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Grand Junction?

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Hi mamas,


We may be moving to Grand Junction this coming summer, and I hear wonderful things about Colorado in general, but I was wondering if some of the mamas here could help me out.... we have 4-year-old twin boys with another on the way (due in March!).  So I'm wondering things like:


-are there any good moms' groups?

-how is the local food scene/ farmers' markets?

-are there fun things to do with kids?

-how are the schooling options?  (including homeschool groups, since we haven't quite decided yet...)

-are people friendly there?  (we're moving from Maine, where the people are very nice but, well...... quite standoffish.)

-how is the birth community?  (I'm a doula and HypnoBirthing instructor)


Thanks in advance!  And if you are there and want to get together if/when we get there in June, give a shout out!



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Hi Liz!

I too will be moving to GJ this Spring and have also been wondering about moms/kids groups and some of the same of your other questions.  I spent some time in GJ before I had children and know that there is an EXCELLENT farmer's market downtown GJ in the summer, every Thursday late afternoon till 8pm (I believe).  The downtown library also has a lot to offer for children including a reading hour 2-3 times a week. I have found local Grand Junction residents to be extremely warm and friendly--perhaps its the farming background--but nevertheless everyone I've ever come in contact with has treated me as an extension of family.  It's an interesting town with lots to do if you love the outdoors.   I've been looking to form a mom's group if I can't find one to join once we get settled.  Contact me when you are in town and perhaps we can exchange a little more info by then.  We move down in April.


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If the fates smile upon us we also may be moving to the Junction area this summer. If nothing else the three of us can form our own moms group. smile.gif
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Did any of you end up moving to GJ?  We just moved here and I would love to meet some like minded mothers.

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Did any of you ever end up moving to GJ?  We recently moved there and I would love to meet some like minded mothers

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We actually ended up choosing Hotchkiss, which is about an hour out of Junction. We will me moving in June. Keep us posted if you find any great mom groups, as I will need to find a new support network out there for myself.
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Hey! I am not on MDC so often anymore, but found a great group of mamas on here that has grown into pretty big and awesome group of parents and kids. I will post the next time all of us get together. Welcome to Junction!

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