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WWYD? Taking in kids really soon after baby

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This is my dilemma...my neighbor came over tonight to ask me if I could be her nanny for two of her kids. I'm 38 weeks pregnant now with my fourth child and she needs me in 3 weeks.


My kids not in school are ages 4, 2 and newborn. Her kids are 2 and 3 months. So it would be like having toddler twins and newborn twins! I would only have the 2 year old half time, one week on, one week off. I would have them for about 6 hrs a day, five days a week and she is offering me 200 every two weeks.


I don't know if I can keep my sanity doing this! I am an AP mama all the way and although she is not at all, I can't treat her kids differently than I treat mine. Her baby is formula fed and she always props his bottle, but I couldn't do that. I would want to hold him. My baby is going to be breastfeeding every hour at first and I'm worried about being able to take care of so many little people.


Bottom line is that we really do need extra income, dh is working min wage right now and we are really struggling. What would you do??




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I would not, but I know that I could not handle all of that.  I'd be hard pressed to maintain my sanity with the 4yo, 2yo, and newborn alone.  If you think you could do it, perhaps after you've recovered from the birth you can consider it.  But three weeks seems awfully soon, especially if you have a 40w or 41w baby.

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I wouldn't do it unless I was really desperate.. Childbirth is hard on me (it took nearly 2 months after number 2 and 3 before I could move around without pain) and dealing with more than just my kids would spell disaster. To me its not worth it. Also I would feel bad if I said yes and then it didn't work out and she had to find someone else.


One more thing to consider, what if you went over? How bout 2 weeks over? Then you would be going into the time you said you would watch them.

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Oh my goodness.....$200 every 2 weeks????  That is a lot of pressure and work. There must be something else. Maybe cleaning? There has to be a better way. I really hope something else comes up so you don't have to do this.

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Heck no I would not do it.  That is way too much on your plate!  I would ask my dh to get a part-time 2nd job if he could and then maybe think about taking in a child or two after your new one is much older (after teething, maybe?).  I'm sorry you need the $, but you also need your sanity, and your children and husband need you to have your sanity.  I would be way concerned about your health taking so much on so soon (could be the same week you have your baby!) after having a baby.


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Won't let me edit....


I got to thinking...does your neighbor have any idea what she is asking of you?  I personally would never ask someone w/a newborn to watch my children.  Esp. if my own youngest was barely out of the newborn stage.  And 2 toddlers?  Oh my.

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So, you would effectively be taking on that kind of demand for a whopping $3/hour? 


I know there are times that's necessary, but unless you have NO other options, I just don't see this as a good situation for you- and certainly not for your own kiddos.


If you do decide that you need to do this, please make sure to take time to heal from delivery at least.... 

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Thats $100/week.  Not nearly enough money for what she is asking you to do - childcare in a home daycare would cost much more than that for 2 kids, even if one of them is only there every other week.

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That's exactly what I make for watching one school aged kid for 2 - 3 hours. The rate of pay for all day care here is $35. - $40 for one kid. Usually there's a little discount if both kids are in the same family, but IF you decide to take the job, I'd ask for triple her amount.

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No way in heck would I do that! I had my 4th this summer, my younger 3 were your kids's ages, 4, 2, and newborn, and OMG it has kicked my butt. I never expected it to be this hard, watching another 2 kids on top of that, uumm, no. And that is an insanely low price she wants to pay you, not worth it at all. I used to watch one kid for a neighbor and it was $40 a day. She needs to pay way more then that. Almost all home daycares would still charge for the 2y who is only there every other week. I think she is asking you because she is desperate and everyone else is turning her down because she won't pay a reasonable amount...

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I tried to find my post after I made it to see what everyone had to say about my dilemma...and I couldn't find it so I thought it didn't post for some reason. Oh dear. Well, it was so nice to hear that you all confirmed my own intuition. I recently told her that I was very sorry but I couldn't do it. I told her I felt like I would feel like I wouldn't be able to provide for the kids' needs adequately, and it's just too close to the birth. Thankfully she was understanding! I do realise that it was really low offer of pay, but for us it would seem like a lot! I think we'll just stick it out until January and by then hopefully things will be under some routine at home and maybe I can do some care of before or after school kids to bring in extra income. I'll keep in mind the going rate too, and not sell my self short.


Btw, 39 weeks and baby is still staying put:)




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Just read this and glad you're not doing that!  That's way too much especially for someone who wouldn't have had any time at all to recover.  And I know the others have mentioned it, but that's $50/WEEK per kid!  That's beyond insulting!  Tell her good luck with that.

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