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"Also I think by OHP standards you are allowed to see your doctor only on these well check visits so if you didn't do the 18m one she can schedule you in now so the ohp pays them. Or at least that's how it appeared to me."
Yes that is a good point.  I should have been able to see a doctor for her for her late 18 mo. check up at least, but I didn't think about it at the time because I thought I'd just be able to see one for her having the flu.  Next time I'll just lie to get her in I guess.
So now, if I want to I could bring her in for a late 18 mo. check up still at her old provider which I would go back to.
I am pretty strong headed, but after having to fight and fight and fight in situations where I think I should just be able to not have to be a raging bitch all the time.  But that is the only way things can get done, I get pretty tired of it all, figuring things won't change much or that I just don't have the energy to fight anymore.  I have tried the sweet route too but that never gets me anywhere so sometimes I just settle for indifference an ignoring the problems because sometimes its easier then having to fight all the time for things that I would think are commonplace things I shouldn't have to get all worked up over.  Like bringing my daughter in to the doctor because she had the flu. 
If it had turned out to be more serious then I would have just taken her to the emergency room no matter what the stupid nurse said. 
And yes the nurse was not necessarily a word for word spoke person for the doctor.  Might have not even been correct about the whole thing and just wanting to give me a hard time.
Lots of good points and its nice to know that others like Jen Rose and you have had the same sorts of difficulties with OHP I mean it's not even like real health insurance but it'll just have to do as my DH's insurance at his job for he, I and our child would be well over $350.00 month and that is like something we definitely can not afford and I can't even believe how expensive it is now because I used to get real health insurance for like $30-$60 a month and the whole system seems to be really screwed now.


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Now that we're not low income, we pay 1300 per month for health insurance. SERIOUSLY. But it's worth it, because otherwise my meds would be about 4500 per month. Not to mention the doctor costs, etc. Crazy. 

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Wow that;s great.  I think the income limits for a family of 4 for  CHIP is like 200% of the poverty line.  That is like $44000 a year for 2011 in the contagious United +States..+  Not too shabby.




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Oh and I totally am not eligible for OHP nor is my Husband. He makes 'too' much.  Only because they go by the poverty guidelines from 1992 for regular OHP for some weird reason.  Making us completely ineligible, so I don't have any health insurance.  Unless I get pregnant.  Then I will qualify for OHP in that case.  We even entered the 'lottery' and got picked and everything but since the poverty levels they use for that are like way way low and from 1992 we never did qualify.  Maybe someone should tell them its 2011.  I guess the dream of the 90's goes on in Eugene too seeing that its supposed to have a good health care system but its based on levels of poverty from 1992 unless you are pregnant, or a child. 

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You won the "lottery" too? I think they are scamming it. This state is so low income EVERYONE won... it's been nearly a year since the first payment was suppose to be made back in January and they are dragging their feet and I suspect it's so they can earn interest off the money or spend it on bs. They will send out these random emails once every couple months that say you have 72 hours to sign this form again or else. They still haven't paid a single dime out and yet they paid someone to do a web movie that you have to watch etc. So for anyone in foreclosure.. they were long since screwed..



And for CHIP (child health insurance) it's 200% BELOW the poverty line so a family of 3 can't make over 18k/year  !!!

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Wow yeah I won the lottery or I thought I did until I realized that still didn't mean anything.  Are you talking about payouts for a health insurance plan you are paying for that is another program that looked so like it wouldn't work I didn't even apply.  Especially because we couldn't afford to pay for health insurance through my husband work, then wait for the state to maybe send a check for the health insurance at the end of the month.  Subsidized?  


Well I see where you saw the "below  200% right here: "  http://www.oregon.gov/OHA/healthplan/app_benefits/main.shtml#areyou

  • "CHIP is for children younger than 19 living in households with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level."

I wouldn't even think something could be based on 200% below poverty that is like impossible how could income be 200% below 22500$ annual for a family of 4?  So you would have to make a negative or something? 


So I did some further research and apparently that is a typo because it is preety impossible to be 200% below $22500 that would be a negative, I mean its not impossible with debts and mortgagees and all but still pretty improbable.


SO here is the real limit and it is 200% above for a family of 4, which is currently $44,928


See here:



Enrollment Guideline Based on Family Size
and Income
No-Cost Low-Cost Full-Cost
Family of 2 $0 - $29,568 $29,568 - $44,280 $44,280
and up
Family of 3 $0 - $37,248 $37,248 - $55,776 $55,776
and up
Family of 4 $0 - $44,928 $44,928 - $67,248 $67,248
and up
Family of 5 $0 - $52,608 $52,608 - $78,780 $78,780
and up




And you can even have a gross of $67,248 for a family of four, and still get reduced payment health care through chip.  With out that good of coverage though, I would just stick with a traditional health plan if my family ever earned that much.


Very weird.  Weird Typos too.  Why does it say below 200% on the main page?  You think someone would have caught that, hey babygirlie, the state should have hired you for that as an editor.

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There us CHIP< which a federal program, but then the state also extends the Healthy Kids program to all kids who don't get health insurance through their parents' employer, etc. 


I'm self employed, and my DHs company is so small that they do not offer health benefits. So you if your kids aren't covered, you can get healthy kids, regardless of income.  You will have a payment, copays, but at least they'll be insured. 



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I was told that on OHP you have to vax your kids so reading this I am very excited that I may be able to use the plan... I live in Aurora and would love the information on your doctor you use.


Thank you for your time,


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Below 200% doesn't mean 200% below.

Below 200% simply means that your income must be less than 200% of the poverty level. Makes perfect sense. 

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Maybe I am thinking of adults only that can only make a ridiculously low amount of money. Did anyone get the christmas letter.. we will no longer be caring for anything that ails you :P I am guessing they've never had fissures which is more excrutiating than giving birth and twice a day. Ugh.

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Well below 200% of the poverty level for a family of 4 in the contiguous 48 states would have to  be below the current 100% poverty level for 2011 for a family of 4 which  is:

$22,350 for a family of 4 gross yearly, so below 200% of the current poverty level at 100% above the poverty level would have to be negative.  Now 200% above  is $44,700, 100% is $22,350 and 0% is zero.  So its not 200% below the poverty level since the poverty level is counted at at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%,(the poverty line starts here), 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%


200% is where many government programs eligibility programs start and then it falls from there.  So 200% below the poverty level would actually be yes a zero or a negative.  I'm not that good at math but here's a chart that is pretty clear:




 to shows how income iscounted:  and I am pretty sure they meant  not '200% below the poverty level which would be zero, but 200% of the poverty level, AND/OR BELOW which is actually the poverty level line at 100% plus another 100% if you will at $44,700


Now different programs have different percentages of the poverty line to be able to qualify, some are set at 100% of the poverty line, some at varying other percentages above or below this amount. 


If your income for a family of 4 is %200 percent below $44,700, and %100 percent is at half of that,  then your income would be zero I think.  But if you were 200% below the poverty level at 100% at $22350 then your income would be $-22350.  But I see what your saying. 




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Originally Posted by aculver View Post

I was told that on OHP you have to vax your kids so reading this I am very excited that I may be able to use the plan... I live in Aurora and would love the information on your doctor you use.


Thank you for your time,




Well I only go to the clinic now, you don't have to vax your kids, you sign a decline to vaccinate form,  they will try to tell you for some programs like day care that you need to get your kids vaccinated, but you don' you still can opt out. 


It can be a very long and daunting process depending on how well informed your physician is you do have that choice heres a good site:for info by state











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