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Any older mamas out there?

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I'm 42 and feeling very old right now... I have two boys (4 and 6) so this will be number three. I was 38 when DS2 was born and wasn't at all concerned about my age. Now, just four years later, it feels so different.

Anyone else out there?

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Hi Mami. I'm 37 and will be 38 when this baby is born. It will be my first. I would like to have at least one more, if possible. This one took a couple of years to conceive, so I'm not too far off from you.  My DH and I were figuring out how old our kids might be when we retire - and they will still be in their twenties. We laughed about that, and I guess joking about it helps us accept that we will be older parents.

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I'm 40 and will turn 41 next month. I feel old but I'm in much better shape than the last time I was pregnant at 38.


The only thing that's sad for me is that my parents and inlaws are getting up there and my kids won't see them at their best. 

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Yes, it's more about how we feel than how old we are, I guess. I think I've been doing too much statistic reading on all the potential problems!  Grandparents that are getting older or not there anymore is definitely a sadness.

Dragonfly - I quite enjoy the idea that these kids will pretty much take us all the way to retirement!

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I was 37 when I had my son, and am now 40. I will be 41 when my son is born.


With my son I felt like I was in my 20s. I was fit, energetic, and didn't feel like I had aged at all.


Now I feel old. I am 20 pounds overweight, have more gray hair and wrinkles, have already started having complications, and just feel horrible.


I'm trying to incorporate some things that will make me feel better and look better.

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I'm 35.  I don't know if that qualifies me, but I FEEL so much older this time.  It's harder to get up and down when I have to pick stuff up off the floor or work on the low shelves at work and I am tireder than I can ever remember being.  My knees hurt so much already and my feet hurt too.  My firstborn will start college the same year that this one starts kindergarten and dp is talking about several more, which makes me wonder if geritol will be making prenatals by the time we are done and how my grandmother did it (she had children from her early twenties into her forties) and whether I will have grandchildren who wear my youngest children's handmedowns.  I had just gotten comfortable with the idea of being retired from mothering in about a decade, so it's a little overwhelming right now.

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I am 38.  This will be my second. I am so exhausted and my knees ache.  I am also about 25lbs over weight.  Lugging all that extra weight must be contributing to my exhaustion.


I started walking about 1 hour every day and eating no sugar.  This pregnancy has been a wake up call in terms of my self care.

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