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Hello, my name is Andrew


I'm a University student and I am working on a paper on the "Early Motor Education Program Critique".


Is it possible for anyone who took part in the Gymboree program with their children to take the time to answer some of my questions about the Gymboree?


1) What are the number of instructors for a class/program? does it vary on activities?

2) What are the goals of programs? and how does it benefit the children (short - term and long - term )?

3) Gymboree claim to improve balance, performing fundamental movements, locomotion, and so forth. What is your thoughts on that? Including the program itself, is there any other factors attributing to a child development? Is there any scientific evidence to support to these claims?

4) Do you think the facilities are adequate and safe?

5) Is the program developmental appropriate for children involved? if so, how do you the program determine whether it is appropriate or not?

6) What improvements could be made in this program? What is your concerns with the program?



I appreciate that you answer these questions. Thank you for reading my post.


- Andrew