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They fit me in a 10 the last time (before I was preggo) and my mom too, in the same shoe. She didn't really like hers so I have her, almost brand new pair and mine, and I think they are going to be a tad too small to run in.

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Ok. Is anyone else ready to start working out for real? I'm not really sure when I'm going to find the time, probably at night after I put DD to bed, but I need to start. 


I have a high school reunion coming up the last weekend of March, and it's just now hitting me that I'm going to look like well... this... if I don't get my butt in gear. I've got 6.5 weeks to improve how I feel about myself. I'm going to try to start the 30 day shred tonight or tomorrow. Who's with me? 

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JJ- I was thinking about starting the 30 shred too, but afraid I'm not ready. I've been doing a less intense workout video. But I will try it today, hopefully I don't pee my pants. ;)


eta- I had my 10 yr reunion last year, I was pregnant and it was so nice, it took the pressure off :) And my good friend is married to a guy we graduated with so I wasn't all awkward trying to hang out with people I hadn't seen forever.

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Yeah, I figure if I get through half of it, then that's good, and then I'll spend the second half just doing some really good stretching and stuff. It'll be moreso getting into the habit of it for the first little while. I told DH he has to hold me to it, and keep reminding me. 


I went to a really small christian boarding school, and my grad class was only 20 people, so we were all pretty close. Even though I only see them once every few years, they still feel like really great friends. Nobody will care what I look like, but it's funny because last reunion, there was me and one other girl who were like 'it's weird... everyone else here has gained a noticable amount, other than us' ... and now I'm in that gained weight category! lol. I know I have an excuse, but I don't want an excuse! I just want to feel good about myself!

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Went clothes shopping today. Felt okay about myself until then. It's like my mental size and my real size clashed horribly. Oh, and full-length mirrors and dressing room lights revealed that while I've been stressing about the baby gut, I didn't even notice my legs got FAT. FAT AND CHEESY.


I'm out of town without workout clothes today, but I'll be home tomorrow. Where do I get this 30-day shred? =P
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Everything you said. The belly... meh. The thighs and dimbled bum. UGH! 


I downloaded the shred off a torrent, but you can also download from itunes or its like $8 in stores. I love all her videos (jillian michaels), but the shred is the easiest to fit in. It's less than 30 minutes total. 

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I got my shred at walmart for less than $10.


JJ- I did it and it was AWFUL!! But I'm not too sore today, I'll probably do it again, unless it stops raining then I'll go outside and run. :)


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Oh, me too on the body woes. Even my baby laughs at the sight of my naked self!
So, I haven't had my 6 week checkup, and I can't get it for a few more weeks at least because of insurance issues. I had a c-sec, but I feel fine now at 8 weeks, except for the normal-sounding tugging of the scar. Anyone think I'll break myself if I start a real workout without doctor approval?
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azad- i think it's probably fine, if you feel good. I would start slow, but that may be a moot point since you walk everywhere

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Yeah, like dsb, when I asked my OB about exercise he was like, "oh. yeah, whatever."   I think if you feel good, just try it out!  And listen to your body.

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Thanks, mamas. Time to get to it.....if Winter would be happy not ON me for a few minutes.....
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I finally weighed myself last week. 

6 weeks PP:  180lb.  Probably the same at 7 weeks.  It's time for me to get moving! 


My MIL was kind enough to describe my current look as "middle-age thickening."  crap.gif    I will not take it to heart, though:  I'm 31 years old.  I don't think getting in shape is hopeless.orngtongue.gif

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Any one else checked for diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)? My midwife checked me at 6 weeks pp and my separation is 4 cm! Wish that she had checked me during pregnancy or at the 2 week visit. Now I'm starting to work on it... abdominal binding... physical therapy.


Now 152# at 7 weeks pp.

How is it possible that I gained 2#? Eating lots of pasta, white flour, sugar... stuff I normally limit.

Just started Pilates.


pre-preg - 155#

delivery 175#

goal 142#

i'm 5'9".

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I started weight watchers this morning. Although, I don't think it will be too bad you get an extra 14 points for nursing. :) I haven't lost any weight in 2 weeks soooo I guess my easy weight losing is over and my exercising did nothing.


Lotus- I've never had that, but one of my coworkers just had hers fixed last year along with a tummy tuck and was off work forever and said the surgery to fixed the muscles was worse than the tummy tuck.

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I realized I haven't posted my numbers in awhile, so here is an update:



Pre-preg:    125 lbs

At delivery:  185 lbs

12/8, 3.5 weeks pp: 165 lbs

12/30, 6.5 weeks pp: 160 lbs

2/20, 14 weeks pp: 152lbs


MAN, this weight loss is slow!  I lose about a pound a week, so that's good, but it feels like it is taking forever!  I've started walking and doing something extra each day to move this along quicker.  I'm still in my late pregnancy clothes...none of my other clothes fit!!  :(

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A quick update from me. Not losing pounds, but definitely losing inches. I fit in my clothes that are one size up from my usual "happy size." I have 12lbs to go to pre-preggo weight or 15 to go to ultimate goal. I did buy a weight bench and a 50 lb. dumb bells set. I plan to start using those as soon as hubby puts the bench together for me. Baby naps for 3 hours each afternoon (along with many morning naps, during which I'm home schooling my kiddos) and goes down for the first long stretch of sleep at 9 each night. He is a dream! No baby excuses for me! ;)


208lbs. on 12/5.

6lb. 12oz. baby on 12/6.

194.4 on 12/9.

188.8 on 12/14.

185.4 on 12/20.

175.2 on 2/21. (11 weeks PP)


I absolutely cannot stress about calories right now. I have so many issues (I think PP depression, a bit..) that need dealing with before weight loss right now. I plan to cut calories in April, after baby is 4 months old, I think....

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In addition to walking, I'm going to put the Wii Fit back to use today. orngbiggrin.gif  I've asked DP to use it, too, so I'll have a partner.  He has been playing racquetball for a month now, and it has given him so much energy and motivation.  He's been inactive (other than the lifting, etc. he does in his carpentry work) for years.  I'm so glad he is getting more active.joy.gif


Going to see my MIL tomorrow on DP's birthday -- not looking forward to it. Trying to think of a polite way to ask her not to comment on my size if she brings it up again ...

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Oh, god, I would lose my mind if my MIL were commenting on my size! When I was still pregnant and my dad said I was wearing a fat suit, I gave him a big lecture about how not to talk to pregnant women. I'm still kind of angry at him. I hope you think of a tactful way around her!


The scale says 140 today, which means I've been losing a pound a week for 6 weeks. I'm quite happy with that. And I decided that if I hang onto 5 or so pounds while breast feeding, I'm fine with it. Which means only 15 pounds to go to that point. :) In the mornings, when my tummy is all pulled in from sleeping, I would even be satisfied in a tummy-covering swimsuit, and I can zip my skirts. So yay, progress!

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Ugh.  I haven't walked (for exercise) or hiked or run since my dog died.  I just can't bring myself to do it.  Maybe I'll try running again today.  It was feeling good, it just makes me so sad.


I tried the 30 day shred yesterday.  It seems kind of boring, but I guess I could do it for 30 days.  


But the best part is that DH and I worked a YMCA membership into the budget.  Now I can do whatever I want!  Swim, run, weights, classes... 

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cwill- yay for Y membership. I'm jealous, not that I'd be able to go ever, it's at least a 25min drive there and back.


I'm down 5.8 pounds for last week, which is cool, but I'm afraid it's too much, I think I need to eat my flex points too so I don't lose too much too fast. Also, I hardly exercised last week, I think 3 times.

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