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Baby pictures! :-)

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Let's see those cute babies. love.gif


Here's mine.





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Aww... beautiful kids, Ms. B! love.gif


Here's my Julia, 5 weeks old and wearing 6 month clothes! bigeyes.gif



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Awww, gorgeous!  Here's a link to Syd's newborn photos:
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Here's Magdalen ("Maudie")!  She'll be 4 weeks this Friday.  These are pics from various stages.DSCN2591.JPGDSCN2631.JPGDSCN2758.JPG

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All the babes are so beautiful!  Here's a few pics of Gunnar:  He didn't really like the flash for the first couple weeks.  1st: 2 weeks, 2nd: 4 weeks, 3rd: 2 weeks




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DSC_1460 - Version 3.jpg

This is the day Chloe was born! Sept 16! My biggest baby at 8lbs 6oz :-)

_DSC0818 - Version 3.jpg

Little Chloe Bear at 2 weeks, this one went on the birth announcement!

_DSC0843 - Version 2.jpg

Big yawn at 3 weeks. :)

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love.gif They are all so gorgeous! So exciting to see the beautiful babies and families! orngbiggrin.gif



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My 9 lb. 9 oz. Baby Boy :)  Oct. 4


photo 2.jpg

photo 5.JPGIMG_5627.JPG

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I love seeing the baby pictures!!!!


My 3 boys


Here are my 3 boys. Baby is 2 weeks old!

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Beautiful children all!  Aaron at 2 weeks.. 10 lbs, 3 oz..my 3rd boy...





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Here's Nilah, who will be 4 weeks tomorrow :) Sorry it's sideways!!



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Beautiful Babies!!!! Here is River Ann at 7 days old!



And River with DS


I love this one of her floating!!!

i phone 044.jpg

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Beautiful babies, everyone! 


I had to show off some more... Sheepish.gif




Seeing the kids interact is the best thing in the world. Calvin loves his baby sister, and she hardly takes her eyes off him.

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Here is Cassidy Faye at around 5 weeks with her loving big sis Ayaa Rose. We are blessed. 



Here she is at almost six weeks.  her first trip to san fran... a couple of days ago :) 



Lovin all the pics mamas!  so many beautiful babies :) 

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Some of my favs from birth to now (3wks)


Matthew's 1st Days 029.JPG

Oct 01 026.JPG

Oct 02 005.JPG

Oct 03 009.JPG

Oct 03 034.JPG


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Angelia Clare Maria (Lia) was born sept 7 and was 9 pounds 14 ounces. she started smiling late sept. :)



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Here's a couple from today--I love that we're starting to get smiles, I tried  to capture some on camera but the only one I got was blurry!  Most of the hair on top of her head has fallen out, so she has old man hair, but she's still beautiful (not that I'm biased or anything... )



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Kai!!Baby Kai!!! 7 weeks and still chomping on mommy!!!

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Here is a smile one from a couple weeks ago.  Have not been able to catch another since.




Almost 7 weeks!  It so feels like longer though.....

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I love all the pictures! We have extra-beautiful babies in this DDC, I think! I'm a bit jealous that some of your babies still have hair, Sam is balding like crazy!

One Day Old:


4 weeks old:450
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