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Pics of our babies - Page 5

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Dollyanna! I seriously want to eat her precious little cheeks! So beautiful!
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Most of her weight went to those cheeks, Dollyanna! Seriously! Adorable.

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There are some seriously cute babies in this thread!!


Here's Kai after his sponge bath.




And passed out after nursing.




And 2 weeks old today! He didn't want to wake up for his picture though ;)



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Aww, Kai!  I love that couch picture.  He looks like a little happy Buddha.  So peaceful!


I'm pretty sure I saw a skeleton outfit on Jane's baby a page or two back...  Julia's in her skeleton costume today.  I gotta get some pix of that.  I think Kai has one too?  I need more skeleton costume pix, people.  








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Originally Posted by yellowdart View Post

I'm pretty sure I saw a skeleton outfit on Jane's baby a page or two back...  Julia's in her skeleton costume today.  I gotta get some pix of that.  I think Kai has one too?  I need more skeleton costume pix, people.


Yup! He'll wear it Monday thumb.gif My older ds decided he was going to be a skeleton for halloween too.

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Matthew's a month old today. 


Here he is at birth-



And here he is now (pics are from today)-




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Matthew's dimple love.gif

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being weighed at the 3 day homevisit :)


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Jasper came home Thursday evening :)


Doing Ok so far, no luck breastfeeding but other then that he is such an easy baby, we did a photo-shoot today :D




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Yahoo Dragonfly!!!!

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Super cute pics!!!


Here is lil miss in knits I made for her except for the romper which a dear friend knit up :).....

Love the pics!!


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Double post

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Mythik: So much hair!  I love the knits!

Yellowdart: I love Julia and her dog!

Amy Lynn: Cute!

Saoirse: I love it!  Looks like a hammock!

Dragonflymom: I'm glad he's home and you can get pics without any machines or tubes or other stuff.  He's precious.


023.JPG Hanging out post-diaper change

049.JPG Showing us how many weeks old she'll be tomorrow ;)032.JPG Chilling on her blanket



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heartbeat.gif LOVEheartbeat.gif Naked baby pictures!!!!!

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Gabriel 011.jpg

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Happy Halloween!!!

Today, 1 day shy of 2 weeks old:






And a couple days ago, all ready for bed:





We are so unbelievably in love with him!

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Love putting faces to all the babies i read about. They're all so unique! Little individuals already, right?
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Robin at about 3 weeks.


october 31 6.JPG


october 31 7.JPG











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I just love his little cheeks! This is today, while waiting at big brothers school to get him, at about 2 1/2 weeks old.




Yesterday, in his Halloween outfit.... I finally caught a picture of a yawn! love.gif




Kai and I with the boys pumpkins (ds1 is on the left, Kai's is on the right).



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