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dollyanna--the topper was in the basement when we bought the house! disco christmas! so funny. the seat is by ouef--they don't make them anymore--never thought of covering one myself, but that's a good idea. seriously, babies small enough to use these do not care about it looking "fun"! it's the parents who have to look at them

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holding baby while typing, as per usual . . . There are some great photos of some totally adorable babies in this thread, holy moly!


Raven at two days old:



5 days old:




Nearly four weeks, with her daddy:




Same day:




ack, fussy, gtg


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Nap time for DS...and DD, apparently.  Also, "Scottsuh" (DS's little orange baby).



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Kai loves looking at the tree. Big brother loves giving him kisses love.gif




I can't believe how chunky he's getting!




In his serious "this isn't funny, I just want to eat!" mood




Holding one of his gifts, from big brother.



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Big smile for mama!!!



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Hey, some boys! Cuties. :)

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Mr. Eli sleeping in his Mamaroo swing, worn out after a long day of running errands. I love this thing. Teensy tiny floor plan compared to other swings (I'd never have room for a regular swing), quite run, plugs in... I love it. He prefers when it's not moving so he can focus his eyes on things better.



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not_telling- adorable, adorable!  love his little baby and the sibling 'nap'!


hykue ohhh, she's just lovely!! love her with her daddy!


steph: look at you with your gifts all wrapped!! so cute in the box!


Chelsea- swoon!  awesome picture!


trinket- jealous of your swing! ours is huge and takes batteries but was passed down from a friend so can't complain! He is looking SO healthy!

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Raven is lovely!


Love those boys!  So cute!  Kai in the box is so cute.  I love the big smile for mama, Chelsea!  


I did a little shoot with the girl today.  I'm too lazy/cheap to take her to get pics done, I think they turned out okay for using my point and shoot.  I want to get film in my good camera, but meh....still need to edit for redeye.







And this morning...


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Awe, hi, Mr. Eli!! Look at those cheeks!


Livacreature : she is sooooo cute!!

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Finally caught a smile on camera!


smile - Copy.JPG

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She's such a happy girl



First visit with santa


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Oh my goodness I love the SMILES!!!


Steph, I am totally stealing that baby in a box photo idea once we have our tree up.


Hykue, great to see Raven! (And I hope you don't mind my saying so, but your DH is hot.)


Ready for baby boxing:





Finally starting to smile!





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All these baby smiles are soooo sweet! Love checking this thread every day!



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AH! Smiley babies!  So precious.

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iona 6wk 3.jpgiona 6wk2.jpg


iona 6wk.jpgiona 6wk4.jpg


Not many smiles here but this is Iona's 6 week picture shoot from Saturday.




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livacreature:  she is SUCH a pretty baby!  And I love her brown dress!


not_telling:  smiles for mama luxlove.gif


Nicole:  Aww, she is looking so healthy and happy - so glad after scary sickness!


Pi:  I love him.  Like, not even kidding.  Adorable!


PS, Since you admitted it, yes - Hykue, I also enjoyed the picture of your hot husband ;)


Rosemary, her little legs in those overalls.....KILLS ME!  SO CUTE!  She's precious!  



Six week smiles:

photo (3).JPG

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not_telling:  That's a great picture.  Her little fat cheeks, his facial expression, both so cute!  And the smile photo is great.

Steph:  I am with big brother on this one, kissing babies is the greatest and Kai is very kissable - I can just imagine the squishiness of those cheeks when they get kissed, and it makes me want to kiss him through the screen.


Chelsea:  I love that grin, it's huge!


Trinket:  I know what you mean about not being able to focus the eyes when the swing is moving - Raven tries to track stuff with her eyes when she's swinging, but she's always WAY behind.  She still likes it, though.  Eli looks so content.


livacreature:  She is beautiful!  That brown dress picture is very good, and the grin is priceless.


nicolian:  She certainly looks happy, and I like her intent look in the Santa photo.


~pi:  I don't mind at all . . . I can only agree, my DH IS hot.  It's nice to have others remind me occasionally how lucky I am.  :)  Your little fella is really, really cute, and I love the boxing picture.


Katico:  Thank you, I think she's pretty cute too.  Had I found time to actually reply previously, I would have been able to tell you that both of your daughters are gorgeous.  And thanks for seconding the reminder about my luck re my husband's looks.  I can hardly believe that I got such a wonderful partner and that he's a hottie to boot!  That last picture of Claire is just so happy!  It makes me smile.

Rosemary:  She looks so serious, it's true.  She also looks a lot like you, and you're beautiful, so her chances are good that she'll keep looking that good for a long time!


Everyone that posted before this page:  Your babies are all precious and seet and adorable too, I just didn't have time to post until recently!

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Can you believe how huge and grown up he is?! It's crazy to think it was only 8 weeks ago he was so teensy.


growing boy.jpg

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Aw, he's sweet. The change is so incredible.

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