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pelvic pain anyone?

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So I am now 20 weeks pregnant with DD2 and for the past few days I've noticed pain on & off in my pelvis--the same pain that I felt much later in my pregnancy with DD1. I have relief when I am sitting or laying down, but when standing, I feel that pressure/pain right where my pubic bone is, and it is making me uneasy, especially given my increased risk for pre-term labor/delivery.


Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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Hi Mama Shannon, I also have some pelvic pain that spreads to my inner thighs. It is quite uncomfortable. I definitely notice it when I walk a lot or take the stairs. I started wearing a Maternity Belt and within a couple days it has lessened a lot! I was putting off wearing one because I thought they were for expectant moms that were further along in their pregnancy but after talking to my Mom who also had this, I decided to try. She actually said she had vericose veins on her thighs/pelvic region. We have smallish hips so I think the extra weight goes straight to the pelvic area. The maternity belt I chose was this one: http://www.amazon.com/Boppy-Maternity-Support-Band-Medium/dp/B0011E5LRG. My yoga instructor also had this and warned to be very careful you do not overstretch those pelvic muscles. Maybe this will help you. On bad days, you can ice the area too. It is not very comfortable to do but does calm down the inflammation or whatever it is. I hope some of these methods help you too! :)


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Glad to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this. I've been experiencing this for about a week now. My midwife told me to increase my calcium, so I have been trying to drink 4 cups of milk a day. If I don't notice any improvement, in the next couple days, I'll order a maternity belt. Thanks. 

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Thanks ladies!  AmyJeanneBee, the maternity belt is a GREAT idea. I never used one with DD1, but I had terrible, I mean TERRIBLE pelvic pain toward the end of my pregnancy with her. It was particularly bad when weight was suddenly on my pelvis (like when I would get up from bed) and could be quite debilitating. I bet that would have helped a lot. I'll have to order one. Thanks!


AlisonM23, I've been taking an extra calcium/magnesium supplement lately. Supposedly it's supposed to help calm an over stimulated uterus (like mine, ha!) so hopefully that will inadvertently help as well :) 

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I have pains ranging from my pubic bone to my hip joints.  I live in a house with 2 flights of stairs.  This is not helping much.  :(

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Hmmm never heard of the milk/calcium thing. I'll totally try it now! Thanks gals! My husband laughed a bit when he came home to me with the ice pack in between my legs. hahahaaa I suppose it was a funny sight. ROTFLMAO.gif

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I am. Mine is more sore than anything. but only at certain times. I'm not really worried though, I've had it before with one of my other pregnancies.

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Today my pelvis is hurting. :( 24 weeks. Praying that it won't be 16-18 more weeks of the pain.

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I've had pelvic pain too. My mom said it gets worse in later pregnancies and I'm on my 3rd so I chalked it up to that. I rest and drink lots of water, take a warm bath and it helps. As far as calcium goes.... drinking milk MIGHT help, but the body has a hard time absorbing calcium from milk, so supplements might be better...:)

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