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Celebrating Halloween,why/why not?

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 I have in recent years become more reluctant to celebrate halloween.I live in the midwest and the weather is usually rotten,i always wind up taking a single child by myself which ends up being not much fun for either of us,and to top it all off most of the candy ends up in the garbage after weeks of being picked over.Are there any moms who don't go trick or treating or celebrate halloween for whatever reason, and what if anything do you do instead?

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We definitely celebrate Halloween, since DS and I both love it. But I agree that it's not much fun solo. The last couple of years we've teamed up with DS's friends, which he loved. This year we're doing a couple of neighborhood Halloween carnivals/parades, then going trick or treating with his two best friends. I usually disappear most of the candy -- I guess in a couple more years I won't be able to get away with that. :)

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Halloween os one of my favourite celebrations. We decorate the house with purchased decorations as well as home made decorations. My two older children now go ttrick or treating without an adult, and this year have friends coming to go around with them. I don't know if this will happen again next year, but this is the second year my parents will be in the country with us.

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This will be our first Halloween solo, and we had to move,so we dont have any friends local to team up with. My closest friends are 45 minutes away...cannot spend the gas for that. But that said, we LOVE Halloween and have a lot of fun dressing up. We are planning on going to the local mall and trick or treating there. Arent many kids in this neighborhood either lol.

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In my city there are also a lot of Halloween events at churches, schools, etc. DD loves to attend those, see her friends, play the games, etc. I shared custody with her father so I like it as well because it allows me to participate in the holiday with dd even if she's not with me that night.

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We love Halloween here, too. I've generally switched with my ex over Trick or Treating (he lives next door) but he's asked to do it this year and I'm fine with that. I love the dressing up and it was fun to do T'nT as a family but it's kinda boring doing it alone. Plus every year there are less people even home in our neighborhood so it's not as much fun as it was when I was a kid (we live in the neighborhood I grew up in and my parents are in the next block)

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Last year was my first solo....it was hard as I was new to the state.  I was exhausted and cried after the kiddos were asleep.  Planning an event with dd and ds friends this year...and excited. But also going to other community events.

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I'm actually taking DS trick or treating for the first time this year, so we'll see how it goes.  My family was never that big into the costumes, candy, etc, but we did carve a jack o'lantern every year, decorate a ton (mostly pumpkins and mums...nothing gory or scary), and watch "scary" movies.  I always loved it, and plan to continue the same things with DS. 


I'm going to try some sort of "family remembrance night" this year, too...along the lines of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. 

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We love Halloween here too but we live in Southern California and the weather is often very nice.  We don't really trick or treat. Last year and this year we have gone to a Halloween Party hosted my one of the parents in my daughter's preschool class ----- it is a very casual party consisting of a movie projected on a wall outside, kid friendly dinner with cupcakes, and very basic games like freeze dance, costume contest, etc. they ask each family to bring a book (and all books are then donated to the school).  In case of rain (like there was last year it was delayed by one week)


On Halloween we go to a family friends house who lives in a nice neighborhood where there is lots of trick or treating.... the dads take the kids (including mine) and the moms drink wine at the house handing out candy.  I also take my daughter by two close family friends houses and she says trick or treat there then but we only go there because those two people LOVE to see the kids dressed up on the holiday :)


I would easily host a Halloween party (even if just with a couple friends of your dc) I don't personally do it because it is too close to my dd's birthday.  We instead host a Spring Equinox / Easter Egg Hunt :)

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