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I decided i needed answers from woman who may have been in the same place as me. I am on my 4th baby, its supposed to get easier right?..You should have all the answers by now right? my friends call me the pro, but sadly i am full of questions. I have had my fare share of complications with all my pregnencies but not one like this. I have a large cyst on my left ovary, that was detected over a year ago, that they said would go away on its own....I then got pregnant, adn am blessed i was able to, because in my 19 week ultra sound they found that it had not went away and grew to a size of 6.88cm. My doctor briefly talked about c-section which competly scares me, i have never had pain medication during labor, but this is far worse then some meds i think...Please help, do i really need a c-section? is it the safer choice?...I've been doing this for 11 years and i dont have all the answers..i feel lost and scared...thanks..momma of almost 4