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Our baby girl, Brielle, has arrived.

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Brielle Luna was born on Monday 10/10. 6lb 11oz. We made it to the hospital just in time. We arrived at 7am and she was born at 8:46am.


On Sunday morning, I slipped and fell. I hit my belly on the corner of the bed. I started having some heavy contractions immediately after for about 20 minutes. My belly didn't hurt and I only felt silly for falling so I didn't call the doctor. A few hours later, I lost my mucus plug so I decided to call the doctor and explain about the fall and the lost mucus plug. She  told us to head to L&D to be checked out.


At L&D, everything was fine with the baby. I was dilated to 2 and was having light contractions. The doc gave me the option of staying or going home. I chose to go home. We left the hospital Sunday night at 8pm. By 5am, the contractions were about 6 minutes apart. They weren't unbearable and I was able to talk through them so I decided to take a shower and see if they moved any closer together. The shower felt so good, I stayed in for about 20 minutes until I realized the contractions seemed to have moved closer together. When I timed them again, they were 4 minutes apart.


I called the OB to let them know we were headed back to L&D and we got our bags in the car and headed to the hospital. We didn't have to worry about DS because he was already at my parents house for an overnight stay.


We got to the hospital at 7am and they had us sit and wait downstairs to process us. I don't understand why we pre-registered if we had to register again once we got there. The waiting area was packed full of people waiting for surgical procedures. After waiting for 20 minutes, I told DH to let them know we were going to be having a baby in the waiting area if they did not get us up to L&D immediately. Contractions were almost back to back by this time.


We finally got into a room at 7:30am. Doc came in and checked me at 8am. I was 4 cm dilated but the contractions were coming on strong and there was really no break in between them. At 8:30am, the doc checked and I was 8cm dilated. He walked out the door and  I turned to my side to get more comfortable. My water broke and I told the nurse, "I need to push." The doctor came back in and asked if I was sure since he had just checked me. I told him my body was pushing and it was time. He checked and I was 10 cm and the baby's head was right there. Six pushes later and Brielle was born at 8:46am.


Brielle 1.jpg Brielle 2.jpg

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Ohhh, sweet pea!!  Welcome to the world!!  heartbeat.gif

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Oh my goodness! She's absolutely precious! And wow, you dilated fast. Congratulations to you and Brielle! What a pretty name.

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Oh how wonderful. She sure is precious. Congrats!!

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Congratulations!  She looks like she's really happy to be out, trying to stay awake to make the most of it.

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Lovely!  And all that hair, too!

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She is adorable! Congrats!

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Lovely!  Congratulations!

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Beautiful! And congrats on the smooth, relatively easy birth! My daughter's middle name is Luna too. :)

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she is so cute! congrats on what sounds like a wonderful birth.

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She's just lovely! Congratulations!!

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I love all that hair!
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You make beautiful babies! Congratulations, and happy babymoon!

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Congratulations!  Love the pictures- beautiful hair.

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Congratulations! Wow, look at all that hair!
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She's beautiful :)  Congrats, Mama!

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