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Need Easy Birthday Party Activity Ideas for 6 YO

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My daughter wanted a huge party this year so I decided to make it a "birthday playdate" at the playground to make it easy.  We are having a face painter; however, I'm starting to think I should maybe prepare a few other activities---preferably ones that are free and easy.  Thanks for any suggestions!

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We did this for my DD's birthday too!  I just brought a bunch of outside toys, frisbees, balls, jump ropes ect.  Bubbles are always fun too.  I think having it at the park has built in fun.  You probably won't need to do anything.  Just provide a resting spot and snacks.  But if you want to be more organized, you could plan relay races.  Or a tresure hunt , one that has the kids looking for nature stuff or one with clues that lead to the next clue ect, then the prize can be a pinata or goody bags or whatever you have planned.

Hope it is great!

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I am throwing a Halloween party soon, and I was looking for some easy entertainment as well. So I decided to rent an inflatable bouncy castle, because I've seen kids jump for hours on them and man will it be easy. The company does all the set-up/ take down. It's not cheap mind you, but definitely easy.

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We also celebrated our DD's 5th birthday outside near our Rec Center and it turned out great! 


The Ramada where we had all the food was next to a volley ball sand pit so I brought sand toys from our box at home -- amazing how engaging sand play is for kids!  Also a friend who teaches a music class for kids loaned me a bunch of hula hoops to put out. On the tables I put out various toys that kids could play with -- the most popular was a spoon & egg game (they just used it informally) and a bunch of finger puppets I got from a thrift store (hard plastic, thoroughly sanitized). 


After the gifts were open and things were winding down, I put out a bunch of bird warbler whistles & a large bowl of water to fill them up -- those were the toy kids could take home.  These were received very well by the kids.  I purchased the warblers from two different websites -- one bunch worked great, the other went in the trash -- so if you have any interest in those message me for the eBay seller with the good ones!


In lieu of giving kids bubbles to play with I purchased a small bubble machine for $7.  It was battery operated & pretty noisy but also a huge hit!  I turned it on three separate times and kids went nuts chasing the bubbles around. 


Have fun!!



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I'm such a dumbbell, I just reread the OP and I see the word "free," after I mentioned a blow up castle.

OK, free and easy at the park- face painter is such a good one, what about:


1. A craft table with crayons, paper, etc.

2. Shirt Decorating- At our local folk festival every year their is a kids' zone and they have a pile of used (and washed) t-shirts and fabric markers, and the kids go nuts decorating them.

3. Tree Web- I have also seen a tree web, where you bring strips of fabric from old clothes, linens, or what-have-you and kind of braid or weave them from one tree branch to another. If each child adds a few strips the web gets bigger and more colourful. It's very neat. 

4. A scavenger hunt may be neat - give the kids a list of things they need to collect or do during the party


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A potato sack race - just get some old pillow cases at a thrift store.

Water balloons?

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