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HBAC anyone?

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I'm planning a HBAC with an awesome midwife.  I planned a drug free hospital birth with DD, that ended up with a C section due to "cephalopelvic disproportion"... don't get me started.  I feel like I was never able to relax enough to let things happen they way that they should have, due to all of the various hospital stresses and the damn monitors!


I have my first prenatal with our midwife at 10 weeks - can't wait!


Any good book recommendations?  I've read all of Ina May's books and just finished Baby Catcher, a midwife's memoir - great book.

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I'm planning an HBAC with an ND/midwife.  She's really awesome and works with an acupuncturist/doula as well as another ND/midwife.  I met her while TTC two years ago.  Her practice is the only homebirth practice on my island, but I've heard wonderful things about her, and I liked her when we talked.  I also really like the fact that she actively cultivates relationships with natural-minded and home-birth supportive OB's.  So she gave me some recommendations for OB's to see so I can get my tests covered w/out hassle. 


My first appt is October 22, a Saturday.  She's awesome like that. :D


Oh, also, for books, I recommend "Birthing From Within".  Like you, I wasn't able to relax enough to give birth in the hospital environment, and the stress really got to me, and I ended up with a coerced C/s, which was totally un-fun.  Never want to do THAT again, that's for sure.  But, on the other hand, I feel like if I'd explored my feelings and followed some of the advice in that book, I might just have been able to do it.  Maybe.  But I'll be doing a lot of work from that book so that I can work through my issues from the last birth so I'm free to give it my all this time around.

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I'm planning a HBAC with this baby too! My first son (12/16/04) was a c-section due to the cord being wrapped around his neck causing late decels. All in all, my experience was that it was poorly and overly managed and an entirely disempowering and traumatic experience. DS2 was born at home (7/16/07) and was absolutely the most amazing, healing and empowering experience of my life. It was a long labor (44 hours) but ultimately what I found was that I spent the first 43 hours stuck at 5 cm (how far I had gotten with DS1). When I ultimately faced my fear around what the rest of labor was going to be like and decided that I couldn't be afraid anymore, I went from 5 cm to holding him in my arms in an hour! It was so amazing!!


I'm really excited to be planning another HBAC. The midwife we used for the last one isn't currently practicing so we are interviewing a midwife today (who conveniently is our neighbor!). and if for some reason that doesn't go well (altho i have a feeling we will love her) i have a few other possibles lined up :)

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snugglebug that's awesome to hear about your first VBAC - I never went past 2 cm with DD (with contractions every 2 min, for a week) and I do have fear of being stuck there again and never progressing.


That's awesome that your midwife is your neighbor!

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I'm planning a HBA2C. My first was the typically "Business of Being Born" experience, induced at "41" weeks, heavy monitoring and rushed to C after a decel. I labored at home with #2 and got to 9cm with a lip, I know my body can do this and I'm visualizing my body being more efficient I'm so excited!!!

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