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Dragonflymom, I LOVE the picture of you and your little guy.  It says so much.  I hope he is where he belongs with you soon.  He's a very good looking baby!  



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I love seeing the sleepy swollen newbies a d the "waking up" older babies who more like themselves.
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He's a very pensive little guy, almost two weeks old now!!! (I have no idea why they are so big??)

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Micah just born 


micah5.jpegmicaH6.jpegMicah three days old.


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Aurora in her pack and play that is now in the dining room.  I'm a bit bummed, we had very little pink in her closet, but the only preemie clothes we could find were very gender specific.  I believe she was nine days old here.



Almost ready for bath time with her giant froggie at 10 days.



Her one non-pink sleeper atm with her monkey.  Day 11.


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Love this thread!


3 days old



5 days old



10 days old



Her first headband. hehe


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Sporting the clothes that mama made ;)

b4 and after diaper change....lol


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Nooo! Don't take my hammer!
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Where have I been all this thread! I love the babies. I can't believe these people were in you all that whole time.

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A few more, because Im missing him :(







Hes having diabolical thoughts...lol.



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He looks like you in this picture!!


hugs, mama hug2.gif

Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post




As for the rest of you....OMG, this DDC is pumping out some seriously good looking kids!!!  I am in loooooooove with them all!  Nicole- the headband picture!!  heartbeat.gif   Saoirse: He is HANDSOME, LOVE him!!  Starling:  Where is the smiley face that shows me melting into a gooey puddle at the sight of that adorable little guy?!


Love. Them. All. 

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He definitely hasn't missed any meals...

And if you haven't seen this video yet, here is a quick movie of him grunting and suffocating himself on his bath towel. He cried whenever I took it off his face.
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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

He definitely hasn't missed any meals...

yeah those cheeks say it all... and so cute!

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Karli, I was absolutely dying when I saw that video!  Love it to death.  What a character he is!!  love.gif


ALL the babies are so adorable!  Wish we could have one giant playdate.  *blissfulsigh*


I attempted to have a little photoshoot with Malcolm the other day.  I got a couple nice pictures out of it, and a blanket covered in urine.  LOL.

IMG_6917 bw.jpg


IMG_6911 bw.jpg

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its just amazing how fast they change as newborns. WOW! These babies are growing fast.

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OH my goodness! These babies rare all so incredibly sweet! I love seeing each of them just born then a few days later and another few days later. That's just really neat!
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Baby girl Palesa.  About 48 hours old.  


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Oh my goodness, there are some serious cuties on this thread. And the outfits -- we have some talented mamas here, too!  I can't wait to see Halloween pics...


Loving all the more artistic pictures.  I never did anything like that with DD1. I'll have to attempt some with this babe.

Jane, I am loving the hammer of justice there lol.gif


Here is my sweet baby girl.  Be warned: dangerous cheeks ahead.



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