggested that i sit backwards, so that I could sort of lean over the tank a bit. That was AWESOME. Someone brought me a pillow-i don't remember who (dh..mom, midwife?) and i leaned over on a pillow while dh rubbed my lower back.

I think that I was on the toilet for probably about 15-20 minutes and I started to feel "pushy", but i wasn't sure.

I had the midwife check me again, and she said that i was fully dialted with a tiny bit of a lip...so I decided to get back into the pool.

HOLY COW. As soon as I got in, I got on my knees (inflatable pool floors are awesome btw) and leaned over the side of the wall a bit, and I felt the "ring of fire". I had to fight to get into a comfortable position before i let her head come out. I wasn't trying to push, but my body was pushing anyway.
With my first two babies, i felt more pressure down in my bum area...with this one, all the pressure was at the top at this point. I waited about 20 seconds to get into a position I felt I could do this in, while asking myself the entire time "really, am I sure that this is it?? ALREADY?"
I started to feel a bit more of the down low bum pressure and gave a few shoves, and her head popped out like a little cannon ball. the midwife checked quick, she was face up, and the cord was round her neck once. The midwife couldn't reach us very well from where I was, so she asked me to flip back and lay against the side of the tub on the opposit wall. Out of water, this would have been asking a lot, but the weightlessness of being in water really made this very easy. I leaned back-she flipped the cord, and told me that with the baby's position that I needed to open my legs up really wide..(her shoulders were in a weird position.) I opened my legs as far as the tub allowed and gave 2 more pushes and she was out!

(all of this is sort of a blur now, and seemed to take longer than it did. I asked her today though how long I was in the pool and she laughed, and said "about 3 minutes.". )

She was healthy and alert, and was immediately on my chest. She coughed, and cried a little, and then calmed down. We put a towel over the two of us and waited for the cord to stop pulsing before we cut it. I was given a shot of oxytocin at this point because she was born so fast (which could mean hemoraging for me.)

Once the cord was cut, I gave her a quick snuggle, passed her to her Daddy (who was in total awe of her), and got out of the pool  and laid on the couch to deliver the placenta, which didn't take long to come.


Then I snuggled her a little bit more before getting up and going pee, and getting changed into dry clothes. While I did this, they weighed her and checked her hips, shoulders, did apgar, all that fun stuff:) She didn't enjoy being messed with and put up quite a stink about it.

We didn't do the k shot or the enthromyacin eye gel, so she really didn't have too much to complain about, but she did anyway! haha


The midwife stayed for about 3 hours after birth while I nursed the little miss and held her skin to skin etc and then left.

As soon as she left, Charlotte decided that it was the perfect time to have her first poo-splosion all over her recieving blanket and bunting.haha


We got her cleaned up, and dh emptied the pool (yay for electric pumps...lol, that pool water was, um, questionable). Once it was emptied, my mom went upstairs to get the boys (who were still sleeping) and told them to go downstairs to meet their new sister! They were thrilled:)


Mom and Dad took the boys to their house for thanksgiving day (and later brought us yummy leftovers!) while Dh, Charlotte and I stayed home for our "babymoon". It was SO nice not having to be in a hospital for all of this. Dh could hold her as long as he wanted, I could nurse her however long I wanted, I even got to take a shower in my own bathroom while he held her. It was bliss:)




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Forgot to mention, only two 1st degree tears (small) which we didn't bother to stitch. One straight up, one strait down. It's that cannonball head to blame!

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That's a lovely story.  Congratulations and great job!

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YAY!  What a good story!

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Beautiful story mama!  Thanks so much for taking the time to share it!

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What a wonderful birth story! I hope mine goes as smoothly!

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What a beautiful birth story!  Thanks for sharing, and congrats again!

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Wonderful story, and congratulations!

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Yay, wonderful birth story! Thanks for sharing. Welcome, baby Charlotte!

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Super job and congrats!

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Such a lovely birth story, and an adorable baby.  Congrats!

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She is a beauty and I love your detailed story!!  Hugs to you!

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