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2011-10-20 10.14.14.jpg

2011-10-26 16.59.05.jpg2011-10-25 22.25.06.jpg

Alyssa!  <3

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Alyssa is soooo cute!
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Miss Lötte finally opens her eyes for us now! (well, she did before, but not for very long..unless of course it's the middle of the night;)

IMG_0353.edited.jpgIMG_0357.edited.jpgIMG_0368 edited.jpgIMG_0396 edited.jpgIMG_0340.JPGIMG_0406.edited.jpgIMG_0401.edited.jpg

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luxlove.gif the babies!!!!


Iona, 5 days


iona asleep.jpg


iona feet.jpg

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Look at this strong baby! (and please ignore my yucky face)



What a hippie! :D


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I am drowning in cuteness here. I love all the photos. Nicole, that is a strong baby! Rosemary, I cannot get over her hair. She is just gorgeous, and I love the outfit and booties. Corrabelle, what a beautiful, bright-eyed baby! Kindyll, Alyssa is so precious. I love the last photo of her, especially.


Some photos I recently pulled out to send to grandparents:


First, his one month chair shot. This is a tradition we did with DS1. We took photos of him in this rocking chair, which was a gift to me when I was a little girl, every month until he was 2 and then have continued to do it annually. It's amazing to look at the whole set, so we are doing it again with DS2:




I also tried to do a photo shoot on a white blanket, but it did not work out so well. The best shot I got:




A much more representative shot:




Later, with DS1 helping him calm down:




His most frequent facial expression these days, namely, alarmed:




And, of course, we had to get a picture of him in the skeleton sleeper. Partly because he will have outgrown it by next week. He's already too tall for sleepers that DS1 wore until he was 4 months.



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He's really tall, pi! You can tell by looking at him. So cute--I actually like crying pictures! Good idea about the chair; it's helpful and interesting to have a growth marker like that.

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Rosemary, Iona has sooooo much hair! What a cutie!

Nicole, Gabriel has a strong neck, too!I haven't been able to hold him with one hand at all!

Pi, I love the chair pic! What a sweet tradition.
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Just chilling....




3 weeks already!




His belly button finally healed up so he got his first tub bath! This is his post bath, post nursing bliss picture love.gif



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You're all KILLING me with cuteness!!!!  


Corrabelle....THIS!....!!!  love.gif!!!



Originally Posted by corrabelle View Post



And Pi, the alarmed face is A. DOR. A. BLE.!!!


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Steph and Nicole,

Omg, both of you. How sweet.
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Nicole!!! So adorable. You caught the little milk drunk smile. Eli does that and I just can't seem to catch it on camera. What a precious shot.

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Yes! I decided I needed to just keep the camera with me at all times. lol


Thanks, guys.

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I luxlove.gif little heads that are smaller than mama's boobies....lol

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Claire, aka Little Miss Sweetcheeks. 5 days old







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Katico - I keep coming on to see pics of your little girl....yeah!  Man, she is cute!!!

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Katico, that second picture is just plain angelic. What a sweet, sweet look on her face. Amazing!

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Oh, Katico, love.gif She is just beautiful. (And I see what you mean about type!)

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I caught his nursing progression: sleepy nursing, milk drunk, contented smile.


And another smile:



"Mom, stop taking pictures!"


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