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Let's Talk Pregnancy Food Cravings!

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Has anyone had any crazy pregnancy cravings so far?


The only unusual thing I have craved so far is peanut butter spread on top a blueberry muffin. It's FABULOUS!!!

But that's not even that unusual.


I read online this morning that Beyonce (singer) is craving bananas and katsup. Eeewww!!! I could NEVER eat that. Sorry.


What are YOUR cravings?

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I crave pickles but I hate pickles! I bought a jar of pickles and put it in my fridge, but haven't touched them since. I don't want to eat pickles, I just want the option to. Other than that, ice cream always sounds good. (I'm a cliche) I did crave Szechuan beef and my hubby went out of his way to get it for me from our favourite Chinese restraurant. That was delicious. Oh yeah, grilled cheese sandwhiches, I can't get enough of those.

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Craving nothing really. I fulfilled my craving for kale last night, but eating is back to normal. Enjoying salt and salty foods, as well as spicy foods.

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i have been drinking milk, which i normally find kind of disgusting... but i like buttermilk, and i've been having lots of that too.  it's not really a craving like the first trimester ones, as in i don't sit around and dream of spicy garlic tofu chinese food... just i find myself drinking milk with supper.  strange.

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Bacon,  butter, spaghetti squash, milk with chocolate chip cookies, and red meat!  Chili is in the crockpot!


Also creamy sauces!


I love food!



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Oh and not craving this anymore- but for most of the 1st trimester I craved cucumber slices with apple cider vinegar and salt on them!  That is weird to most people!


Kinda like a pickle but fresher!  

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Watermelon, Rocky Road ice cream and sometimes coca cola- which I hardly ever drank before. No pickles. I tried them one day and it was too intense. Weird.... oh and chocolate.

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I havent really had many cravings since the first trimester, but I NEEDED some oreos the other day and I do occasionally really want pizza or chinese food for breakfast.
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Chocolate and more chocolate! Oh and some white bread toast with lots of butter, and corn dogs, the gross kind too...mmmmmSheepish.gif


Ok, I really need to keep my cravings in check, I've been doing really good until the last 2 weeks, which I have cheated on my "only healthy foods" diet too many times and have gained 6 lbs. in 2 weeks, not good!

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My cravings haven't been for anything in particular but I am craving all things creamy! My midwife says my baby is just ready for his layer of fat. eat.gif


I have been eating tons of avocados, cream cheese, peanut butter, sauces, butter, whole milk, mashed sweet potatoes, creamy carrot soup, you name it. If it is smooth and creamy, I'm eating it.

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Red meat. No white meat. Not fish. RED MEAT. And I am a vegetarian of 15 years :( 


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Fries, fries and fries!!! Always craving fries for each of my babies. It's the worst. :(

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I have been having the WORST sweets cravings, but now it's starting to do me in. Every time I eat ice cream or chocolate or a brownie or cookie or cake (I know! Delicious!)  I get the worst heartburn and then I can feel my entire body shaking and my heart pounding away.  So, I'm going to cut out the sweets and try to find substitutes.  Fruit?  Bread? Other suggestions? 

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I'm just a pregnant food monster this time around. With my little boy, I don't remember it being this bad. It was curly fries with mayo and ketchup for a while. I was crazy about that. Then recently it's been pasta with tomato sauce. Now I'm starting to fantasize about Bratkartoffeln or some other kind of roasted potatoes, nice and salty, maybe with some onions and peas. I try to be raw vegan, but it's just not working out. I do notice though that when I can stick to eating mostly raw and no added oils and salt, etc., I have much more energy and find it easy to work out, so it would really be better for me. I don't know, I find it super frustrating. And then I just think I should just cut myself some slack and get back in shape after the baby is born, but that's not always so easy. I've already joked that I might have the baby wrapped to me while doing cardio. Probably very soothing. 

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I have been craving Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwiches with extra pickles and mayo with salty waffle fries. 


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Chicken pad thai and skittles! All day long, everyday! I have never eaten more than a few skittles before in my life. Now I would eat a pound in a day. Also if I could mix the skittles into the chicken pad thai without getting dirty looks, I might! lol

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It changes for me A LOT but this week it's sweets. Chocolate everything. Brownies, ice cream, mousse.. OHMY. And candy.

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cold milk!!!  and runny yoghurt from the farmers market.  

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