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Hi mamas, I need help. I have been trying to night wean my LO (he's 20 months) he was doing okay last week, he could soothe himself back to sleep the 2nd time he woke up to nurse. So that was one less feeding per night. The last several days he wants to nurse every 40 minutes, day and night. He nurses for like two minutes pulling back on my breast the whole time.  I am sore and worn out. He is hyterical if I don't pick him right up and let him nurse on demand. I think my milk suppy is fine, anyone have any suggestions?

Things got to the point with my almost two year old, where if I didn't night wean him, I was going to shrivel up in a ball and just die. Like, ACTUALLY die.


Here is the thread I started when I really needed help....and I swear, this thread is full of some of the best advice for this situation that I've ever heard! So, just dig through this thread and listen to what other ladies say. There is a lot in there about night weaning specifically....so, yeah:





My son ended up easily and with no problems, weaning himself (a truly bizarre thing to have happen, if you read the thread you'll see what I mean!) It made me sad, because I felt like my night weaning and trying to make more "special nursing times" during the day instead of "all day boob fest" was to blame, but honestly, I didn't realize that within weeks of his weaning, I'd be pregnant again...so, you know...silver linings, etc. ;)


The thing that worked the best for night weaning, was having my DH sleep with him at night while I slept (like an ANGEL for the first time in three years!) upstairs in the guest quarters. He never once tried to nurse on my husband (good thing, huh?!)....something about not smelling me or whatever, really helped.




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How's it going, ladies?  


We seem to be over the extremely sensitive nipple stage and night weaning has been a success (she wakes up to nurse between 3-5 and pretty much stays latched on until we wake up).  I've been doing some reading and am starting to think that we can do this!

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my nipples still hurt but only for the first minute or so. i dont think i am making too much right now. DD2 doesnt have that milk poop anymore. she actually got constipated last week. so i think it is slowing down for me. i am hoping and waiting for when she starts sleeping through the night instead of waking to eat. i hope it happens soon. i dont get alot of sleep. every time i get up to pee she wakes and wants to nurse, and then it hurts for awhile so i cant just fall back asleep. bleh. thank goodness for naps. 

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My little guy came down with a bad cold on saturday. So I have just been trying to comfort him, and I have backed off trying to night wean for now. My breasts are very sore, that's because my son is wrestling and pulling away the whole time he nurses. So.. we have not made progress, when he is feeling a little better I will try some of the suggestions from the link averysmama posted. Thanks for the listening.

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DS is sleeping 1/4 of the night in the toddler bed and when he comes into our bed he just nestles in and goes back to sleep. This means I usually wake up fully 1x per night (more than before) but I do get to sleep with my big pregancy pillow which makes it sooo much more comfortable sleep! He's still nursing a few times per day--and to sleep--and that's fine with me!


Finally my breasts have filled out (I lost so much weight I didn't look preggers there for a while!) and that has helped with nipple soreness.


I know we are all at different stages with our LO's and it is great that we have a place to share! Thanks, mamas!

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Penny for your thoughts? Since I conceived my ds has been super fussy about food. Super gassy, I hear little burps ect. all day. I still am feeiling the same way, not as bad as last month but still yucky daily. Do you think the pregnancy hormones are making him feel sick to his stomach too? It really does coinside with the pregnancy. I can not think of any previous instances. My daughter (his half sister) has celiacs so food intolerances are certainly a possiblity. I don't want want to put my LO through the whole dietary restriction roller coaster if I don't have to.

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