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Weight-Loss Thread!

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Here's the post-baby weight loss thread!

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I'll be leaning a lot on support from others (I'm very much a say-I'm-going-to-do person, more than an actually do it person), but I have some inspiration photos!


I started out this pregnanct at 5'4 and about 117lbs, but with practically no muscle mass, and a very round squishy tummy. I grew up a dancer, so it's been frustrating acknowledging how much I've let myself go these past few years. Once spring hits and it's warm enough (about April probably) I plan to start my workout journey by taking DD (Squeee! I love the sound of that!) out in the stroller on walks/jogs almost every day. Then I'll build up from there and try to get my flexibility and strength back. 


Anyways, I know they're not realistic for everyone based on body type, but these have been my inspiration: Body Inspiration.

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Originally Posted by jeninejessica View Post

I'll be leaning a lot on support from others (I'm very much a say-I'm-going-to-do person, more than an actually do it person), but I have some inspiration photos!

Me too!! Lol! I have sort of live-in inspiration though...my husband and I live in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate who is overweight. I want to make SURE I stay weighing less than she does!! Especially since she seems to think she's smaller than me...two months ago I said I didn't have any pants that fit, so she said "here, these are too big for me, they may fit you". She's BIGGER than me. >_> So yeah. Sort of a catty woman-thing but whatever. :D

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Thanks for starting this!

I am going to come back and post my ideas after I shower.

Gotta run now, four kiddos are quietly watching PBS, LOL!

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I was a little overweight at my pre pregnancy weight. I was actually losing weight and on a work out routine when I got pregnant. lol!

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OK, gals, I cannot wait to jump on the post baby weight loss band wagon!

I am seriously SO excited to get this going.... I actually started counting calories a few weeks ago, still ate LOTS of fats and at least 2000 calories a day and lost a few pounds. It was really draggin me down, though and I figured that this is just NOT the right time to be calorie counting. I am going to go along with those of you who want to start really working at things in March or April. I guess we should cuddle, nurse and sleep as much as possible with our new babies until then, but once April comes and I have nursing established and get back into a "routine" with the five kids, I am totally going to work to lose weight hard core! 


My plan:


Track all calories and exercise on MyFitnessPal. Maybe we can all be friends on there once we decide to start trying to lose. ;)

Restart the New Rules of Lifting for Women. My sister and I did this for 6 weeks and I became so much leaner and stronger! I loved lifting heavy weights! I quit at the end of August. 




Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I have had good results from this in the past.

Walk on brand new treadmill several times a week. Hopefully at night if hubby will cuddle with baby or if baby will nap in the swing for 30 minutes.

I also want to clean up my diet. I was looking back at photos from the last 5 years and I was the healthiest looking when I did lower carb meals and almost all organics! I was strict about every bite I ate back then, though. I know I'll need to cut myself some slack if I want to keep at it long term...

I want to do C25K and will look for a race in my area for next year and get it on the family calendar!


I have inspiration photos, but they are of myself, LOL. I was at my thinnest after my second baby, but I think at my healthiest after my third, right around when our fourth was conceived. I see these photos and I look SO happy when I am thin. I struggle with body image related depression cycles while pregnant. I know we have discussed this in this DDC, but the photos really show me proof. Yikes, I just wrote a novel. Anyway, I am excited to keep each other accountable and am hoping for some other serious commitments from you gals. 


Christmas 2008, newly pregnant with #4:






And this was last winter, maybe this past January. Excuse the hands on hips, I think I was posting my outfit on some "fashion" site or something. I was about 160 here and that will be my goal weight again. I am happy at a curvy size 10-12. I think my hubby would be happier if I was about 150 and a size 8-10.




Anyway, thanks for the thread and let's keep this going!

Sorry the photos are SO large!



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Oooooh Amanda-- I love 30 Day Shred. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get back to it ( I am sooo woefully out of shape...) but I want to start again for sure!


My favorite "logger" is Fit Day -- I found it easiest to track nutrition as a whole, and not just the calories. 


I have a video of myself from our engagement trip in 2006, walking around in a bikini. It's a horrible video, but it makes me so wistful to get back there. I had ABS man!

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I know what you mean about bikini, LOL!

I will never wear a bathing suit without a skirt or shorts again, but while I was looking at photos last night I came across a few of me in a tankini and I was pretty darn small. Probably 150 or so, which is SLIM for this big boned gal. ;)


Feeling healthy, strong and in shape is my goal. We'll see how motivated I am once baby 5 arrives. LOL.

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Fantastic to have this thread, only....can't we please start now? No? *Pout* Fine.


I have some serious motivation right here next to the computer in the photos on the wall of me traveling (by myself!) in Nepal and India two years ago. I'd just finished trekking in the Himalayas without enough money for food (ok, or warm clothes: it was not a well-planned trek!), and then gone into India where all the food made me sick, and I dropped....I don't know how much, but at least 15 pounds in about 3 weeks. When I came home a few months later, after bulking up again on Thai food, my husband, who likes me thicker, complained I was too thin, but man, I looked so good! I'm not really hoping to get that small again, obviously it wasn't healthy, but even looking at my week 8 pregnancy photo fills me with longing. Remember those days when I could do ANYTHING I asked of my body?! Yeah! Let's do that again!


As far as the weight-loss plans go, I think I'll take the first few months just watching what I eat, which mostly means not eating second helpings at meals, and taking walks every day with Little Do, including long walks to downtown (8 km) when I can manage it. Then, in the spring/summer, we're heading out to start our farm, so I don't doubt that will be plenty of excercize. I think it'll come off quite nicely! Hooray! Almost there, we're almost there!

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This photo was taken when my 2nd DD was 22mos.   I'd been a (largely inactive) size 10/12 when she was 16 months.  After a few months of pilates and walking, I was  the healthy size 6/8 in this photo.  I'd love to wear a bikini again.  Probably not NEXT summer, but maybe in 2013...

7-22 039.jpg


P.S.  I am taking belly dancing on Thursdays starting THIS WEEK!  It will wake up my hips and legs for this birth, at least.  :)

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Benny, you are beautiful and the photo is inspiring! Thanks for sharing. :)


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I'm going to do weight watchers and start running again. 5K in May, Quarter marathon in September, Half Marathon in May 2013. Those are my goals. (the first 5K, will probably be a walk one, due to it's close proximity to the birth of the new baby and the fact that I will probably be wearing the baby) I was 170 and the fittest I'd been in years when I got preggo woth this one. I have a tentative goal to be 150, but it's been so long since I've been that skinny, I'll have to see how I shape out at it. :)  Plus, at 150, I might have to have something surgically done to the *girls* because I'm guessing they'll be pretty saggy at that.


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I love everyone's enthusiasm. It is a bit contagious. Those of you with experience loosing the baby weight before, how much did you feel breastfeeding played into your goal setting? I'm concerned about the whole, too much too fast of diet/working out and having it interfere with milk supply. I live in the North East, so am very happy to have a winter of snuggling and sweaters to hide out under while I reconfigure my abdominal muscles.


Meanwhile, least you think my plan is to be a total blob post baby- I also have the 30 day shred, and would love to start it and check in with others as we go. Last time I did it, I mixed it up with Tracy Anderson's dvds. Come spring time, we have a jogging stroller and a park nearby, so I'd like to get out and about once the weather allows.


I'm feeling good about myself for the twice a week swim class I've been taking since August. I don't know that i look any more toned, but people tell me that I seem to be wearing my pregnancy well. They are trying to put together a postpartum swim class, but it is dependent on childcare for me, as I travel about an hour to attend and wouldn't want to be gone so early for 3+hrs at a time.

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Mayachel, I was thinking of buying the Tracy Anderson dvds....do you like them?  To answer your question, I did not try to lose weight with my first.  I walked probably about 3 times/ week because I have two dogs and by the first year I was below my pre-pregnancy weight.  Every time my son would have a growth spurt, I would lose 5 pounds!  It was great.  I have a 20 year reunion this time around in the summer, so I will definitely kick it up with some more sensible eating and the videos.  I also will do the 30 day shred and add to that either Tracy Anderson or the Jillian MIchael's Trouble Zones DVD (I love this workout!).  I will walk a little more then 3 times/ week and will try to go as fast as I can for about 40 minutes.  I feel better about working out harder than cutting out too many calories while breastfeeding.  Plus, I remember I was starving that first year.  


Here is a picture of me (I need to take more pictures of myself!!!) last November for our family Christmas card.  I was a nice 125lbs.  :(  Missing my body right now.....



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That is absolutely the cutest photo! What a beautiful family you have.


What are everyone's goals as far as weight loss goes--to get to the pre-pregnancy weight, or above or below that? What sort of time frames are you all thinking of to meet these goals?


For me, I think I'll be happy to be at pre-preg weight and fitness level by maybe 5 or 6 months and hopefully 5 or 10 pounds below that by 1 year, but it's my first, so I don't know how do-able these goals will be (or maybe they're not ambitious enough?). I'm guessing I'll gain 30-35 pounds from pre-pregnancy based on what I've gained already.


I know you need the first 6 weeks to recover, and life with a baby will be different than life now, and I also don't want to get to crazy about it all, but how long does it take to get one's fitness level back?  I'm so looking forward to having my body back, but I don't really know what to expect.

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I'd like to get below my pre-pregnancy weight since I had already gained some unwanted weight before I got pregnant. I got down to 130 after DD was born. I only used a diet plan to lose the last 10 lbs. and it stayed off pretty nicely until we moved. Then I got depressed and started eating crappy food, hence the weight gain. Now that I'm a little more used to my body after pregnancy and how the whole weight loss thing works, I'll probably start by just trying to make healthier choices at the beginning. The diet plan I used last time cut down my dairy intake quite a bit and I noticed that DD was less fussy and spit up a lot less when my dairy intake was at a normal level(I LOVE my dairy products so there were days that I was having a LOT of dairy). I just have to keep reminding myself that whatever I eat, baby eats too. That helped motivate me to be healthier last time so hopefully it'll work this time too!

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I want to get way under my pre-pregnancy weight. lol I moved out of a stressful home last year and kept gaining (presumably from lack of stress)...actually up until I got pregnant!

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Originally Posted by Azadehhast View Post

That is absolutely the cutest photo! What a beautiful family you have.



Thank you!!


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I agree wendi, adorable photo and I bet you'll be 125 again in no time!


I want to get to 170, which is thin enough for me to feel confident by the time baby is 9 months old. I would love to be 160 when he turns one. That is pretty much my happy weight. Any thinner than that is too thin for me. 


I eat A LOT but nurse on demand at all hours, day and night. I definitely burn at least 500-700 calories a day by nursing, thank goodness. I've never had a problem with low supply except with my baby who could not figure out how to latch correctly. I will probably start counting calories at 6 months if I am not down to 175 by then. I am about 195 now and know I will go over 200 shortly. I am just not weighing myself anymore....



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I was sitting at 117 before this pregnancy, which is about average for me, but I was not toned or in shape -at all-, and that's what I want to focus on. I've gained more than I wanted to, on track for it to be 40, if not more. My main concern will be not so much the number afterwards, as feeling toned. If I can get back to 117, then great, but I'd be ok with a higher number, as long as that body is more muscular and strong, you know? 


As far as getting there... I've never really been able to restrict my intake, but I'm hoping to be eating more home-cooked (no preservatives) foods, and healthier fruits and veggies, rather than grabbing snacks at work and on the go. Mainly though, I'm focusing on the burning calories and staying active, moreso than restricting intake. I'd love to be at my "goal look" by one year, and I think that's doable, since I won't be going back to work- so I'll concievably have all summer (I don't plan on starting 'work outs' until spring at least) to really get in shape while having no other time demands than baby (and she's going to be my walking partner!)

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