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41 weeks 164

1 week PP: 136


Goal 112-115 ( I had actually lost a few pounds right before due to illness)


I'm in jeans one size bigger than my norm. 4th kid and I've never shrunk this quickly. I'm attributing it to the body work to fix my tailbone and pelvis.

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OK I'm in too.


Pre-pregnancy 156 lbs

40 weeks 175 lbs

1 week PP 155 lbs

2 week PP 147 lbs


Goal 142 lbs redface.gif


I was very sick (hyperemesis) this entire pregnancy which accounts for my wt loss. I feel like I have lost my muscle too.


I gained 10lbs when DS1 stopped breast feeding at 15 mos. Really want to prevent that from happening again!

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Sounds like we are some lucky mamas this time around. My fifth (I know you all know how many kids I have by now, LOL) and I've never shrunk this quickly, looked this good as early, either. I'll take it!! 


We'll see how long it takes to lose the next 20. I have a date with Jillian Michaels/the treadmill as soon as I kick this flu bug.


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Originally Posted by Amanda Williams View Post

Sounds like we are some lucky mamas this time around. My fifth (I know you all know how many kids I have by now, LOL) and I've never shrunk this quickly, looked this good as early, either. I'll take it!! 


Me, too-- my 5th and I have not lost weight as quickly.  However, I gained less this time, too, because my m/s was with me ALL the way until the end.  Not horrible at that point, just there.


It really is much more than the weight to me this time.  For years, I've been skinny -fat.  The scale # is low, but I have very little muscle and am not fit at all.  My goal is to start working out 3xs a week . .  .I feel up to it now, but with the kids sick I am not sure how.

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Originally Posted by dsb76 View Post

I'm actually gaining weight (wtf?) so I haven't been checking in as much with this thread

I am exercising a lot though so maybe it is muscle - haha - I think I am just still eating like a pregnant lady though.  I really don't feel like changing my diet right now though.  It is cold, I am stuck in the house with a 2 year old and 2 babies - I deserve my comfort food.  Last night I made chicken and biscuits (with 1/2 cup of butter)  mmm  biscuits... 

I gained, then dropped, then gained, then dropped, so I'm basically sitting level.


I blame the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. But they are LACTATION cookies, so I NEED them. Right? Right?? 2whistle.gif

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I haven't weighed myself yet, I'm still a little swollen, so I'm waiting for that to go down all the way. I will probably weigh myself this weekend at my MIL;s. I don't own a scale.

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Hmm...I think I need lactation cookies too lol....no seriously, my DH is doing so good at eating healthy I am feeling bad lol...of course then I ate (with the kids' help) all the rest of the ice cream so it wouldn't tempt him..hmm...not good! I will have to weigh myself tomorrow and see where I am at...I doubt it will be much more change for me until I start working out though...which I really want to do but probably wil not happen until I get back to work and do it on my lunch break.

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I have to share this yummy recipe.  Indulgent, but great for breastfeeding so I don't feel bad having a couple here and there to get past my chocolate cravings  :)  They freeze well:


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That looks very similar to the ones I made - pulled from MDC, here. Yum! =D

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I told dd that we would make cookies after her nap (before I eat all the chocolate chips).  I think I might use that recipe.


No weight loss again this week.  I fluctuate around 144.

I am on week 4 of couch to 5K but I guess I need to to add some weight training to the mix.  I'm feeling a lot pressure to get back into shape now because I don't think I will be making it to the gym very often once I go back to work in March.  Of course once I go back to work I won't have time to eat as much either so maybe I'll lose weight then.


I am always starving.  After going to the gym today I ate a breakfast sandwich (bagel sausage egg and cheese)  I'm sure it negated running 2 miles.


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I am counting calories and have lost 3 pounds per week for the past two weeks. I am trying to stick to 2000 a day and I still have serious over supply and over active let down issues. Baby is getting FAT, too! 


That said, I AM making cookies today and will probably eat a dozen over the next few days.

I will use the same recipe I used during pregnancy, then will post it here with the calories per cookies, if anyone is interested, probably at least 120 per cookie, yikes! And YUM!

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If anyone decides to count calories, I would love to be friends on Myfitnesspal....

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i posted these in the belly thread, but just to have them in the same place... 


IMGP2547.jpg  4w4b.JPG


I've lost all the "free" weight I think I'm going to. I'm going to have to work for the rest. It's all got to come off my hips/thighs/tummy. My arms and lower legs and face all went right back to even smaller than before. 

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Two big milestones today:


I fit in pre-preg jeans (with just a little extra flab on top)! 


And I walked for an hour!


My goal for this week and next is to walk at least 30 minutes at least 5 days.  And I think I'm going to shoot for a St, Paddy's Day 5k.  

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I am 180 today...I think I was 187-ish pre pregnancy, and want to be around 155, so I'm pretty happy! My tummy is pretty wrinkly though...anyone else? Maybe I will get the nerve to psot pics sometime soon..Jenine you look great lol!


What are you all wearing? I feel like nothing fits right at the moment lol...my maternity clothes are definitily out of the question (thankfully!) and my pre-pregnancy pants fit a little tight on the waist (hips) and really baggy in the legs (my thighs are thinner - YAY, but hips are bigger - BOO), my pre pregnancy shirts are ok, but, the loose ones make me feel frumpy and make me look more overweight and the tight ones are hard to nurse in! Argh..can't believe I need to put mysef in a bathing suit next month! AAAH!!! Can we spell "old lady" suit!? I am SOOOOOOO buying one LOL


I'm kinda bracing myself for my 6 week postpartum comign up too...I have a feeling their scale might be less optimistic than mine LOL

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Looking good, JenineJessica


Amanda - I'm checking out myfitnesspal but I have a dismal record of food logging

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lilmomma-- mine's only wrinkly if I push on the skin (ie when I put lotion on). I'm assuming it'll get worse once I lose more of the belly though. 


For wearing... none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit (that are not sweats or pj pants...) mostly due to my hips, but the thighs are  too snug as well. I've taken all of my maternity pants out of the closet though, so I'm left iwth one pair of khakis, one pair of dress pants, and the jeans I'm wearing in that photo. I really only wear the jeans though, the other two I've only worn once each pp. If I'm going out somewhere 50% of the time it's those jeans, the other times are generally split between two pairs of Hollister sweats I have. I bought they at about 25 weeks pregnant, and they quickly have become my favorite comfy pants... but it's nice because they're presentable enough to wear out. If I'm at home, I'm in sweats or pjs. 


For tops.... DD has reflux, so she pukes on everything. Between that, and trying to have easy access for nursing... I have about 2 or 3 basic soft t-shirts I wear, and then a few nursing/maternity type tops. I'm too self conscious about my remaining belly to really wear anything more form fitting, even if I didn't need the nursing access. Almost everything I wear out is black, are often loose, almost unofficially empire waists- theres no defined separation, but they're a lot more flowy on the bottom.


I can't wait until she's nursing less often (you know... months from now... lol...) and I can put on normal tops again. I miss my wardrobe

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Hey Amanda - I joined my fitness pal (using the same user name I have here) I am going to try to keep track of what I eat - it doesn't seem any more difficult then weight watchers online and it is free...  Maybe I can keep it up for a few weeks.


My belly is really wrinkly if I lay down on my back.  Looks like crumpled crepe paper.  Standing up it doesn't look too wrinkly but it puffs out a lot (like a pot belly - yuck).  I fit into all my prepreg jeans but I have no tops to wear at all (other than maternity/nursing tops)  and everything has spit up on it.  I have a meeting with my boss in an hour so I better go find something to wear.  I'm glad I don't have to wear a suit.  I should probably brush my hair too.

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Originally Posted by dsb76 View Post

  I should probably brush my hair too.


I went out with a friend the other day, first time she met DD, and the first thing she said when she saw me was "I love your hair". I just about cried. It was the first time I'd done anything with it other than thrown it wet into a ponytail since the day DD was born, so it was sooo nice to have someone notice that. 

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Jenine! I had to go to the belly thread to figure out that the bottom picture there is your 4w preggo pic... I thought that was your current pic! And I was like, "What is she talking about, what belly does she have left to lose?!" ROTFLMAO.gif


I popped into the Goodwill a few weeks ago and managed to snag a pair of Aeropostale jeans, oddly enough, in my usual size... even though the jeans I already owned still don't fit. My thighs are bigger, and my hips are bigger, and of course my belly is significantly bigger ... it really just depends on the cut of the pants, I think. But holy moly, it's such a relief to wear a REAL PAIR OF PANTS!! I was getting pretty sick of elastic waistbands!

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