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New to San Diego!

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We just moved to San Diego, and I would love to meet some local crunchy moms! We live in the North Park/Hillcrest area. My daughter is 16 months old, and we are home all the time.

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Hey, we live pretty close, in Logan Heights. I have two big kids (9 and 10), a 7 month old, and I'm expecting number #4 in May. We could do a park trip if you want!
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My son is 15 months and we live in Point Loma. I'd be up for a park meetup if it happens!

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I have two sons, youngest is almost 17 months.  I'm also in San Diego and would love to meet some new mommies :)

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I'm moving from Maryland to your area in 2 weeks. We'll be a bit farther out, in Ramona, but I wouldn't mind driving to play dates and such.

Subbing to this thread so I can pm you ladies in the future! smile.gif
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Oh, and I have 2 kids, a little boy, 26 months & a little girl, 3 months.
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Hi. I am close to Ramona. Well sort of....I'm in Valley Center, originally from Ohio/Pennsylvania. Also up for meeting new people.
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Lets plan a play date!! Anyone have zoo passes? Or would you rather meet up at a park?

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We don't have zoo passes, so the park would be best for us.

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I just moved back to San Diego after 5 years in Seattle.  This is the first time I have lived here since having kids and I would love to meet some other moms.  Let me know if a playdate ever gets scheduled.

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Next week?? I have Friday open.


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I also live out in Ramona and would love to meet more crunchy moms though you'd have to wait to have play dates with my kiddo she's not due for a couple more weeks! stork-suprise.gif

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I'm in for a playdate. I have a homeschooled 7 year old, 2 year old, and 4 month old. We live in Mission Valley.

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Hi all! I'm in Mission Hills (near Hillcrest) and have a 14 month old, Eliot. Let's meet up!

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Silver Terrace Park in Mission Valley is really nice. Lets set a date. 


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I am unavailable for the next two weeks since I have family in town. After that, I am free everyday!!

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I just moved from Seattle where I was born and raised to San Diego, in Rancho Penasquitos! I'm due to give birth next month and looking for a pediatrician and new mom resources!
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Hi we are new to point Loma and would like to meet some crunchy or semi-crunchy moms for l
Playdates I have 3 boys the youngest is 21 months.
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Let's plan something.  Friday the 27th, Silver Terrace Park 10am. Who's in?

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Hi we would love to go on the 27th at 10.619-269-6195 .if you can't make it call me.joy.gif:
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