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Normal or start of low supply?

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Hi peeps.  I've been doing block feeding to lower my supply and hopefully avoid mastitis issues.  It seems to be working as I have noticed I don't get engorged anymore except at night when he sleeps a long time.  Today in particular I have noticed that my boobs are super floppy.  They feel empty, but milk comes out and Elliott doesn't seem to be more hungry than usual.  Actually, now that I think of it, he seems to be less hungry/needy especially since he usually eats near non-stop before bed.  Maybe he likes eating better now that there's less force.  I did notice I still sprayed a couple time today, but it didn't last as long as usual.


So should I celebrate that it's doing what I want to do, or should I worry it could be a little too low?  Floppy boobs good or bad?  If I just keep an eye on it the next couple days, should that be okay or am I going to risk a lower supply? 

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Block feeding is designed to lower your supply to a degree without drying it up completely.  Elliot could be "happier" because he is now getting more of the fatty hind milk as well as not getting so much of the pressure.

According to Kellymom.com, the "floppyness" of your boobs doesn't indicate whether or not your supply is low.  As long as baby is feeding well, gaining weight, and has a good number of wet diapers you should be good to go.  They could also just be adjusting to his eating habits. 

I would say to keep doing what you are doing.  It sounds like it's having it's desired outcome.  Now if only you could keep that mastitis away....you would be golden.

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From floppy bewbs comes fatty hindmilk! I'd agree with HB -- texture of boobs doesn't mean much in terms of supply. Just pay attention to Elliot's cues. If he needs more milk, he'll want to nurse more, etc. But a happy baby with plenty of wet dipes is most often perfectly healthy and fed!
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