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Pics of our babies - Page 3

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Hard to believe he's a week old already! Where did the time go?!? bawling.gif


1 week.jpg

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Jane!  Are you kidding me?!  How cute is he!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Katico View Post

Jane!  Are you kidding me?!  How cute is he!!!!!!!!




steph - what a great idea!!!

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oh my goodness. these are some awfully cute babies. this is good therapy for me... unlike some of the mamas excited for labor and the end of pregnancy, I have found that as the end approaches I start getting nervous and just keep thinking.. "not yet, I'm not ready" I'm forgetting how darn cute babies are!


Steph, are you going to do weekly pics again? are you reusing your signs? Jane OMG that is so adorable, and I love the babies on Page 2 too, just am too lazy to do personals. Agree with Katico though- Julia has such an awesome look of being *herself*... my other babies were just adorable little fatsos, but pretty much look like generic "baby, type: blond".

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We took baby boy down for his required (for blackmail) naked booty photos. Every time I see my own baby's photos, I flipping Squeeeeee!
All the photos I take make his face look round, but he really has a pointy chin. I'm so happy to see a photo that actually looks like him. Anyone else having photo problems with the photos not looking like your baby?
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Love the photo, Jane!


Steph, we did monthly shots with DS1 up to age 2 and then moved to yearly, all in a child-sized rocking chair that was mine when I was a kid. I adore the series, and we're planning to do the same thing with DS2. Perfect slide show material for when they are grown. winky.gif


We have a bunch of new photos but I have to find the time to get them off the camera.

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Awwww Kai! heartbeat.gif  There's just something about babies on couches.  Dawwwww.  


Gorgeous photo, Jane!

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Originally Posted by emmaegbert View Post


Steph, are you going to do weekly pics again? are you reusing your signs?

Yes, we plan on doing it weekly orngbiggrin.gif I wasn't smart enough to save the signs though duh.gif


One more that totally makes me soggy lol.gif




DH had taken that pic with his phone and just got it off. Kai was about 18 hours old.


2 more pics from today (8 days old)....


caught a little smile!




chilling in his snuggle nest by our bed



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Théoden 2 weeks old... I know I am biased, but I think he is just the cutest thing ever. 



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And I keep updating the photobucket site I linked - there's now videos! smile.gif
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Malcolm, 3 weeks old.  love.gif











I know, so many in the same spot with the same outfit - I just thought all his faces were just too fun!  Those little hands just all over his face.  :)

One more of both of us!  (P.S., diaper bags with carriers are tricky and cumbersome!!  But I still don't feel like I can walk away from one for any length of time, even on my 4th kid!)



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Wow, they're all so unbelievably adorable. Jane, I adore those naked curled up shots. So cute!


Eli doesn't come out of anyone's arms for long enough for a decent photoshoot, but we've certainly gotten plenty of him with people. And today I got my favorite one while he was all milk drunk in my lap after nursing. He's 3 days old:



And my little sister adores him. She wants to hold him all the time! This is the day he was born, the first time she held him:


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Here is Annika on her first day:



And 5th day:




Being held by big brother:




Today (6 days):



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Oh guys, these pics are CUTE! I also love the adorable big sibs and aunt (Trinket your sister is adorable! And what a special relationship they will have!)

I too love weird baby faces... all those crazy emotions that flit across...

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So am I the only one getting the "A temporary error has occurred" message?


I cannot upload pics anymore :(

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Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post

So am I the only one getting the "A temporary error has occurred" message?


I cannot upload pics anymore :(

Oh no! I've never gotten that error--can you maybe link an album from somewhere else? I wanna see some Jasper!!!

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Ok, so apparently Mothering does not like Opera..










His first day :)








1 week old.



2 weeks old (Yesterday)



I want him to come home so bad :(


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I love all the pics! It's so neat to watch them all grown up- it's amazing how fast they change.

Here is what I see most days. I stage them on the couch before feeding so I can get them both on at the same time (synchronized feeding is key to my life these days!) I took the opportunity to get a pic of them side by side. Clara is, of course- freaking out. Dominic is the one with the big appetite, but he's just chilling out pretty contented, maybe since he knows it's nearly food time? I love how it looks like he's posing!




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Gosh he's sweet!!  


Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post





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