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Pics of our babies - Page 10

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One month of growing :)






And rocking the cloth diapers :D

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Breakfast of tiny champions - oxygen & boobie milk



Tiny patient


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bigeyes.gif So tiny... I hope she's better soon, Nicole, and that you guys will be able to go home. Hugs.

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Awwww, Nicole. You just rest up with her and nurse all you can. Take care.

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Oh Nicole :(


Im not sure whats going on with you (I suck at keeping up on here) but I feel your pain, Jazzy was in for 3 weeks...I hope she comes home soon, shes so precious.

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Oh, Nicole...those pictures are so sad!!  :(   She's so small to be so sick.  I hope she's improving.


I wanted to pop in and post a picture of Malcolm on Thanksgiving day (wearing a 1st Thanksgiving shirt I painted for him).  8 weeks exactly! (How does the time fly??)

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Three and a half weeks.  Bedtime snack.


Newborn session with my sister (a professional photographer) at just under four weeks.  This one is from my camera.Palesa-96.jpg

Same session- this is her camera and photo.

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Precious, Amy! Palesa's so beautiful, she looks like a little pro, posing!


This is my boy at 7 weeks. A rather severe case of baby acne, poor dude, but he has been smiling lately and that is just awesome!



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I stalk this thread, going back all the time to look at all these sweet babies,  Mamas, we produced one fine crop of little people.  I love them all, they're so adorable!


Claire, 3.5 weeks old. Looking at this picture makes my ovaries ache for another....


DSC_1223 (2).JPG



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017.JPGAurora and the ham.  Couldn't resist.


007.JPGSmiley girl

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Ha!  the ham!!  gosh, she's sweet!  she reminds me of my first!

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We're home, everyone! Thank you for the support!


She was so happy to be off the oxygen.



She was 6 weeks yesterday and started (yesterday, really) smiling like CRAZY. Like, borderline laughing. It is so.awesome. I love it. I love her. <3


Gah! So cute!



All these babes are amazing. I am loving that ham shot, livecreature. lol She's such a peanut. I love seeing her comparison pictures.

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AWESOME for her to be off the oxygen.  She looks so relieved!  

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Everyone is so cute.  I am glad your little one is home Nicole!  I love the smiles, I can't wait for smiles.  Elliot is all serious face all the time.

Here he is yesterday. 

elliot wied eyed.jpg

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Yay, nicole!

All the babies!!!!

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Darwin, 8 weeks old and over 17 lbs. bigeyes.gif





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A very cute 17 lbs!


Love the ham shot orngbiggrin.gif


All the babies are so freaking adorable.  I, too, can't wait for smiling. She's all blank-stare-concerned-look-cranky-face all the time still.


Here's one of my cheeky gal.



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Love all the babies.

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