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Pics of our babies - Page 7

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Trinket, he is incredibly cute. I love your and Nicole's milk drunk smile shots!

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Lovely, lovely pics, everyone!  Love the milky smiles and the gorgeous tiny knit clothing and everything! 


I haven't been taking a lot of pictures, myself- curse of the 4th child??- but here's a couple new ones of Malcolm.


Zonked out at Grandma's house




DD Melinda (8) helping Malcolm "practice holding his head up".  Hard to tell here, but he's not leaning against anything beyond his torso against her body.  He's getting so strong in that little neck of his!!



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Trinket - I love that pic of you two!

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Claire is 1 week old!!






photo (1).JPG




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Palesa is now 16 days old.  The first 3 pics are from 2weeks, and the last one is from 9 days old.  It amazes me how much her face and features have changed!IMAG0192.jpgIMAG0197.jpgIMAG0194.jpg


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Pretty, pretty girls. :)

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Amy!!  That little face!!!   Absolutely precious



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Katico (I should really start calling you Beth) that knit romper is out of control. Claire is lovely!

Amy: Palesa heartbeat.gif Beautiful.


Love all the pictures! I have to take more TODAY.

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Yes, love that romper, Beth! She's a beauty.


Palesa has such sweet little look about her! Love the tie dye!

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Unhappy about being taken out of her car seat.


Grainy I-phone picture...happy after lunch.





Everyone is so adorable!  I love Claire's knit outfit!

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The screaming picture! Oh, that is too cute! Kai screams when you put him IN the carseat, he's totally thrilled to be taken out of it. LOL! Not sure how we're going to do an 8 hour drive in a couple weeks. Yikes!

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Here is my sweet little guy, yesterday, when he was 1 week old!!!




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Here is my sweet little guy, yesterday, when he was 1 week old!!!




AWWWW!!! What sweet, deep eyes. He's gorgeous.


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Iona in her bling dress.




on the quilt my friend made her









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Oh my gosh, I LOVE all the new additions!!  Could these babies be ANY cuter?!?!  I don't think so!!!   love.gif


I've been trying to catch a smile on camera.  I get either poor quality/blurry or too-bright flash.  Ugh.   But at least we have proof!!  (Malcolm's hair looks a little bit auburn with all that flash!)







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Leiahs- thank you :)


 or rather Malcolm -  thank you - that smile made my night!

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Caught my first smile on camera today!  


Looking at all these pictures makes my boobies leak.

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Jaspers one month pictures...I was too lazy to do something fancier but I plan to in the next few days :








I debated putting these up because Im not sure how uptight the majority of users here are...but...:






We were doing tummy time when the husband had this great idea :D

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AHAHAHAH. Dragonfly... love.gif So awesome.

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