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miss maeve



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Love all the pics!!


Playing World of Warcraft with Daddy (with oily hair.... darn cradle cap!)




"What are you looking at?"




"You want me to do what?"




"Oh, smile!"




I love his cheeks!



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pi I love his expressive face! The shot of his oh no! face is too cute.


katico claire is such a smiley girl!


theoden, maeve, claire, & palesa are all looking VERY grown up.  Love that they're outgrowing the newborn stage.


steph your guy is looking great.  I have a shot of my DH playing WoW while feeding DD1 a bottle.  These guys can multitask orngtongue.gif


AKIslandgirl my DD's hair is always sticking straight up, too!


Here's my girl doing tummy time.  Poor thing inherited her daddy's hairline.




and here she is channeling billy idol


IMG_1263.JPG Billy+Idol-400x365.jpg




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omg! Dollyanna that is hystericle!

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003.JPG After the avocado experiment and before nap.


I love that picture of Maeve.  She is simply adorable.

Dollyanna: Too awesome.  I love her onesie.  The mirror shot is nifty.

Pretty Palesa!

Kai looks so grown up!  (DH plays lots of games "with" baby too!)


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dollyanna - digging the misfits onesie.  i actually looked for one when DS was a baby, but never found one.  did you buy or make?

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<3 all the babies.


It's been too hard for me to keep up with the chat here, :( but I would still love to show off my little one.


Big girl...


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We love looking at the beautiful babies in this thread.   Everyone's looking so grown up!



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Originally Posted by not_telling View Post

dollyanna - digging the misfits onesie.  i actually looked for one when DS was a baby, but never found one.  did you buy or make?

A friend of mine bought it at a tattoo convention for his sister's baby, and we inherited it.  He also gave us a Ramones onesie & a Motorhead onesie he ordered online because they sent him 2 of each by mistake orngbiggrin.gif

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Sue, Maeve is so beautiful! I love the picture with her hair all sticky-up...too cute!

Dollyanna, the Billy Idol picture is fantastic.

Nicole, I love Calliope's pants...did you make those? She looks so tall! (not unexpected, I'm surewinky.gif).

Livacreature, love the avocado picture...so excited to start solids with my DD, but I think it'll be a while yet...she is totally uninterested in anything but boob right now.

So nice to see more of Kai and Palesa!

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"Rock the Cradle of Love" (ew, not really)




and here she is channeling billy idol


IMG_1263.JPG Billy+Idol-400x365.jpg





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LaBruja, I did not. I wish!!! She is pretty tall, I think. :)

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Popping in real quick, BIA, to share recent pics of Malcolm.


DS Alex with his crazy face, holding Mal



Good head lifting at 16w despite extremely sporadic tummy time



Happy Nudie time on the bed



Grabbing and manipulating and mouthing and drooling everywhere, nonstop!!




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I love the nude shot!  He's adorable.



I came home from work to find that my little bitty baby was making progress on holding her bottle with Daddy.  425889_597887152788_59700322_32298128_291702117_n.jpg

 And this week she is all about her hands.




And that she is getting superbig and rolly.

395362_596193017848_59700322_32291365_1318517155_n (1).jpg


That's my girl.  Who just peed on my leg.  Consequence of posting with a naked baby.  More to come.

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The babies!


Here's Iona.


iona on couch.jpg


iona on the couch smiles.jpg



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My chunky chip and one of her preemie outfits.


397210_598300050338_59700322_32299618_1630387455_n (1).jpg


Some fluffy cloth diaper butt for your viewing pleasure.



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The top pic of Iona is really cool looking.  So much hair!

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