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Steph, so happy for you!  Love the name, can't wait for more details.  :) :)

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Congrats! Love baby boys!
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Yay! So happy for you!

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Thanks everyone! Not sure how many details I can get out before needing to run, but I'll try!


So, on Tuesday I had a doctors appointment and he offered us an induction Thursday. We said no at that time. Then we went home and starting thinking about it, pros and cons. On Wednesday we decided after a LOT of thoughts and back and forth that we would do it. So we called up the doctors office, who called up the hospital to schedule it. We didn't hear back from the doctors office until after 5pm Wednesday, so I thought we wouldn't get in on Thursday but we did. They told us to be there at 6am.


So Thursday morning we packed up and headed out at 5:30. DH's dad stayed at our house with ds. We got to the hospital and checked in. Shortly after that, we learned that the plan had changed. We had planned on the doctor breaking my water and seeing if I went into labor on my own (I was already having contractions, but they weren't regular enough). When we got there though, the doctor had decided that if we were going to induce then we were going to break the water and do pitocin. No other options. If we did pitocin then I had to be on monitors the entire time and have an IV. 2 things I really hoped to avoid (I really wanted to not have any pain meds and I knew that having pitocin and being strapped down were really going to work against that). I completely broke down at that point. We told the nurse not to do anything (not start an IV or anything), we wanted to think about it first. DH and I talked about it and he was totally on board with just packing up and leaving. At 7:30 we got a new nurse who came in. She could tell that I was really upset so she took some time to talk to us about what was happening. It turns out that she was a teacher for natural childbirth classes and she is training to be a midwife as well. She was 100% supportive of a natural birth. Since it was an elective induction, she made sure we knew that we could walk out and go home and that would be totally fine. She also explained to us that if we chose to stay then she would be more than happy to work with us and help us try to achieve our pain med free birth. DH and I talked about it some more and then the dr came in and talked to us. We decided at that time to stay and do the induction. The doctor left the room and the nurse started the IV and then the pitocin, the doctor came back in and broke my water (all that happened at about 9am). I will be completely honest right now and say the only reason I agreed to stay and do the induction was because of our nurse. If we had gotten any other nurse I would have walked out of there. But she was so kind and positive and supportive that I just had a feeling it was meant to be.


So, anyway, water broken and pitocin started at 9am. The nurse was super sweet and started the pitocin out really low so that it simulated "real" labor more than what the doctors plan was (crank up the pit right away). For the first couple hours it wasn't bad at all. DH took a nap and I just relaxed in bed. The nurse was in and out checking on me (and upping the pit) every 30 minutes. It's all a blur now, but I think it was around 11 or noon when dh called the doula and asked her to come to the hospital. By that point I was really having to concentrate through the contractions. He also asked her to bring him some food, which he ate in the waiting room while the doula was in the room with me lol.gif (At this point, dh's mom was at the hospital but stayed in the waiting room. I have no idea what time she got there and whether she was there the whole time. All I know is that I made it clear she was not to be in my room and that was respected). The next couple hours the contractions got much stronger, but still bearable. I was rocking in a rocking chair, bouncing on a birth ball, breathing through them, etc. I think it was probably around 2 when things got rough. I started having a little trouble coping with the contractions, but all of my support people were absolutely wonderful. DH was sitting on the bed in front of me (I was sitting on the birth ball). Every time a contraction came he would press down on my thighs (not sure why that helped, but it was like heaven!) and breathe with me. By 3 I had hit that wall. The one where you really want to turn around and do things different (AKA- get the epidural!). The nurse checked me and said I was at a 6-7. I seriously wanted to smack her for not saying I was a 10 Sheepish.gif At that point I was discouraged, but the nurse and doula assured me that a 6-7 was great and that the 3-4cm left would fly by very quickly. I remember thinking that they were lying to me but by this time the nurse was in the room with me the entire time (she had been leaving for 20-30 minutes at a time, leaving us to do our thing). The only thing running through my mind was that the doula had warned me that if I asked for an epidural/drugs when the nurse was in the room then she had no choice but to give it to me (if there was time). She had said it didn't matter what the doula or dh said, the nurse would have to do what I said. So for the rest of the time I focused all I could on saying anything BUT "I want drugs". I think at one point I asked the nurse "can't you do something to take the edge off?!" but she laughed and said I was ready to push so nothing would help anyway. I remember pushing through a few contractions before the doctor got there, and the nurse telling me not to (and I remember thinking that she could kiss my butt if she thought I was going to fight that urge!).


Next thing I knew the doctor was in the room and I let it all go. I think I was laying on my side with my legs clamped shut, holding onto the side rail and pushing because I remember people yelling at me and grabbing my legs (guess you can't really push a baby out with your legs closed, huh?). I remember people asking me what position I wanted to push in (dh, the doula and nurse all knew I didn't really want to push on my back) and I think I responded with "whatever will get him out" winky.gif I ended up pushing on my back because there was NO WAY I could move out of that position and into a squat or hands/knees. The doula brought the mirror over so I could see what was going on, which was way cool. I think it was only 3 pushes and less than 5 minutes later, Kai was born at 4:13! He surprised us all by how big he is. We thought he would be around 7 1/2-8lb but he is 8lb 12oz and is 19in long. I did have a 2nd degree tear but I'm not surprised with how fast he flew out once I started pushing!


Nursing started off a little rough. He had a really hard time latching on. His mouth seems really tiny and he keeps putting his tongue on the top of his mouth, which obviously doesn't work with nursing. But today has gone so much better and he's had a couple wet diapers as well as some poopy ones. Hopefully my milk will come in tomorrow because he seems a bit frustrated with not getting much right now.


Big brother is doing great, loves his baby brother. The only real issue is that DS doesn't like the name we picked and so insists that Kai's name is really Anthony. I don't know how we're going to get over this one, but we'll deal with it later. LOL!


As for my MIL.... she actually did really good for the most part. I hear she was in the hospital waiting room for most of the time, but she didn't come in until she brought ds in (I'm a little irked that she brought ds in instead of waiting for dh to get back into the room so dh missed ds's reaction, but whatever). I was pissed off yesterday when we brought Kai home though. We got home and brought him inside. DH took him out of the carseat and was wallking him around the house (ds wanted to give Kai a tour of the house). I went to use the bathroom while they were doing this. While I was in there, not even 5 minutes after we walked in the house, I heard MIL's voice. WTF?! I come downstairs to HER holding MY baby in MY house before I ever had a chance to. I was PISSED beyond belief. Her excuse? She didn't see a sign on the door saying that she couldn't come in so she assumed she could. I didn't realize I was supposed to have a sign waiting, in my hand, to hang up as I walked in the house for the first time. irked.gif She had to have been watching our house, waiting for us to get home because she was here immediately after we got home. I think I might have gotten through to her that I was pissed off because she left quickly after that and hasn't been back.


Last pregnancy picture, taken Thursday morning on our way to the hospital.




Proud Daddy with Kai




LOVE the cheeks! He's got the cutest, fluffiest hair too love.gif




Ready to go home from the hospital. Yay!



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Steph, he is just beautiful! And hooray for getting such a great nurse.

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Yes, yay for the awesome nurse!  Sounds like things went really well!


He's a cutie!  

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He's beautiful! And I'm also really glad you got that supportive nurse. Awesome!


Steph, can I just say that I love how you began your post by saying, "I'm not sure how many details I'll be able to get out before needing to run"--and then writing a great, detailed story!

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DDDDC crashing. Congratulations!
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Thanks everyone!!

Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

Steph, can I just say that I love how you began your post by saying, "I'm not sure how many details I'll be able to get out before needing to run"--and then writing a great, detailed story!

LOL! It took me all day to write it though lol.gif

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Congratulations! Welcome baby Kai!
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Holy cheeks!!!! Beautiful story (except MIL pissing you off)! Congrats!

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What a cutie! Amazing how much of your induction sounds like mine - so glad it went well & you also had an awesome nurse.

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He looks like his daddy!  Congrats Steph, awesome job making it through a difficult induction!!

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Congratulations, Steph!  Sounds like labor went very well, especially for an induction.  I hope that the nursing/milk situation improves ASAP.

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He looks JUST like is daddy! Congrats on the new baby mama! :) :)

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thanks for sharing your story and your gorgeous pictures.

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I'm so glad it went so well. You rock! And he's such a cutie. I want to kiss those cheeks.

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