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Welcome to our baby girl!

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It was a rough delivery, but we're so glad to have her here! I was induced Saturday evening, labored for 2 days, pushed for 3 hours, then the doctors determined that she must be too big to fit through my pelvis because she just wasn't coming down. They had predicted that she was 7.5lbs, so they were very surprised to pull out a 9lb 6oz baby when they did the c-section. The surgery was a nightmare, I could feel pain the entire time and was crying, screaming, shivering and puking my way through it. The anesthesiologist evidently couldn't figure out how to do her job. I even laid in recovery crying in pain for a good 10 minutes before they finally knocked me out. I'm just dismayed that they could not control my pain better. I spent the next 4 days in the hospital recovering, we were finally released today. She was born at 9:22 pm on Monday the 10th. Her head and shoulders were all bruised up from 3 hours of jamming her against my pubic bone, but other than that she is perfect! Red hair, blue eyes and the most beautiful angel I could have ever hoped for.IMG_0913.JPG

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Wow, congratulations! How awful that your pain was so badly managed. I hope your recovery goes smoothly from here on out and that you can really enjoy your time with your beautiful baby girl. She's stunning!

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Congratulations!!! So sorry about your pain:( she is adorable!!!
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What a gorgeous sweet baby!  I'm so sorry you went through such a traumatic experience giving birth to her.  Wishing you a peaceful, healing babymoon with your lovely daughter. 

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Welcome to your sweet baby girl. I'm sorry the experience was so rough. As you enjoy your new little one, I hope you have the time and support to process and heal from the experience. Best to you, mama. 

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Congrats! Sorry the delivery was so rough and painful. Hope you are feeling better. She is just beautiful!

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oh my goodness- she looks gorgeous (and big and healthy!) That is just awful that they couldn't get the pain control worked out.

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She's beautiful.  Congratulations, Mama!  Wishing you healing and peace and lots of snugglesnow that you're home!

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She is so beautiful and perfect; and I am so sorry to hear about the misery you endured. Awful, awful. Hugs and enjoy your little one.

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She looks like an old soul. How special. Heal up, mama.
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Congratulations!!! joy.gif I'm so sorry you had such a brutal time. She is beautiful.

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I didn't realize we had another Alaska baby! Congrats! She's gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the very rough delivery though. greensad.gif I heard that the hospital you were at is much more natural birth friendly than the other option in town (where I ended up) - any thoughts on that? Were you able to labor in different positions or anything?
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Congrats! She is so gorgeous! Sorry things didn't go better. ((hugs))

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She's beautiful!  So sorry you had such a rough birth, hope your recovery is going smoothly.  Congratulations!

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Beautiful! Congrats!!!

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Congratulations on your sweetie! I am so sorry to hear about the bad pain management :( 

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Congratulations!!  I was shocked initially that they even let you labor for 2 days after being induced.  That breaks so many time limits that other hospitals use!  But then I'm even more shocked to hear how badly your pain management went.  So sorry, mama.  I hope you recover well.  She is such a beautiful girl, and such a nice healthy weight, too!  heartbeat.gif

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You have an old soul for a daughter, Mama! You can see her soul in her eyes.. she's so special and beautiful! Congratulations! 

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Oh my goodness - look how alert she is!  I agree, there is an old soul in those eyes.  


I hope you're recovering well!

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