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So easy at first, then.......?

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My DS is almost 4 months old.  We just started ECing a few weeks ago and he did it the very first time no problem!  It was very encouraging to continue the efforts and so we did!  He even pooped on the toilet which for me was a BIG deal!  We got so good at it that he would wake up JUST to go pee, which would be fine except it was every two hours or so and we were only doing part time EC at least for now.  we decided we wouldn't take him to the toilet in the middle of the night, we would just change him and nurse then back to sleep like before and eventually he would get the point.  He did, but now he doesn't want to go on the toilet anymore.  I offer it to him when I get a cue but he doesn't go then I lay him down with the intention of either trying  gain in a few min. or waiting for the next cue but right after I lay him down, he pees!  I'm not sure if it's because we don't take him at night anymore or maybe he doesn't want to go on the big potty?  I don't know what happened? Anyone experience this? Any advice ?

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I ec most of the time, i focus more on poops tho since theyre easier to see the cues. Im on my third lo and even tho i started at 6 months with my first lo, shortly after this third lo was born, i began hanging her over the toilet for poops. She goes prob 75% of the time on the toilet or potty and thats good enuf for me. I wouldnt worry about his slip up for now. Just keep trying a few times a day and ur bound to catch him son enuf. Honestly, imo hes too young to worry about accidents yet. Of my two older los, my son was completely out of dipes by 20 months and my dd the same but she still has the odd pee accident at 2. I wouldnt fret about accidents until ur lo is speaking well and u feel he or she is purposely beginning a battle of wits wink1.gif enjoy ur new baby and catch the odd elimination as it may when u have the chance. Ive raced to the pot sooo many times in the past four yrs with my los in full grunt and i just laugh at the misses now. With ur first tho its hard to not worry. Gl!
P.s. Luv ur pic!
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thank you for the encouragement! I guess I was just so excited about how natural it was for him at first that when it became difficult I figured I did something wrong.  I have to remind myself to stay lighthearted and just have fun :)  I bought him a little potty to sit on, I think it might help, we'll see!  




my pic was taken mid-labor in between rushes :)

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Nice smile in between rushes. I luv it! Was that a la bassine?
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I agree with PP, don't stress.  I think you will find that there are ebbs and flows with how many catches/misses you have with EC.  When DS was about 6 mos old, we were having only 2 or 3 pee misses most days (sometimes no misses at all!) and virtually no poop misses.  Fast-forward a couple of months later and we were having tons of misses daily, even some poop misses.  Fast-forward a few weeks again, and we were back to no misses.  Now, with a (almost) 15 month old, we have some days where DS is interested and we thus have few or no misses and others where he doesn't want to participate at all (although we don't usually miss poops). 


You'll find your groove again.  Remember, its about the communication not the catches.  Just cue DS when you do catch him in the midst of  a miss.

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Yes, the birthing pool  :)


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I am having a similar problem.  We started at 3 weeks and my daughter is 10 weeks now.  From weeks 5-9 or so things were going great; I could get her to pee on cue at least three times a day and I thought we had things down pat.  Now for the last week she doesn't pee at all when I cue her, but instead pees immediately after I set her down!  I thought initially that I wasn't holding her in the potty position long enough, so I waited longer and longer, but I keep getting the same response now.  It's as if her cue to pee now is being set down!  How do I re-establish the correct cue?

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