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Baby girl is here!

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So, was induced at 10pm Sunday the 9th with the cervical gel, and pitocin started this morning at 9 am.  I wasn't dialated last night, and this morning was only 2 centimeters.  Mornings cervical check was the most pain I have ever experienced.  Including the rest of the day.  It took me about an hour to breath normally again without sobbing.  Fortunately, they decided to be limiting in checks after that.  When they checked at 2pm, I was 6cm.  I labored without pain meds until that point, but was having really intense back labor.  Due to a technical glitch, my contractions were not registering as very strong, and everyone thought I was still in early labor.  At no point did I have down time between contractions thanks to the pitocin.  So, I started to freak.  I'm glad I did the epidural, I really am.  Had I known I was transitioning, I might have been able to bear it, but being numb for the final cervical check was 100% worth it.  My water broke while they were giving it, there was some meconium staining.  


Usually they won't do the epidural after a certain point.  Well, they checked me AFTER giving it, because it took them until 3pm to get to my room due to another patient having an issue.  Surprise!  10 centimeters.  


The terrible pain was apparently both back labor and a VERY quick transition.  Pushing did not hurt at all, it was restful compared to what the previous hours had been.  Seven pushes and twenty minutes after they left, Aurora came out at 3:20 pm.  It was a surprise to everyone in the room.  My doctor had turned away to get something, turned back with "I'm sorry guys, she's coming out NOW."   When she flew out, there was a bit of tearing, but I managed to avoid getting cut.  And I avoiding a c-section, so while I'm not thrilled about that, I think I got a good deal.  I was up and walking around the room within an hour.  


About baby!  Aurora Rosalind, 6lbs, 2 ounces.  18 inches long, a little bit of black hair and dark blue eyes.  Latched right away, though I'm not producing anything yet.  She also is latching to blankets, fingers, etc.  :)  She is currently in the nursery under a warmer because her body temperature was a little low, but she should be back any minute now.  Her blood sugars have thus far been awesome, hopefully they will hold out until I am producing something.

Here's a slightly grainy phone pic from right after her first "meal".



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Aw, I am so happy for you! She's just lovely and what a great name. Congratulations!

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Just beautiful livacreature! Good job mama! Welcome earthside Aurora!

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Congratulations, and welcome, Aurora!! joy.gif

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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

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She's gorgeous! Congrats!

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Congratulations on your precious Aurora Rosalind love.gif

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Yaaaay! Congratulations! We're heading to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for an induction - glad to hear yours went well!

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She's lovely. Congrats.



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Aww...almost looks like a little smile on her face.  So sweet.  Congrats!

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Awesome!!  Congratulations!  Sorry your induction caused you so much pain, but glad it was over sooner than everyone seemed to anticipate!


Welcome, Aurora!  She looks so precious!  Here's to everything continuing to go well for you both!

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Liv, she's so beautiful! Congratulations, you did an amazing job!!

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congratulations! She looks awesome.

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Congrats!!! So happy for you!

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Congratulations and welcome to your sweet baby girl! 

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Huge congrats mama on the birth, vbac and your beautiful LO :)

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Congratulations, mamma!  Hope you are all doing well and recovering!

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