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Need some advice!

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Hey!   I know you lovely ladies have probably answered this question 4390342330 times but the tip of my little guy's (23 months old) foreskin is reddened and irritated looking.  My MIL put some diaper rash cream on the tip (not in it) and it looks a little better.   He was pulling and playing with it last night but not for a very long time, he was only naked for a minute or so before I wrangled him into the tub.   What things can I do to help him?   Isn't there something I can put in the bath with him that will help soothe it?   Also, what could it be?   Retraction?   UTI?    Just need lots of opinions and advice and (mostly) assurance that it's okay and I won't have to deal with a foreskin-ignorant, circ-happy doctor!

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Odds are that it is just a simple diaper rash. Keep putting barrier cream on it and watching it. Also this thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732 talks about stuff you can put in the bath to help sooth irritation. It could also be a bit of yeast so you might consider stripping your diapers if you use cloth.

UTI does not present with the foreskin being red or irritated. Forced retraction will usually cause more than just a bit of redness but if anyone other than you is changing him regularly be sure you speak to them about proper intact care ie. wiping like a finger only and never trying to move the skin back.
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Hi there!  Both of my guys had this from time to time.  In our experience, it was just the foreskin doing its job, protecting the sensitive glans from irritation.  What helped for us was some naked time, baking soda baths and occasionally a dab of zinc diaper cream.  We liked the Li'l Goats Milk kind: http://www.caprina.com/canada/en/products/lilGoat/lilGoat_zinc.html


Good Luck!


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