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Pubic Bone Pain?

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I noticed last night after I got off the couch that my pubic bone was hurting when I walked. All night long and this morning it feels like it's bruised, and my tailbone kind of feels the same way. Anyone know what's going on or have this happen to them? I'm just now 36w.

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Mostly I would just say that it's end of pregnancy discomfort that comes along with baby dropping lower and possibly engaging- putting pressure on all the bones in your pelvic/hip area.  With my first pregnancy, dd dislocated not just my ribs, but also my tailbone.  When you look in the mirror does it look like your tailbone is sort of sticking out like a rounded lump?  Maybe a purplish/blueish hue to the skin in that general area?  If so and it continues to bother you I highly, HIGHLY suggest seeing a MPT or chiro that pop it back in for you.  It's a pretty simple process and just stings a bit, but you DO NOT want to have your tailbone get in the way during labor, causing pushing issues and possibly fracturing.  A fractured tailbone will make sitting and walking excruciating and you do not want that to deal with postpartum.

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Yikes! I'll have to take a look when I go home. Not an inspection I want to be doing in the work bathroom! lol.gif  This is my second pregnancy and w/my first his head never engaged and he never dropped so I don't know what's going on w/these sensations.

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Yeah, I don't remember engagement with my other two pregnancies either and I'm definitely getting stranger "down there" sensations with this one now that baby is engaged.  I think a lot of it has to do with weaker muscles the second and third time around, too.

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It all sounds totally normal to me.  My chiro has been helping me SOOO much though.  In my last pregnancy I could barely walk at this point, but now most days I feel really good.  If it's within your means, I highly recommend it.

Mothering › Groups › November 2011 Due Date Club › Discussions › Pubic Bone Pain?